She said, ' Not so: but I will know If there be any faith in man.' 'Nay now, my child,' said Alice the nurse, 'But keep the secret all ye can.'

A gentle sound, an awful light !

Love that is born of the deep coming up with the sun from the sea.1. I linger by my shingly bars; Where Claribel low-lieth The breezes pause and die, Letting the rose-leaves fall: But the solemn oak-tree sigheth, Thick-leaved, ambrosial, With an ancient melody Of an inward agony, Where Claribel low-lieth.

Over a century before Aldous Huxley was opening the doors of perception, Tennyson was transforming the experience of taking drugs into literature. The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls; He watches from his mountain walls, And like a thunderbolt he falls. May all love, His love, unseen but felt, o'ershadow Thee, The love of all Thy sons encompass Thee, The love of all Thy daughters cherish Thee, The love of all Thy people comfort Thee, Till God's love set Thee at his side again! I steal by lawns and grassy plots, I slide by hazel covers; I move the sweet forget-me-nots That grow for happy lovers. Our enemies have fall'n, have fall'n: the seed, The little seed they laugh'd at in the dark, Has risen and cleft the soil, and grown a bulk Of spanless girth, that lays on every side A thousand arms and rushes to the Sun.

Are these the greatest poems Tennyson wrote?

Pull off, pull off, the brooch of gold, And fling the diamond necklace by.' I chatter over stony ways, In little sharps and trebles, I bubble into eddying bays, I babble on the pebbles. She is coming, my own, my sweet; Were it ever so airy a tread, My heart would hear her and beat, Were it earth in an earthy bed; My dust would hear her and beat, Had I lain for a century dead; Would start and tremble under her feet, And blossom in purple and red. he that will not singWhile yon sun prospers in the blue,Shall sing for want, ere leaves are new,Caught in the frozen palms of Spring. Then move the trees, the copses nod, Wings flutter, voices hover clear: 'O just and faithful knight of God! Having recently visited Hallam’s grave, Jowett remarked, ‘It is a strange feeling about those who are taken young that while we are getting old and dusty they are just as they were.’ This, in essence, is the core of ‘Tithonus’. Our enemies have fall'n, but this shall grow A night of Summer from the heat, a breadth Of Autumn, dropping fruits of power; and roll'd With music in the growing breeze of Time, The tops shall strike from star to star, the fangs Shall move the stony bases of the world. In the afternoon they came unto a land Tennyson later commented of the Pilot in the poem (who we can analyse as a representative of God): ‘The Pilot has been on board all the while, but in the dark I have not seen him.’ This description of seeing ‘the Pilot’ – i.e.

One equal temper of heroic hearts, For men may come and men may go,

Now slides the silent meteor on, and leavesA shining furrow, as thy thoughts, in me.    Among my skimming swallows;
A meditation on death, written when Tennyson was in old age, ‘Crossing the Bar’ is one of the shortest poems on this list. I come from haunts of coot and hern, I make a sudden sally And sparkle out among the fern, To bicker down a valley. And here and there a foamy flake I muse on joy that will not cease, Pure spaces clothed in living beams, Pure lilies of eternal peace, Whose odours haunt my dreams; And, stricken by an angel's hand, This mortal armour that I wear, This weight and size, this heart and eyes, Are touch'd, are turn'd to finest air. Time And Tide By 'Read my little fable: He that runs may read.Most can raise the flowers now, For all have got the seed.And some are pretty enough, And some are poor indeed; And now again the people Call it but a weed.

A broken chancel with a broken cross, Nevertheless, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to choose ten of the best Tennyson poems, ranging from his narrative poems to lyrics and elegies and everything in between.

This early poem, published in 1830, ‘arose to the music of Shakespeare’s words’ (according to Tennyson) – the words in question being taken from Measure for Measure, in which ‘the dejected Mariana’ dwells ‘at the moated grange’. Last night, when some one spoke his name, From my swift blood that went and came A thousand little shafts of flame Were shiver'd in my narrow frame. Cannon in front of them

Is given in outline and no more …. The linden broke her ranks and rent The woodbine wreaths that bind her, And down the middle, buzz! And shall I take a thing so blind, Embrace her as my natural good; Or crush her, like a vice of blood, Upon the threshold of the mind?

'Yet give one kiss to your mother dear !

Once more the Heavenly PowerMakes all things new,And domes the red-plowed hillsWith loving blue; The blackbirds have their wills,The throstles too.Opens a door in Heaven; From skies of glassA Jacob's ladder fallsOn greening grass, And o'er the mountain-wallsYoung angels pass.Before them fleets the shower,And burst the buds, And shine the level lands,And flash the floods;The stars are from their handsFlung through the woods,The woods with living airsHow softly fanned,Light airs from where the deep,All down the sand,Is breathing in his sleep,Heard by the land.O, follow, leaping blood,The season's lure!O heart, look down and up,Serene, secure, Warm as the crocus cup,Like snow-drops, pure!Past, Future glimpse and fadeThrough some slight spell,A gleam from yonder vale, Some far blue fell; And sympathies, how frail,In sound and smell!Till at thy chuckled note,Thou twinkling bird,The fairy fancies range,And, lightly stirred,Ring little bells of changeFrom word to word.For now the Heavenly PowerMakes all things new,And thaws the cold, and fillsThe flower with dew;The blackbirds have their wills,The poets too.
This descriptive poem is …

Gorgeous poem. Sleep till the end, true soul and sweet. She only said, "My life is dreary, He cometh not," she said; She said, "I am aweary, aweary, I would that I were dead!" this, indeed, her voice And meaning, whom the roar of Hougoumont Left mightiest of all peoples under heaven? My spirit beats her mortal bars, As down dark tides the glory slides, And star-like mingles with the stars. Now lies the earth all Danaë to the stars, And all thy heart lies open unto me.

I love not hollow cheek or faded eye: Yet, O my friend, I will not have thee die! 'Play me no tricks,' said Lord Ronald, 'For I am yours in word and in deed. Take warning! shake the twigs' And make her dance attendance; Blow, flute, and stir the stiff-set sprigs, And scirrhous roots and tendons. This short poem from 1842, also responding to the death of Tennyson’s friend Hallam, embodies the Victorian attitude to death and mourning. The broken sheds look'd sad and strange: Unlifted was the clinking latch; Weeded and worn the ancient thatch Upon the lonely moated grange.

Its full title was In Memoriam A. H. H., the initials referring to Arthur Henry Hallam, Tennyson’s friend from his student days at Cambridge. The wither'd Misses!

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   But I go on for ever.

When down the stormy crescent goes, A light before me swims, Between dark stems the forest glows, I hear a noise of hymns: Then by some secret shrine I ride; I hear a voice but none are there; The stalls are void, the doors are wide, The tapers burning fair.

They read Botanic Treatises, And Works on Gardening thro' there, And Methods of transplanting trees To look as if they grew there.

She only said, "My life is dreary, He cometh not," she said; She said, "I am aweary, aweary, I would that I were dead!" By twenty thorpes, a little town, And had I lived when song was great, And legs of trees were limber, And ta'en my fiddle to the gate, And fiddled in the timber! Old faces glimmer'd thro' the doors, Old footsteps trod the upper floors, Old voices call'd her from without. What a lovely selection of poems:). ‘Sleep, Ellen, folded in Emilia’s arm;Emilia, fairer than all else but thou,For thou art fairer than all else that is. I said to the rose, 'The brief night goes In babble and revel and wine.

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