The command "/ reply (short / r)" is used to respond to the private message.

See "annoy". Allows friends to join the server or sets it to private if Steam is enabled. The command "/ eclipse" is similar to the "/ bloodmoon" command. Here is the only difference between the player name and / buff. We could not find an effect. The command "/ world" is used to display all available information from the current world. This is your server. The command "/ godmode" allows the player to regenerate the same amount of damage as the damage he gets. The command "Me" is used ingame to write a kind of headline about itself. See "annoy". The "Players" command is used to display a list of all players currently on the server. The command "/ dropmeteor" is used to drop a metor to the server. The command can be used in ingame as well as via the web interface console. setspawn

The command "/ grow" is used to make plants and trees grow. The command "Time" is used to set the time of day on the server. The "/ annoy" command is used to annoy other players. The command "/ buff" can be used to give itself a "buff" (e.g., invisibility). The command "/ Kill XYZ" is used to kill another player. The command "/ hardmode" is used to enable the highest level of difficulty on the server. If you write / time -now you see what time is currently. Several releases incorrectly include a directory named 'serverplugins'. Teleports the player XYZ to the player ZYX. "/ Firework" has only the effect that creates around the player a firework. This gives you one time super user access. After selecting your world, you will be asked for input on 1 setting:Server port. We do not recommend giving out the superadmin group to your users. Sets world difficulty when using -autocreate. However, a registered account is required. The command "/ invade" is used to start an invasion on the server. If extract does not show up, or you are using an earlier version of Windows, you can use Winrar (Free Trial) Or 7Zip (Free).3. (/ Give ) eg: Gives the player 1 torch, but you can also write instead of torch the name of the name of the item: The command can be used in ingame as well as via the web interface console.

After you use this command, the server will be saved and shut down. The command "/ bloodmoon" is used to force a "blood moon". Confuse is supposed to confuse the player. Terraria commands Terraria has different commands that perform different operations in the gameplay. A complete list of IDs can be found here: The Command "Give" gives an arbitrary player an item. The command "/ Kill XYZ" is used to kill another player. See "annoy". The command "TP" is used for teleporting and can only be used in ingame.

Defaults to "banlist.txt" in the working directory. This is only possible with soaking. If you write only TP is teleported to the spawn. If you wish to give your users groups, and make admins please see the following section. Now run the TerrariaServer.exe from the extracted ZIP file and it will start the TShock server up.If using Linux: Certain versions of our releases contain incorrect directory names. The location of the banlist.

The command "/ serverpassword" is used to change the server's password.

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