Not worth the time anymore. They belong on Trumps station. Only 6 businesses looted?? I don't buy it. Handle lying is the last straw for me. I stopped listening to them on my way home. Sometimes it's unavoidable. Araucania Ella Rae Elsebeth Lavold EYB Fil Katia Gedifra Jody Long Juniper Moon Farm KFI Collection Louisa Harding Mirasol Noro OnLine Queensland Shop Local. Likely threatened by John that he will expose him if he ever disagrees with him over Trump or anything conservative. Too full of themselves and detract from the shows by butting into the hosts' program. There's no content. You are to be ashamed of yourselves seems like you're pissed off about people's approval for the way the president is handling the coronavirus . Now it seems some of the other hosts openly mock his grotesque behavior and obnoxious personality, and it's with very little if any affection; rather, just eye-rolling tolerance. Aron Bender seems like a nice enough guy, but he evidently knows what side of his bread is buttered; Conway will ask his opinion on something and Bender will reply vaguely until Conway tells him HIS opinion and then, surprise, Bender jumps on the bandwagon. Sheeessssh :(. They do more commercials then radio on his show. Pretty much his entire show. Here's my update. If I'm not listening to music, I'm listing to KFI. I wish she'd stand up to J&K more often; and I wish J&K would be a little nicer to her on the air. slot left by the schedule shakeup. How he's been able to remain on KFI all of these here it is beyond me. Bill Handle- no comments, but he is professional no doubt.” in 30 reviews, “Throw in some marginal UFO stories once in a while, and you've got the best radio station in Los Angeles.” in 11 reviews, “So my habit is Bill Handel in morning, Mason and Ireland afternoon and music on way home.” in 57 reviews. I'm all for free speech, but we the public have the right to judge that speech, and it is found wanting. Yikes. The absolute worst on air personality by far, is Bill Handel in the morning. I used to not be able to tolerate him for more than a few minutes. Please stop. In the past, everyone else on the station, with the exception of John & Ken, treated him with kid gloves because they were afraid of him. Inquiry. Bill Handle is  informative with a smart ass side in the morning, Gary and Shannon are entertaining, John and Ken get you riled up and Tim brings in the humor then you have late night, coast to coast with the paranormal and aliens. Where the F was he during the last 3 months?? It's not even that subtle that Ken isn't really taking that side, he's just giving a what-if to challenge John. Not surprising, if you ask me. I think he ups it, sure, but my guess is he's probably a quiet, cranky guy in real life, and uses his show to vent his anger. She seems like a genuinely nice person. I think Gary and Shannon are the BEST! Though i would argue that there are so many more, better choices from whom to order Pizza in the general delivery area of Burbank, the Doms is a good choice.To me: there is too many news breaks yet not enough traffic breaks and too many commercials and not enough Gary and Shannon chatting about anything: general news, politics, sex, love, crimes and more entertaining: their personal lives.Also: why are most of the live friday on site broadcasts situated in Orange County: though i do remember that they once did this from a Glendale Brewery.I do dabble in the computer dude on the weekend and Jesus who deigns to do a couple hours on sunday.I mean who the F^^k can pull Jesus out of Heaven to speak directly to us and actually answer questions as to his glorification than KFI? Aside from him, KFI rocks! I wish the female newscasters would go back to their offices while the host(s) are on-air. I don't think it's a bad thing to have a more liberal voice on a mostly conservative station. Every time these want to be presidents come on the air, I turn off KFI and listen to my CD's for 2-3 hours. Home; About; Sales; Services; Photos; Contact; KFI Showjumping has been located in San Marcos for over 20 years. plain. With the exception of John & Ken, KFI provides great radio. KFI has become a leftest station. Conway recycles his stories like my Dad used to, to the point that I know when he's going to trot out the Naked Grandma one, or any of a dozen others. He has nothing worthwhile to say. Los Angeles and Orange County's News Station" "KFI. Throw in some marginal UFO stories once in a while, and you've got the best. They are my go to for fair and balanced. How do you go this long without announcing a new show, or at least running someone temporarily? Sometimes I do not put KFI on until the following day. Owner and trainer Kristy Fowler offers lessons, training, and horses for sale and lease. He's rude to the guests who call up seeking legal advice and I avoid his show at all costs. And I think Ken is great as the devil's advocate and/or voice of reason to his rage. I mean, it was in the news - it was on their own station! KFI Products 721 Sata Drive Spring Valley, MN 55975 Phone: 1-877-346-2050 Fax: 507-262-1606. Business Hours (Central Time): Monday-Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm Friday 8:00am-1:00pm. For more information visit Did no one at KFI take notice? Like, "Well, that's Handel for ya." Returns must be received by KFI within 30 days of purchase. Moving forward, I suggest you educate yourself before spouting off half baked opinions that can do damage to our society. That is all. Buncha clusterf7cked wong ninjas hijacked the communication spectrum and gotta couple dumb studio bitches that suffer the indignity to hang around and intermittently offer commentary on what is undoubtedly completely inferior and just. Apparently Rush just decided one day to pull his show from KFI and gave the station absolutely no notice, as we're into the third week of a new thankfully Rush-free lineup and listeners and on-air talent alike have NO idea who's taking over the 1-3p.m. Please visit to contact our support team.

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