Dwalin: Since when do we forsake our own people? And those are my spoons, thank you very much. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, with much effect, delivers a satisfying ending to The Hobbit trilogy that never separates itself from the epic cinema or the Middle-Earth magic. Thorin: [voice over] I’m not my grandfather. [they notice Bolg summoning the rest of the Orc forces, along with the horde of giant bats]. Gold beyond measure, beyond sorrow and grieve. This watchtower will be completely surrounded, there’ll be no way out. [Legolas helps Thorin out by killing the Orcs with his arrows from the top of one of the towers; as Tauriel kills one of the Orcs she call out to Kili], [suddenly Bolg attacks Tauriel from behind, as Bolg overpowers her and throws her against the wall, Kili comes to her defense, as Bolg is about to stab Kili Tauriel tries to stop him], [she jumps onto Bolg’s back but he throws her aside and stabs Kili through the heart], [Tauriel watches Kili die, then in fury she attacks Bolg and pulls him down the edge, Legolas watches Bolg going to attack her, he tries to shoot an arrow but sees he’s out, he jumps onto a war beast and makes him ram into a tower that forms a bridge and lets him run to Tauriel’s aid and battles it out with Bolg on the crumbling tower], [from atop on the icy falls, Thorin is battling it out with Azog’s Orcs when one goes over the edge, through the crumbling tower taking Bolg with him, then just as another Orc is about to kill Thorin Legolas notices and throws his sword into the Orc’s chest, Bolg then appears again so Legolas takes out his knives, they battle it out until Legolas manages to drive one of his knives into Bolg’s head, and he falls through the tower which crumbles], [at the same time using Legolas’ sword Thorin fights with Azog, he swings his boulder to try and slam Thorin, only to break the ice around him and then he gets his boulder stuck, he watches in shock as Radagast and Beorn swoop in on the Great Eagles to take down the rest of the Orcs with Beorn forming into his bear form], [Thorn grabs Azog’s boulder and throws it to Azog, making him slip down the broken ice and sink into the water, Thorin watches Azog’s body float in the water under the ice when suddenly he opens his eyes and stabs Thorin in the foot and bursts through the ice, he pins Thorin down, Thorin tries to hold him back from impaling him but realizing he’s too strong he lets Azog impale him, but at the same time he manages to stab Azog with his sword, Azog falls and Thorin manages to drive his sword through his body into the ice finally killing Azog], [as Bilbo becomes conscious he notices the eagles flying above him], [he sees Thorin walking over to the edge of the icy fall watching the rest of the battle down below, he collapses and Bilbo comes to his side].

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