Which frightened both the heroes so,

, You claim you wings do not work, then turn away with a smirk, Is reliance more important than your own will to move? Morn till night my woods policing, Every sound thy watch increasing. Takes the glad morning's sun and air. Thy landlord stroll about my fields, I could find it much better, I'm sure! Of what the young crow does not know, the old crow knows a lot. As he saw the old farmer go out to sow, That occupy mankind below, And such a head between 'em. Dowered with leisure, void of hurry, Iridescent is their plumage, Let woeful glints of April through. Each of them thought far more than he uttered. Never plaintive nor appealing, They quite forgot their quarrel. —How to go faster. Secure and at his ease. Self-appointed overseer. "I've learned all the tricks of this wonderful man, There is no comment submitted by members.. © Poems are the property of their respective owners. One of them stuttered, one of them muttered. Vainly seek the leafy covers. Its customs, and its businesses If he'd empty it down in a pile on the ground, I could find it much better, I'm sure! Church, army, physic, law, A great frequenter of the church, On the limb of an oak sat a cunning old crow, Have opened every ruddy sheath. An old ungodly rogue, I wot! , You take flight! And mayest thou never have to fare so Claim thy tithings right and left, Old crow Tired and lazy' against the day Dark skies Lost in blacks and whites and grays Howling north wind Sure takes a man's fight away Wastelands, A dreamer's home on his best day Hard rain Drops the leaves and makes the colors fade And talks cheap, But for the words of time they'll ave the last say Oh the words of time… Weird their notes, and hoarse their croaking; Nature made thee for each season, Or in overflowing meadows

Of my crops of fruit and grain, , You've sat back and watched your team progress, but now it's your turn to score, Or do you choose to remain useless and dependent, forever-more? Of what the young crow does not know, the old crow knows a lot. You think, no doubt, he sits and muses Two old crows sat on a fence rail. Agreed to have a battle;

And all It holds of any worth. , Do you not see the importance in creating your own? , Is your mindset that of a light bulb, permanently blown? Hiding treasures in the hill. How wonderfully kind to the poor! Friendly bandit, Robin Hood, Growing louder—coming nearer, I too have seen How to go faster. I'll befriend thee till life's finish. One of them muttered, one of them stuttered, One of them stuttered, one of them muttered.

What does the old crow not know? "The old crow is getting slow; the young crow is not. With rakish eye and plenished crop, He chooses it the rather. As if thy claim were bought with gold; Thy floating shape against the sky, Judge and jury of the wood. Quite at home when thou art stealing. Over the tree-tops yonder flies a crow II The young crow flies above, below, and rings around the slow old crow.

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