Diana May 23 2017 1:45 am It was just great. lin Mar 08 2017 12:53 pm That ga ryung will die but. ?? Kim sang joong really deserved the grand prize and he has always been an actor I highly respect. Janice May 09 2017 10:18 am lbjeanne Feb 19 2017 7:20 pm (2017– ).

excellent drama,excellent ending 100% recommended. ww Jun 07 2017 9:32 pm

'Rebel' is an extraordinary take on the seminal police drama that examines the unique and conflicted relationship officers of color have with their jobs - at a time when police forces are rife with brutality and misconduct. Just one question that feeds my curiousness: Will the fate of sweet, cute and dear lady Ga Ryung end-up in a tragic death? BRAVO, BRAVO, well written historical fantasy storytelling of a drama, thrilling, chilling (blood & battle) & action pack , amazing casting members, I must say this drama with 30 episodes gave more then one with 50 episodes (historical fantasy), Kim Sang-Joong, Yoo Gyun-Sang, Chae Soo-Bin & Lee Ro-Woon (I must say your role made this.drama a big hit with me), wishing you all an award-winning, looking forward to seeing you all within other movie or drama storytelling. God... totally not a waste of plot and cast. Created by Amani Walker. lee Sep 21 2017 1:27 am

duchess May 18 2017 8:03 am W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Jung Da-Bin played young Ok Nyeo in "A Flower In Prison." Gil dong and family are not naive at all, so I don't need getting annoyed of anything in this drama. Hooray to the writers and directors for putting together such an awesome cast!!! I cried like crazy when the dad passed away. They're great teamwork. I didnt have the time to comment how much i have loved this amazing drama.. So you can give it a go only disclaimer it's 50 eps! Can't wait for this! The older one is a great actor too. Was this review helpful to you? pd Feb 06 2017 7:57 pm What happen to the director’s judgement? Oh God please let this film succeed, my heart is always in my throat waiting for the ratings for a drama where an actor i like debuts as the first lead. kdrama Feb 17 2017 4:10 am He was marvellous. Oakland police officer, Rebecca "Rebel" Knight, has always excelled by playing by the rules. You are the best. vdjsnx May 18 2017 11:51 am This FAQ is empty. historical dramas like this are amazing. Im following this drama every week and the most intense scene was today episode..i just cant stop crying..
this is a great historical drama! You won’t be disappointed ?. Rebel and Cheena team up with Mack and Jimmy to find a missing Brim. She is cheeky and smart. Kpopandgrime Apr 04 2019 9:54 pm Everyone worked so hard in the rain, snow and sun! Early working title was "Yeokjuk Honggildong" ("Traitor Hong Gil-Dong"). Andrew Jun 14 2017 6:43 am That's just my theory tho, but I really hope Ga Ryung will live! And what made me really like the plot is that it has the right amount of romance in which it contributes to the main plot, not the kind of romance scenes you can skip over and still got the whole storyline. The man mr.song was with when Sang Hwa went to report back. Chae soo-bin! i also thought the same about Mori. A group of young adult stoners set out on a Roadtrip to a three day music festival. At first, I thought it was a joke. All rights reserved. © AsianWiki.com. Ronahiv Jul 05 2018 11:54 am I like this series so much. cant for next weeks episodes!!!!!!

I'm seeing yoo seung ho in yoon gyun sang's face. This drama is the first drama that I've watched that is more than 16 episodes long AND the firdt drama that I haven't skipped even 1 second in, pgirlcl13 May 10 2017 8:56 am Lee Young-ae is good, too though she still has less air time because a younger actress played her role in first episodes. The police investigation encounters a mystery with no reasonable explanation. I miss Gil Dong and Ga Ryung ~~, lady May 25 2017 9:33 pm Rebel has such a haunting score and soundtrack. Contents of ancient traditional music and art. Cast Yoon Kyun Sang, Kim Sang Joong, Chae Soo Bin and 3 more. I love this series. Is she alive? Watching 5 dramas which started almost at the same time. please i hope it's not a love triangle so typical, make mori and gil dong sis to like each other, coz it would be a great twist,i mean know she's young but it's a historical drama and age doesn't matter there and plus I'm talking about the older version of gil dong sister, pleaseeee before he likes gil dong girl ughh. Despite lacking idols / A lister actors cast ( but there are some outstanding veterans here) , the plot is awesome and character development on point. Even the soundtracks were good!

Drama Movie Buff Jul 27 2017 3:38 pm I hope they win best couple during the MBC awards this year!! I really like the cast, the leads are really strong newcomers and they deserved the roles. I fell inlove with Yoon Kyun Sang more and Gil dong will be one of my favorite Kdrama characters. really love this historical drama! Acting so good. wooow! Benny Feb 17 2017 12:40 pm

;-). i thought every episode of this drama is at its best already but its best gets on that level where you could define perfection as the episodes go on. Kudos to the writers and actors for this wonderful drama. sooyoon or chaeyoon Feb 16 2017 12:00 pm The writing was perfect and the execution was one of the best I have experienced since "Jumong." I'm just glad that it was a peaceful passing..

reyronaldo Apr 05 2017 1:35 am Hachi May 10 2017 12:10 pm But lowkey sad because I ship Gil Dong with Jang Nok-Soo, and I'm pretty sure they won't be together. jestine29 May 22 2017 8:08 pm It really has a very nice plot and story line. Highly recommend drama, although it is 30 episodes there was no boring episodes and the first 20 episodes make the last 10 worth it.

When he is gone (inevitably), I expect a major fall off in watchability.

I shipped chae soo bin with lee yong in MDBC than the full of dillema-weak eunuch girl. Ame Mar 19 2017 8:51 am Karen Jul 18 2017 11:02 pm hahahahh Just watch how their romance blooms Anyone can answer pls. ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇, lieza May 19 2017 1:04 am 2017 PG-13 MBC, KOCOWA. The story of two hired hit men who are forced to work on Christmas Day. sigh. Great actors, great acting, great plot, great characters, great vilains, great relationships, great cinematography, great ost ... and great ending ! sooyoon or chaeyoon Feb 17 2017 2:38 pm Mo Ri Jun 15 2017 3:23 pm She's good in acting, play Song Ga Ryung. I feel so bad for her. out from 58 minutes and 40 seconds there are only 13 minutes scene that makes me smile.. amazing drama that fulfill every genres either historical,comedy,action and romance. Amelia Jun 08 2017 4:30 am I like them! Lol. The only slight hiccup would be that I wish it was a movie, which is a compliment in itself also.Danielle Mone Truitt was absolutely the perfect casting for this role and she hit it out the park. @ vdjsnx ===== Jung Da-Bin is Ok-Ran. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=89; Hong gil dong you are my new crush! Chae Soo Bin's acting is not bad, and I think this drama is ok with her. Can't wait Monday and Tuesday :)i falling in love with this drama! He really fits into the role and this lovely actress Chae Soo-Bin is simply adorable here - she is always good, but especially into historical drama, it fits her even better. From being Moo-hyul, the best swordsman in Joseon in Six Flying Dragons to being Hong gil-dong, the rebel thief who saves the people of Joseon from an evil king, Yoon Gyun-sang did a good job in playing both of those characters. Can anyone recommend another drama like this. Can't wait for Chae soo-bin. T_T I love Mori's character soooo much. in 20-ish episode! Yoon Kyun Sang didn't win any award for his portrayal at all? Bookmarked!!!! Soo Bin is perfect paired with Yoon Kyung Sang. I have watched a historical drama of this scriptwriter before and it's really interesting. Not only the plots and acting are spectacular, but the whole setting and sound tracks make this drama alive and rivet our's attention 100%. Respect for his acting. I first saw her in Wonderful Life!

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