We all know that cities have basically destroyed the farms and the countryside, with young people deserting the rural regions and deciding to try their luck in urban settings.

I also encountered other goat-interaction issues (not being able to milk nor pet with no dialogue as to why). However, although it lasts for only three hours, The Stillness of Wind at moments seems like too long. this game is beautiful. Interesting visual choice and good story is really compelling here! this game reminds me of my own great aunt in UA and idk it just hit close with me.

Any Idea how to fix? I was expecting this game to be more of a simple ponderous affair, but there is much more to this blend of pondering and small, but fitting gameplay mechanics. The story was phenomenally written and the dialogue was absolutely beautiful. Put the cursor over the next plant-to-water/seed-to-plant while Talma is performing the first action, above. VAT included in all prices where applicable. It is also a very slow paced game so keep that in mind, this is a game for easy Sunday mornings when you have nothing to do, the main mechanic of the game is literally just farming. One by one, everyone left the once bustling village for the city. Everyone, except Talma. Quand j’étais gamin, j’allais acheter des œufs chez “Milie”, la voisine. The Stillness of the Wind is coming out February 7th! Get news from your familyThe travelling merchant brings letters from your family and friends and with them a view into a city that feels both very far away and as if it threatens to wash away the world you know.

Just make it a good one, eh?". I highly recommend exploring what this game offers and guiding this person along her path, whatever it may bring. All i can really say is thank you. I've been playing this game and I made a big mistake so I want to start over (or at least restart from the beginning of the day before). Choose how you spend your daysIt's up to you how you spend Talma’s time each day and what your routine will be. Au fil des lettres reçues, on prend conscience de qui est notre héroïne. The Stillness of the Wind. When conversing, I would put Laszlo's mail icon in the front or middle, because it could get forgotten due to bartering. Also, "Memory of God"? Best bet is to contact devs directly through their site, including above screenshot as well as a screenshot of your 'About this Mac' window. God, that was a beautiful and utterly devastating game.

Loved this. It would help to have a brief text notice saying that you pocket the letter to read in the house. Players' understanding shouldn't be neglected like this. I've bought this on both Switch and Steam, so I'm delighted to see this game in the Racial Equality Bundle! In Other Waters, Neo Cab, The Stillness of the Wind, Includes 2 items: I was so focused on the game being 32 bit, and not 64, and didn't realize it was just a screen resolution issue. 5/5, More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:https://itch.io/c/915453/quick-impressions-bundle-for-racial-justice. Le fin lettré y verra  l’influence du classique de la littérature espagnole 100 ans de solitude, de Gabriel García Márquez. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I actually found it quit pleasant but i could see other hardcore gamers wanting something more fast paced. :D Nice work dev!:D. Everyone, except Talma. A follow up to the critically acclaimed Where the Goats Are, The Stillness of the Wind is a quiet rumination on life and loss. minimum price of $12.99 USD. Breed and look after your goats, make cheese from their milk, grow vegetables, water your plants, collect eggs, scare off the birds. thank you. Elle suit ses frères, sœurs, enfants et petits-enfants de manière épistolaire. Now, this is not an easy title to play, and I don’t mean because of the gameplay. It is, however, slow. It's free on PC Game Pass - don't pay for this.

Also, I can’t say no to ice-cream even during winter, I prefer night over day and I strongly believe that we should be nicer to our planet and each other. This defaults to your Review Score Setting.

It was almost boring to play but I kept thinking about it and coming back, and it left quite an impression. Its an absolutely gorgeous and lovely tale of loneliness, happiness, loving the small things in life and also... the curse of frailty. It's gorgeous, emotional, and has very well-designed mechanics.

However, this is an emotionally packed game that hits straight to the heart and makes you wonder about your own choices and paths.

A really beautiful game thank you! If you have the time, I strongly, strongly reccomend this game. Your family has left and you are the last one in your old family home, passing your time and tending to your animals and farming your land, eagerly awaiting news from your family by the postman. But, once in a while, a game shows up that doesn’t offer an escape but rather a reminder of the world we live in and things that we may have forgotten, neglected or didn’t know to exist. I'm pretty sure that my goat milking bucket got glitched, either that or my goats nips were chaffed and wasn't having it anymore. Or do you not care and just wander out into the desert? All rights reserved. yes, I got the app and launches fine from app. The Stillness of Wind is about Talma, a woman living all alone on a farm with two goats, some chickens, and everyday chores. Quand elle ne s’est plus sentie capable de s'occuper des lapins, des poules et du potager, elle a déménagé à deux kilomètres, dans une maison avec du carrelage.

Barter for suppliesTrade cheese and other items in return for hay for your goats, seeds to plant, fables, exotic items and shotgun shells, whilst exchanging conversation with the travelling merchant, your only human interaction. A 8 ans, je savais déjà que jamais je n’aurais sa poigne. It would be nice if holding left-click would scroll through the credits faster instead of immediately exit the game. The Stillness of the Wind is the follow-up to Where the Goats Are, a slow and quiet game about tending to a small goat farm. Give a settings option to invert the inverted scroll wheel when reading letters, and make it scroll faster. If you want to experience another side of gaming, then The Stillness of Wind will show you storytelling that surpasses escaping to other universes but rather facing the truths in our own. It’s a hard but simple life of peaceful subsistence. Controls are easy and the game is fairly simple to master.

Man, i never know what these games mean but I liked it. A 75 ans bien tassés, elle fauchait toujours son foin, qu’elle montait au grenier à la fourche, sur une échelle en bois. I played this on Game Pass some time ago, but I just wanted to leave a comment saying how phenomenal it is. If you like slow, there's PLENTY of better slow. The credits for Laszlo's voice actor incorrectly doubles the word "by.".

Pour des emplois prestigieux, pour les études...Tous ont quitté le village. Hey I found a solution - I went into my computer's display settings and decreased my screen from 200% to 100%, and the resolution down to 1920x1080. It’s not something this game does intentionally since it's only being truthful and its message is strong and expressive in conveying of Talma’s old age, loneliness and seclusion from the world. Ici, on ne ramasse pas les radis à la remorque comme dans Stardew Valley, et la vieille cabane des chèvres restera décrépie jusqu’au bout. Elle était veuve depuis bien avant la retraite, sans enfants. La ville, au loin, s’obscurcit peu à peu, dans un crépuscule qui coïncide avec celui de la vie de l’héroïne. And with repeating of same actions every day for several times it’s easy to get annoyed or start puffing from impatience. The Stillness of the Wind, The Stillness of the Wind OST, Includes 6 items: It was super-awkward to see a wolf get stuck and glitch its movement behind the tree stump behind your house. Vertiginous Golf, FRAMED, Hacknet, Orwell, Hacknet - Labyrinths, The Stillness of the Wind, “Stark and beautiful, The Stillness of the Wind is a game of rare grace.”Eurogamer“This is a game that’s less about doing and more about feeling.”Polygon“The Stillness of the Wind is my cat's favorite game.”Paste. You can't go home again, even if you never leave it. I can't stop thinking of the music so good. Oh hey they fixed it! Elle est repassée par le village pour son enterrement, et est repartie en emportant un bout de la campagne avec elle. While milking a goat, it doesn't visually make sense why you have to milk one more time even when the white progress bar is already full. Includes 3 items: The original game has never been available on iOS, so it will take some experimenting to figure out what things do if you’ve never played either game before. I enjoyed slowing down and calmly considering each new letter I got from my grandkids.....which hit harder in this current political climate then it did when I first bought the game a while ago.

Add a "Click to open" instruction for at least the first unopened letter that you check.

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