(Answers may vary. How does the story about Mida's hideous secret relate to this tale? You can get 100% plagiarism FREE essay in 30sec, Sorry, we cannot unicalize this essay. She is written as a headstrong and opinionated woman, but her failing beauty and cruelty towards men indicates that she was by no means an idealized character. For dishonorably winning a duel For raping a young woman For killing the Queen's brother For cheating at a game of cards 2 of 5. Why or why not? (fairies and elves), 2. As with most of the Canterbury Tales, The Wife of Bath’s Tale opens with a Prologue that introduces the reader to the character telling the story, and sets the stage for the story to follow. A widow five times over, the wife openly admits that she “put [her husbands] to work in such a fashion” (157) that they cried out in exhaustion and frustration. Has the Wife of Bath learned anything from her five marriages? Wife of Bath\u2019s Tale Analysis Questions Answers.docx - Wife of Bath\u2019s Tale Name Jose Trejo Vega Date\/Period Online 1 Why is the knight being punished, What is his punishment and how long does he have to finish the, The knight had raped a woman; his punishment was originally death however the queen spares him and, What do women want more than anything in the world?” in less than. It is likely that a great deal of the Wife’s apparent impudence is only an attempt to jar her audience. This, of course, does not stop her from marrying again and again – she even marries a twenty-year-old at the age of forty. (Answers may vary), 3. FREE study guides and infographics! As with most of the Canterbury Tales, The Wife of Bath’s Tale opens with a Prologue that introduces the reader to the character telling the story, and sets the stage for the story to follow. GradesFixer. Her character traits are extreme, and it is even hard to tell what Chaucer’s view of the Wife is. The Wife of Bath’s Prologue ; The Wife of Bath’s Tale; The Wife of Bath’s Prologue. After the knight rapes the beautiful maiden, what is his sentence? Would this sort of deal be realistic after a rape conviction in our own time? Dame Alice sets the scene by describing a land that used to be inhabited by fairies, but is now filled with friars that “can only do a [woman] physical dishonor” (170). (She and her fifth husband, Jankyn, got in a fight when she ripped three pages out of his “book of wicked wives” and punched him in the face, and he smacked her on the head. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Before the Wife of Bath begins her tale, the Friar claims that he hopes “to have joy and salvation” (168) from the story she will tell and, as if in protest, the Wife begins by making fun of friars. Why or why not? (This is the “book of wicked wives” that tells the tales of the most dishonest wives of all times, including the story of Eve in Eden, the betrayal of Samson at the hands of Delilah, and Agamemnon’s slaying at the hands of Clytemnestra.). After making him feel thoroughly guilty, she could then sleep around without fear of interrogation from her husband. Her fourth husband was like the wife’s male counterpart – promiscuous and stubborn as well – but he did died quickly. (He has promised to reward her, and she asks him to marry her as that reward), 7. Why is Arthur's knight sentenced to death? We provide you with original essay samples, perfect formatting and styling. Want us to write one just for you? Over all, the Wife of Bath gives the impression of being a strong and often audacious woman, but Chaucer does not portray her without a weakness. Evaluation/Synthesis Level Questions – These questions measure a student’s ability to form judgments using the text and to generate creative responses. Specifically in The Wife of Bath’s prologue and tale, readers and characters alike are asked to consider the question, “what do women want?” Many scholars argue that the tale describes the beginnings of feminism. women can't keep secrets. (while she was taking a pilgrimage to Jerusalem), 2.

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