I'm leaning towards a bad SFR too because when I first reinstalled mine today, the oven worked and that's the only thing I changed was took the SFR out for a week and then put it back in today. There is less stuff to break on a simpler product.

The filters need to be cleaned. No, they are designed to capture grease particles. The fan for the oven is very loud even on standard bake setting. The standard user can only delete an appliance from his user account. I would be greatly appreciate if anyone has a solution to peaceful cooking. So, I have purchased another Sub Zero! Original review: Oct. 17, 2020. if you went out of your way to get a quiet hood.

If the Super User deletes an appliance from their app, it will also be deleted from the app of the other users. Manufacturers don't normally add extra parts just because they can.

The switchboard or control board is defective.

All the ranges mentioned above also have electronics.

ISO recommendations for a compact countertop microwave, Recommendation for silent beverage cooler. I assume that's close enough to 0 and far away from 120 so I should leave one lead on N and put the other on the COM of the SFR? Go to the settings of your appliance. It becomes uncomforable when you're standing there using the cooktop. Bosch 00415761 Relay, Stall Fan - AppliancePartsPros.com, SMW272BP01 Thermador oven not heating properly, Thermador PGR36GL Oven issue - Turns off after 30 seconds, Dacor wall oven (ECS230) cutting off at high temps - cooling fan not blowing, PCS366 Thermador cooktop igniter electrics question.

I just purchased a Thermador P304 30" all-gas range.

Thanks to all who posted these threads. The disconnection of the cooling fans will cause a variety of oven function problems as the airflow is monitored by sensors/switches while the oven is in use. Be sure to listen to these units in a quiet, home-like environment, if possible. To operate in this mode, it is necessary to install a recirculation kit with an activated charcoal / carbon filter. Does anyone know of one that does that? Resetting an appliance removes it from the Home Connect app.

My guess is it has to do with *where* the electronics are situated. Please refer to your owner's manual to learn how to do this.

So I got the board back with all new relays etc. If the power plug / socket does not function, check whether the residual-current-operated circuit-breaker (FI) or the domestic fuse for the electric circuit has tripped.

Is the appliance connected and switched on? I'm here.

If I could undo my choice of Miele, I would. I'm not buying until November of this year, so I have some time to see possible product refreshes.

If the circulation fan is the culprit, the noise in the refrigerator will get louder. Many ranges have fans, but I've not heard of any of them blowing the exhaust directly back at the operator. Switch on the Wi-Fi and connect the smartphone / tablet with the Wi-Fi.

A Wi-Fi router must be available. The new door is a huge improvement, but the AG still doesn't hold a candle to the look of the DF. Just to get some more information out of the way, the HTCO was replaced back when I had a local tech come. This may result in a whistling sound. The hood is not secure.

The ducting used is the wrong size. I cannot believe HOW LOUD the fans on the Thermador are vs. all the other brands. If required, contact an electrician.

OK, measure the voltage on the relay board between L2 and N. Is it 120 VAC? I guess I will have to call them. (Note: The coffee machine only supports 2.4 GHz).

The dealer says that all manufacturers are going toward this same cooling method to protect the electronic controls.

We've had 5 or 6 techs come to look at it/"fix" it starting with home guard insurance (which was a nightmare) and we're still no closer to having our oven working again. Is there any way I can get the lead in there to test NO while it's connected. The grease filter absorbs the grease contained in the vapors. I can't understand how they would think that it's not a BIG issue at that price range. Between L1 and L2 I'm getting 237. Set a higher fan setting to extract more smoke. Of course, if you're looking for the "pro" look, then it probably wouldn't satisfy you - although I have to say performance is excellent. I try to move the control board out of the way as much as I can to pull the SFR out but whatever wires going into it from the back aren't giving me enough to move the SFR all the way to a workable area.

If I can trust this guy any at all then it can't/shouldn't be the HTCO. My range is a duel fuel 30 inch Thermador. Close all the windows and doors to eliminate the outside wind flow. Looking for reviews of Fisher Paykel appliances. The duct opening or ductwork is obstructed. It has a fan, but it's not as loud and it's also situated further away from where I stand (plus its enclosed underneath the counter, to be fair, so maybe that dampens the noise). And I think LaCanche. The first visit he did some stuff and wasn't very thorough and said "it's a cheap part, I'll order and come back next week". Still same issue. After cooking, clean the surface with a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent.

It actually is screwed in to the chassis of the oven sitting right behind the control board: Relay, stall fan 00415761 / AP2833149 made by Bosch. Unfortunately, Windows devices are not compatible with Home Connect. I don't have any other choice because the basement is finished and an outside blower is not an option.

It may not display this or other websites correctly.

They should be cleaned every 1-3 months depending on usage.

The kitchen is kept virtually free from grease and odors. Close the app and restart it. To preface, we've never done the self-cleaning and it was working fine since we moved in (over a year ago) and then all of the sudden the oven stopped heating at all and shows 100F on the display but the element isn't even starting to warm. When the oven is on the cooling fan runs continuously, blowing hot air from a vent between the stovetop and the oven door. Depending on your country, the app may or may not be available. It did come in handy this winter.

Unfortunately, not all selling dealers display their ranges "live" so the customer is very surprised when this range is started in their home for the first time and that's when the disappointment begins, because not only does the cooling fan operate during oven use, it continues after baking is completed while the oven interior cools down to a specific temperature. We do very high end homes along the coast of California but I would have serious discussions with my client if they wanted that for their kitchen. The child lock needs to be switched off in the Home Connect app or on the appliance.

Thoughts on the new Bosch Benchmark appliances. The non-electronics ranges include non-self-cleaning all gas versions of Bluestar, DCS, Peerless-Premier, Viking, and Wolf. If WPS is not supported by the router, use the manual connection mode in the Home Connect menu. To check if the power plug / socket functions, plug in other electrical devices and see if they work. The distance between the cooktop and the bottom of the hood should be within 30" to 36".

Surprisingly, users don't find convection ovens noisier than models without this feature, even though the convection setting means a fan is constantly running inside the oven. Between L2 and N I'm getting 118 (calibration is probably slightly off).

This is the user who is the first to connect the appliance with their Home Connect app. This does not impair the function of the hood. Problems that would likely cause a lot of customer support calls and service visits.

I better test it a few times before the warranty runs out.

I'll walk you through the testing procedure.

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