These are edited excerpts from the conversation. For a while, I was getting involved in current events, and it bummed me out too much. I feel that if I had gotten my license out in the country somewhere where you didn’t really have to communicate that much, I would be really intimidated by coming into a busier airspace like this. JETGALA: When you are up in the air, do you feel like you are just another person in the system? I’ve gone back and forth to San Francisco a lot for commutes; being on the show Silicon Valley, there is a tie to Silicon Valley. I have been a flight simulation player for 15 years or more, so essentially, you just daydream of being a Spitfire pilot. In eighth grade, when I was just the school weirdo, my drama teacher put me in a play, and we came up with a few comedy bits. “Times have changed,” he said with mock exasperation, once the noise had abated. It’s called the Diamond DA40. [laughs] I got one of the more fuel-efficient, general-aviation airplanes out there. “I couldn’t stop reading memoirs, and that bled into fighter pilot memoirs”. These are edited excerpts from the conversation. I don’t understand it.”. Do you think Richard has grown over the four seasons of the show? It only widens the gap between the Hollywood elite and the common man, really, talking about what plane I’ve got. Thomas Steven Middleditch (lahir di Nelson, British Columbia, Kanada, 10 Maret 1982; umur 38 tahun) adalah seorang pemeran, pengisi suara, pelawak, dan penulis naskah asal Kanada. Studios look at it and go, this major corporation put a ton of money behind this person — he must be marketable. Life Beyond First Class - Private Jets, Yachts, And All Things Luxurious ✈️, For subscription: And that very first reaction, for an audience of supportive middle schoolers, I put my head out and pretended I got scared by the audience, and ducked back in. Awkwardly funny moments just seem to follow Mr. Middleditch, 35, a wide-eyed actor from the small Canadian city of Nelson, British Columbia, wherever he goes. A few years ago, I said to myself: “Well, now that I’ve got the means to transition this love affair from the virtual world to the real world, I’ll give it a shot.” I had to overcome some pretty severe motion sickness, but in the end, I managed to get the PPL (private pilot’s license). Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! What kind of craft do you fly? Thomas Steven Middleditch (d. 10 Mart 1982), Kanadalı oyuncu, seslendirme sanatçısı, komedyen ve senarist. And then just sitting in class, falling asleep, being like, “Uh-huh, uh-huh.” You watch the show, and you’re like, “These guys know what they’re doing — this guy’s an idiot.”. JETGALA: While you just bought the Marchetti, do you have your eyes on other aircraft down the road? I think it is famous in the Marchetti community so I’ll probably break some hearts by changing the paint colour at one point. Do you like the anonymity that comes with that? With 15 years of flight simulation, essentially with the stick in the right hand, it wasn’t too big of an adjustment. Ten, 15 years ago, if you were on a successful TV show or in a movie, and you did a commercial, everyone would go, “Oh, his career’s over.” But now, it’s the opposite. And if I have it my way — which I don’t, really — that’ll be the thing that we deal with a lot in Season 5. Am I using the right lingo? Bu rolle Bir Komedi Dizisinde En İyi Erkek Oyuncu dalında Primetime Emmy Ödülüne aday gösterilmiştir. I used to go to these LAN parties, that was before high-speed internet. When we started doing this group, the director got this Shakespeare professor to give us reading homework, and then we’d come back to this class and have a private analysis. There are plenty more on “Silicon Valley,” whose fourth season (which starts on Sunday, April 23) finds Richard at odds with his collaborators Bachman (T. J. Miller), Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani), Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) and Jared (Zach Woods), while seeking common ground with his rival Gavin Belson (Matt Ross). JETGALA: You probably flew from the left seat with your Diamond but from your Marchetti you fly from the right seat, typically. TM: That is neat, although the plane that I have is anything but anonymous. The interview has been edited for brevity. As a sheltered little kid, I thought: “Wait, what was World War II?” I just couldn’t get enough of it and I couldn’t stop reading memoirs, and that bled into fighter pilot memoirs. TM: I suppose it pretty much coincided with my sudden interest in history — more specifically, military history — probably around my late teens. The character is “just one element” of what he sarcastically described as “the Middleditch brand.”, Just then, his voice was drowned out by the sounds of several exuberant children rushing into the cafe. My writing partner and I took our script and got work done while we were flying. Was that interesting? You’re also a longtime member of the Improvised Shakespeare Company. And especially at an airport like where I fly out of the ATC can be a little surly, so you better get your words right or they’ll chew you out. Middleditch made headlines in September 2019 when he revealed that he and the costume designer — whom he married in August 2015 — were active swingers. I’m a big gamer, so I’ve had access to that type of personality. In the meantime, we speak with the 35-year-old actor to learn more about his flying experiences and his recently acquired aircraft. That’s the thing that gets challenged in the fourth season. The idea of going low and slow in an open cockpit and just cruising around at 4 litres per hour seems pretty cool. Did you ever expect that playing him would also land you a Verizon endorsement deal? Do you share any of that with him? JETGALA: What is your typical ‘weekend warrior’ type of trip? What's next for the aviation industry? You can. But, yes, I like that. Honestly, when everything is on autopilot, there’s nothing else to do. Richard Hendricks’s defining attribute may be his gracelessness. © 2020 Media Group Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. For example, at the end of October I’ll spend a night in Mammoth, going up to Southern Oregon to Bend. JETGALA: How did you become interested in aviation, leading you to pursue your pilot’s license? How “Breaking Bad” is Richard going to get? Perhaps one day, Middleditch will be able to display his cockpit prowess on the silver screen. FlightPlan: The International Aviation Women’s Association i, Since taking to the skies in 2014, the segment-def, We wish all our Muslim friends and readers peace a. I was reading the CliffsNotes. Hey, man, I’m smooth. Now, without spending $5M on a P-51, I’ve got, essentially, a warbird to some degree. Holding off the Luftwaffe is what got me into it, and that bled into civil aviation. It’s got a Saved by the Bell 1930s clown car paint job, which I plan to adjust. HBO dizisi Silicon Valley'deki (2014-2019) Richard Hendricks rolüyle bilinmektedir. He’s got a pretty strong moral compass. If I ever move back up to Canada and just want to putt around in the mountains, that seems like a pretty fun thing. Does that mean you’re well versed in the works of the Bard? When you are first learning, hopping on the radio is pretty scary, outside of the rules and regulations. トーマス・ミドルディッチ(Thomas Middleditch, 1982年3月10日 - )は、カナダ出身の俳優、声優である。, 1982年、イギリス人の両親の元[1]、カナダのネルソンに生まれる。高校を卒業後は、ビクトリア大学へ進学[2] Diamond Agreement by Qatar Executive offers the private jet solution to new air travel challenges. I’m cool as a cucumber, baby. The next generation of the legendary King Air turb, Born and educated in Cambridge, England, Dr Cheung, Hailing as a new chapter in @bmw history and a new, Set on low cliffs overlooking the crystal blue wat, Kudos to @vistajet - the private aviation company. With a committed workforce and a stable lineup of projects AMAC Aerospace Group remains optimistic... Big airplanes tend to land at big airports — they need the runway length. Recently joining this club is Thomas Middleditch, the Emmy-nominated star of the critically acclaimed HBO series Silicon Valley, and part of the cast of Godzilla: King of the Monsters (known widely as Godzilla 2), set to be released in March 2019. 本名 Thomas Steven Middleditch 生年月日 1982年 3月10日(38歳)出生地 ネルソン 国籍 カナダ ジャンル 俳優 声優 活動期間 2009年 - 現在 トーマス・ミドルディッチ(Thomas Middleditch, 1982年 3月10日 - )は、カナダ出身の俳優、声優である。 I was always the bad student. TM: (One thing) I’m eyeing — maybe one day, when I am done spinning around in a Marchetti — is this new plane called the Cobalt Valkyrie, which looks like Batman’s plane. That’s great!” I remember that very specific moment of hiding behind that curtain, being like, whoa, what is this? The list of Hollywood actors who are also pilots is short but stellar — think Harrison Ford, John Travolta, and Tom Cruise. What’s my bird? Thomas Middleditch was explaining recently why he should not be judged solely on the basis of his performance as Richard Hendricks, the brilliant but socially inept hero of the HBO tech-industry satire “Silicon Valley.”, “Richard’s just one facet of stumbly, bumbly physical comedy that I’ve been doing for 15, 20 years,” Mr. Middleditch said by telephone, speaking from a Starbucks in Manhattan. There was always some guy who was potentially on the spectrum, who knew everything about troubleshooting all the network issues and was crucial to the whole thing. I got my pilot’s license last year, because I finally had the means to do it.

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