The road continued to stretch in front of the vehicle endlessly. Uncle Trender and Uncle Splendor drove everyone crazy with wedding plans.

My left eye is a bright emerald green. Phoenix gave me two new black sheathes for my skinners that had silver foxes painted on them. No one else was there today so I had plenty of time to do my homework. I’ll be your girlfriend, Tsume.” I kissed his cheek then closed the door while he stood there with a stunned look on his face. Benna is our cousin. The next thing I knew someone was hugging me tightly and I panicked, struggling to get away from whoever was holding me but I couldn’t break free.“Not again, never again. Toby even feed me part of his crapes. We hadn’t decide where exactly we would go, but we both thought it was best to get as far away from here as we could, seeing how by then we will have killed six or more people, depending if I had to kill the girls’ parents. After catching the bus to school I hurried to my locker. Benna chose this (

“They heard your singing and came here so they could hear it better. “Dayam, Phoenix looks hot with green hair.” Jeff eyed her up and down and licked his lips. If it wasn’t for you, Phoenix and I wouldn’t have been kidnapped by Zalgo!!! Breakfast was quiet until BEN fell asleep with his head in his plate of pancakes and eggs. N…none of us knew that he had any children of his own, though he calls everyone who lives with him his child.”“I didn’t know he was my Father either. The roses circled her waist and the hem of her calf length skirt. The walls were painted sky blue and there was a dresser, a desk, and a vanity all made of purple heart wood like the bed. Soon enough I was warm again and Father said I could open my eyes. It seemed that Zalgo had neglected to post any guards since we were kept chained so we only had to worry about getting out without the loyal servants seeing us. I could tell just by the quivering tone of voice she used.“Umm…Benna, I’ll explain what she meant when you’re 17. I hated what mommy would do to you. What’s a cute little thing like you doing out here by yourself?” One of them asked as the other one crowded closer to me making escape impossible.“I know,” the other one said as he picked up a lock of my hair and started playing with it. I crept up on Biff as he leaned against a tree. “Tsume, would you mind giving Voicebox and me a few minutes alone.” The question sounded more like a demand.

“Shayla, w…would you…um…be my…err…girlfriend?”“I’d love t…to be y…your g…girlfriend Toby, but t…there is s…something I have to t…tell you first.” I knew that if I wanted to have Toby as my boyfriend I’d have to tell him about what happened to me. He is our father. Please tell me what you think of it in the comments!

The girlfriends of the gang members laughed as the terrified begged the men to let them go or the girlfriends to help them. I had bags under my eye from lack of sleep and I knew I had lost some weight since Tsume thought I was fat.

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