Abe Movie 2020, How To Make A 15 Hp Outboard Faster, That means a lot. What To Do With A Natural Spring On Your Property, So we don’t have to be chasing any sort of crazy monetization trend. Account active Never Give Up Poems For Her, Tim Schafer wiki ionformation include family relationships: spouse or partner (wife or husband); siblings; childen/kids; parents life. Schafer: Well I was definitely surprised when our Kickstarter took off. Because when I bought an Xbox, there was that crop of games Microsoft announced, and I remember very religiously following “Psychonauts” on its very extended journey to release, and when it came out I got super into it. Arthur Gies: What do you think the future holds for Double Fine? Smith: And that’s what I’m getting at. If you were them, and you had this thing Game Pass, and you wanted to put a full variety and diversity of content on it, you wouldn’t want to buy Double Fine and turn it into another Forza company. Schafer: You know I always get excited about every Nintendo system and I always buy it (laughs). Schafer: It would be appropriate to call it our flagship IP, I think. One is the small amount of money we might get for some ideas that would force a compromise. I have new ideas that I’ve been kind of squashing for years because I thought they’d be too hard to get funded. Wiki Bio of Tim Schafer net worth is updated in 2020.Tim Schafer was created on July 26, 1967. Rimworld Link Weapon, So either way, I feel like whatever technology throws at us, we’ve always been a content-focused company, so we work with the strengths and limitations of whatever it is. Or elsewhere? Tim Schafer:  I like the size we are. Datsun 510 Rolling Chassis For Sale, A lot of things like our remasters went heavy on the PlayStation platform because Sony worked with us on them. I like having that shown — it can be tough, tough on the team as it exposes them to the internet, as people can make viral videos and nasty animated GIFs out of [Double Fine employees], but I think it’s worth it to have people understand a little bit better the humans that are behind a game like "Psychonauts.". Tim Schafer Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Tim Schafer was born on July 26, 1967. So we’ve kept the relationship. And [crowdfunding] allowed us to go directly to the fans and fund it that way. 2021 Yamaha Superjet, So far things are encouraging. I mean, I’ve always loved video games since the 70s, but to some people they’ve grown to become this art form that has connected with them in a very personal way, so while not surprising, I guess it’s pleasant to see that it has developed that way. Tim Schafer: Yeah, with that Advent Rising ad in the back of the manual, ... Netflix Misses Q3 Subscriber and Net Earnings Forecasts, Stock Falls As soon as one of them makes a really understandable and low-cost consumer product, I think it’s going to be much easier to see it under everyone’s Christmas tree. I already pre-ordered it and I tried to get the red and blue one but it got taken out of my cart while I was ordering it and I had to get a gray one! Vaughan Bassett Furniture Replacement Parts, So I’ve known Phil and those guys like 16 years. Smith: Does this game change how you feel about VR in general? Ac Odyssey Golden Statue, Having that structure [from Microsoft] is really great. Greg Rice: It’s out of print. And like I was saying, I’d rather put that time and energy into creative aspects of coffee company instead of the, you know, the money hunting. This idea of transparency: How important is it to you? That’s kind why I was making those jokes on stage — you might think acquisition is some sort of absorption and conversion process that would happen. Are you talking about that internally at all? Smith: Speaking of emerging tech, lots of people are talking about Nintendo Switch. Schafer: Right now we’re just kind of waiting and seeing how this one does. Like with Kinect, everyone in the family could instantly play a game, and nobody had to figure out how a controller works. We also have a lot of new people working on it, bringing in fresh ideas. Tim Schafer: It’s a very exciting time because we’re going to finish Psychonauts 2 and do really well now that we have the funding we need to make sure we can finish it and do a great job with it. Patty Mills Wife Height, I think PlayStation VR has a big advantage in that way, in that it’s an understandable consumer product that you just buy and upgrade to. But I definitely don’t want to double or even half again our size right now. Not because the only things that [publishers/financiers] are signing this year are free-to-play games, you know? It’ll be worth, like, tens of dollars. After playing through "Rhombus of Ruin" — which is an excellent game, by the way, and easily worth its $20 price — I got on the phone with Schafer to talk about the future of Psychonauts, building a VR game for the very first time, the new Nintendo Switch, the game industry as a whole, and much more. Plymouth Cars From The 80s, How do you feel about Nintendo Switch? The future is a little scary in that way for a studio of a certain size. And I feel like we’re at a good size. Arthur Gies: Is this arrangement allowing you to make “Psychonauts 2” more of the game that you’d hope to make? We’re all very interested when new technology comes out, we always want to see what kinds of new opportunities it gives us, like what kind of new gameplay we can do. Smith: Does Double Fine plan on releasing any games for the Switch? So it made sense to try [VR]. So I’m sticking around. What I Want In A Man List, So if you’re looking through the world through the POV of a big person or a small person or a tiny crab sandwich, or some insects, or giant creatures — you want to feel big, or you want to feel small. He couldn't even get Broken Age done with that sort of money, and that game was short as hell and consisted of 2d artwork.I love my uncle Jack, he's smart, he's creative, and he's an absolute blast at parties, but he's about as reliable as a one legged man in an asskicking contest; and I definitley wouldn't give him three million dollars if he asked for it.Tim Schafer is in the same situation. And then also, the other changes going on in the industry with subscription services coming up, everyone’s going to be trying different things. And it moved around the finish line, you know, And we want to make sure we had time to focus — instead of wondering “oh my God, when does the money run out?” we’re asking how do we make this the best game it could be. I always thought it was promising, but the final result we came up with wasn’t just a tech demo of some kind of an experience, but a real game: a real environment with real characters. Design by Mlti Media, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window). Kenmore Washer Model 110 Manual, It'll be quite awhile yet before we can really judge how Fig will affect the crowdfunding scene, but for now, the question is simple: Are you interested?Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors.Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. Handle Tow Ski Lift For Sale, So it seemed natural in a strange, poetic way coming back to them to work on the second game. You’ve appeared at Sony’s press conference to announce Rhombus of Ruin. Ride The Wild Surf Cast, Wiki Bio of Tim Schafer net worth is updated in 2020.Tim Schafer was created on July 26, 1967. They worked with us before and they knew us, so they were excited about doing Psychonauts as a VR game. What Puzzles Most Of The Townspeople As They Look Back On The Morning Of Santiago's Death, How To Build A Door Frame With Sidelights, You’ll want to hang on to that. They can just give it a shot. Tim Schafer Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Tim Schafer was born on July 26, 1967. So instead of having to go to crowdfunding and say “trust me, this is going to be great” — which we were able to do and that’s great — now we can actually make demos and prove to ourselves that we like the idea enough to make it. And VR is natural for Double Fine because we really like to drop people into strange fantastic worlds and have them feel like they’ve left the real world — they’re in our world, and we want them to stay as long as they can. Worse decision. And also sometimes we just make up something else completely, like we want to do something on Russian dolls or we want to do something on heavy metal, and we have our inspiration and that’s what gives us the energy to plow through all the difficulties of making a game and make something that’s very personal and hopefully something really great. June Bug Vs Japanese Beetle, since. Have you started to think about what Double Fine can do with new hardware, or is that not really so much a consideration right now? It's like trusting a crack head to house sit for you and expecting everything to still be there when you get back.I don't understand how anyone could seriously believe that Schafer will get Psychonauts 2 done for 3 million. Arthur Gies: Psychonauts has sort of become associated with PlayStation over the last several years. Like we’re doing with "Psychonauts 2," we’re a little bit more nimble than we were in the old days where we had to do a straight publishing deal — we’ve crowdfunded things like "Psychonauts 2," but also a mix, like a publishing partner. But we did [think], “we should try to do a free-to-play game” cause free-to-play was a big thing. Schafer: I get inspiration everywhere. Here Is My Two Cents In A Sentence, Tarana Burke Husband, Then there’s also the stuff that we do called Amnesia Fortnight, which is our internal game jam where we test new creative directors and project leaders and let them put crazy ideas on the table and see who likes them and make small prototypes. We know that Timothy is married at this point. Schafer: Well it’s definitely a world that has a lot of emotional hold for us, because we really love that world and those characters, and that feels very real to us. Schafer: Well, I’m really bad at predicting the future, but I think some of the hold-ups are the amount of expensive hardware you have to buy to get it and set it up. Datsun 510 Rolling Chassis For Sale, I think it’s always scary to grow really fast. Smith: What kinds of games are you playing right now, aside from the development version of "Psychonauts 2"? They know when those things come up. 2001 Gsxr 750 Fuel Pump, NY 10036. Have you experienced any sort of pushback or negative response in the wake of the announcement of the acquisition by Xbox? © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Casper John Mccallum Died In 2016, Schafer: We don’t have anything to announce there. And with VR, even though the technology is daunting to purchase and set up, I think once they make the hardware less involved and heavy and cumbersome and expensive, and lighter on your face, once you put that headset on, a lot of the games are set up so that you’re just kind of in that space and you don’t have to worry about figuring out a really complicated controller. Job: (Surgical-Dressing Maker). Did this experience encourage you and your team to make more VR games in the future? This time around we were using Unreal Engine and that helped us a lot. But we’re going to wait and see — we’re going to wait and see if this takes off, and hopefully it adds a lot of new doors for developers. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. Tim Schafer said back in 2019 that Double Fine's publishing element would likely cease (thanks, Destructoid), so this has been a while in the making. Is there any piece of feedback that’s stayed with you over the years as you’ve developed games? Schafer: The thing about using clairvoyance in Psychonauts is that it didn’t just let you teleport around, but also let you feel like you’re seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. But I think what we’re really concentrating on now is more of the “If they build it, they will come” philosophy: Just make a great game, make it true to Psychonauts, and if you make a great game, people will come play it.

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