[24][25], Beth Anne Rankin, the 2010 Republican nominee, and John David Cowart, who carried the backing of the Louisiana businessman and philanthropist Edgar Cason, were the only other Republican candidates in the race after candidate Marcus Richmond dropped out in February 2012. [16][17] In the letter, Cotton called for the journalists to be prosecuted for espionage "to the fullest extent of the law", and incarcerated. They’ll lie and deny. Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names. "[79] Joshua D. Rothman, a history professor at the University of Alabama, responded that slavery was neither "necessary" nor on the way to "extinction" when America was founded, because it "was a choice defended or accepted by most white Americans for generations, and it expanded dramatically between the Revolution and the Civil War". The NRA's Chris W. Cox stated that "Tom Cotton will always stand up for the values and freedoms of Arkansas gun owners and sportsmen. [67], Following the killing of George Floyd, Cotton rejected the view that there is "systemic racism in the criminal justice system in America. [147] In late April 2020, Cotton insisted in a Fox News interview that the Coronavirus outbreak was a "deliberate" and "malevolent" attack by the government of China on the world. [58] Cotton specifically blocked the nominations of Butts and ambassador nominees to Sweden and Norway after the Secret Service had leaked private information about a fellow member of Congress, although that issue was unrelated to those nominees. They were released after paying a $50 fine. [26], The Club for Growth endorsed Cotton. Cotton eventually released his holds on the nominees to Sweden and Norway, but kept his hold on Butts's nomination. That's simply not the case." Sen. Tom Cotton, campaigning in the battleground state of New Hampshire on behalf of Republicans, took aim at Joe Biden and his family over a much-publicized story in the New York Post regarding the Democratic presidential nominee’s son, Hunter Biden. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe blasts Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff for leveraging a political narrative. Thomas B. [157], President Barack Obama mocked the letter, referring to it as an "unusual coalition" with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as well as an interference with the then-ongoing negotiations of a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. He said such "tough calls" to allow its return were an option the then president-elect Donald Trump was ready to follow: "If experienced intelligence officials come to the President of the United States and say we think this terrorist has critical information and we need to obtain it and this is the only way we can obtain it -- it's a tough call. Though Cotton has made horrendous comments about gay people, there is a rumor that has been circulating for some time that he, himself, is homosexual. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. [150][151], In March 2015, Cotton wrote and sent a letter to the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, signed by 47 of the Senate's 54 Republicans, which cast doubt on the Obama administration's authority to engage in nuclear-proliferation negotiations with Iran. On 31 January, spurred in part by Cotton's warnings, the Trump administration banned most travel from China. First, Senator Ted Cruz placed a blanket hold on all U.S. State Department nominees. [129], In 2018, Cotton was a cosponsor of the Countering the Chinese Government and Communist Party's Political Influence Operations Act, a bill introduced by Marco Rubio and Catherine Cortez Masto that would grant the U.S. Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) the authority to create an interagency task force with the purpose of examining attempts by China to influence the U.S. and key allies. [114][115], During a February 5, 2015 Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Cotton called for housing more prisoners at Guantanamo Bay instead of closing it. By the time he left the military, Tom was at that point a commonly recognized name back home in the circle of things relating to the U.S military and wanted to shape things directly in America. When his clerkship was over, Cotton went into private practice, working briefly as an associate at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, purportedly to help pay off his student loans. [60][61] With less than two months to the next presidential election, Cotton supported an immediate Senate vote on President Trump's nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy caused by the death of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He has also been endorsed by the NRA, voted to repeal the ACA, believes people on food stamps are “addicts,” and voted against equal pay legislation and the Violence Against Women Act. The late Scottish actor, who played Ford’s father in 1989’s “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” died on …, The Jeep Gladiator Top Dog concept unveiled for the SEMA virtual auto show was designed to be the …, A 20-year-old Islamic extremist armed with an automatic rifle and a fake explosive vest rampaged through a Vienna …, President Trump lamented the fact that areas across the country are bracing themselves for possible riots and looting …, The date is fixed by law, but the 2021 session would start on a Sunday, which may lead …, President Trump on Tuesday said the United States is the “most difficult country to deal with” as he …, President Trump, in an Election Day interview on “Fox & Friends,” predicted a greater 2020 victory over Joe …, A much-appreciated quiet forecast for most of the U.S. on Election Day means that weather shouldn’t have any …, This is GREAT to see — Delonte West looking happy and physically active at his rehab center!!

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