Chimeras are also fun, and who doesn’t love a gelatinous cube? Fenthaza thinks that having the Black Opal Crown will help her hasten the coming of Dendar the Night Serpent, and she’s under the (correct) impression that the Crown is in the Tomb, and she wants the party to go and bring it back out for her. Meat grinder or not, the Introduction also includes a section on how to handle replacement characters. Your email address will not be published. So, make a note if the PC’s ever align the cogs that way, so that you’ll be ready with the ambush. It might be better if it were an ability that recharged on a 5 or 6 (or even just a 6); that would be much more like dragon breath weapons, which do similar damage with a comparable save DC. This is one of those rooms that you enter but never leave. Maybe you could try it again in a year or two, when maybe people would have forgotten about the last time and wouldn’t suspect you of going soft. I hate to be as cut-and-dried as this, but if Acererak doesn’t manage to kill at least one of the PC’s during this battle, it’s going to seem watered down to your players. There has also not been time yet to run Tomb of Annihilation (as of this writing it is September 14, 2017 and the book doesn’t actually street until September 19) so this review is based on reading through the book and gathering observations of how I assume it would be to run or play it. Better just to press onward, and find the skeleton keys in order on the way down. This isn’t actually a very dangerous room, but I’m including it because it has a feature you need to remember. On a check of 11 or less, the slaad would arrive just as the control gem fractured permanently from incompetent use, leaving the party with a very angry slaad to deal with in addition to whatever enemies they intended it to aid them against. Remember that you’re in Tomb of Annihilation, and that you’ve come a very long way through the adventure, and you should not let enemies just execute the player characters. The flesh golem that turns the trap on can see into the revolving drum through a window, but you can’t see the window from inside the drum because it’s invisible from that direction. Chapter 4, Briefly. If the gears are ever aligned in either of Configurations 1 or 2, then shambling mounds form in area 58 and wait there to attack the party next time they pass through. Assume that the Soulmonger has as many tentacles as it has possible targets, but that it can only take one or two tentacle actions on each of its turns, and only against a creature that has damaged it since its last turn. On a 17 or better, the slaad would arrive and serve them obediently for 10 minutes, after which they would need to take a short or long rest before attempting to summon it again. And to get out of the room, you have to get stuck in the mirror of life trapping. An adventure book like this is basically a reference book, and a reference book should have an index. The Tomb of Horrors got them, because they fell for the old “you’ll fit in there so you should give it a go” trick. Compendium - Sources->Tomb of Annihilation Lurker in the Lake An aboleth named G’lyh’rul (guh-LEE-rool) lives in the lake. Well, it’s not an impossible battle. WITH JOCKEYS. The slippery floor is just adding insult to injury, and I would advise just leaving it out entirely. Which might not be that bad, because…. party of adventurers quests on behalf of a powerful yet dying mage and soon finds themselves embroiled in deadly adventure in the forbidding jungles of Chult and ultimately the deadliest of dungeons, the outcome of which could affect death itself worldwide! Under this system, the players made very sparing use of the control gem, pretty much saving it as a last-ditch effort because of the possible dangers, rather than summoning up the slaad whenever a fight looked tough. The nothics and even the arcanaloth are anticlimactic enemies after the atropal, the Soulmonger, and Acererak. I’ll discuss this room in more detail below, but suffice it to say that this clue is meant to cause the party to think twice before charging into the room and setting things moving. There are 6 rounds, so I recommend describing the room as a hexagon, instead of the half-circle that’s in the hardcover: that means that each wave of devils will come out of a different section of wall, so the players know how many total waves of devils they will need to defeat. At that point, they can drop the marbles in the pool, touch the familiar-looking obelisk, and escape from the tomb. In order to make each button appear, a character has to climb into the corresponding chest and lock himself in, and then suffer whatever fate awaits him when the button is pushed. It forms the set Aboleth with ... Lvl 70 (Tomb of Annihilation) [Teak Tamima] [Teak Suljan] [Wootz Matraqa] [Wootz Bulta] [Teak Alqaws] [Wootz Hirawa] [Wootz Khanjar] [Wootz Jambiya] Lvl 70 (Lost City of Omu) Having a magic ring that can throw up ice walls and create areas of intense cold (which presumably are a problem for yuan-ti, who are snake people, and therefore probably cold-blooded and sluggish at low temperatures) makes the escape exciting but not very susceptible to failure. The last two waves will be difficult even with a fully rested party; a horned devil is CR11, and the erinyes as already mentioned is a CR12. I would like to mention that there’s information on pages 112 and 114 about how audiences with Ras Nsi and Fenthaza should work, and it’s fairly good information that provides a pretty accurate picture of how yuan-ti plan and plot. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on Chapter 4, because it’s essentially bonus content. In Tomb of Annihilation, it had been co-opted by Acererak and Whithers to reset time within the some of the rooms within the tomb. This is a tricky one, but not necessarily fatal. An entire appendix (not just a table or two) dedicated to random encounters. So that’s how I described it, and of course any reasonable player would think that crawling into the mouth is what you were supposed to do, because why would the DM tell you that you would fit if you weren’t supposed to try it? My suggested fix is to put the crystal eye in the middle of Tunnel A instead of in Tunnel B, which at least gives the opportunity for a character to grab it and back off without triggering the trap. There’s enough going on here that the players don’t need to be breaking their backs over entering and conquering each individual room. If that character isn’t a bard, I recommend a +2 version of whatever weapon they are currently using; it goes great with Shagambi’s extra attack. Check this amazing madness OUT: Oh man, I’m sweatin’. If the above two quotes don’t make the point, Tomb of Annihilation looks very dangerous. The obvious tactic for the Soulmonger is for it to grapple its enemies and then drop them in the lava; to make this not such an instant-kill, I recommend letting the Soulmonger grapple a victim on one turn, but not allowing it to throw the victim into the lava until its next turn, providing a chance for the victim to break free of the grapple. ), 1 killer dungeon designed to attract foolish adventurers to their dooms like flies to honey, 1 extremely ill-tempered archlich who designed a killer dungeon to attract foolish adventurers to their dooms like flies to honey, An excuse to jump up and scream “You’re in the jungle baby, you gonna dieee” in your best Axl Rose impression at any given moment. I’m not the only 5E fan wondering when this will change. Learn how your comment data is processed. The book also doesn’t tell you how many tentacles the Soulmonger has available, which is also confusing to manage. The easy way to do this is just to make yourself five copies of the map in black and white, and mark the opened and blocked exits on them in the color of your choice; the top-down view of the gears always looks the same in any configuration, and all of the exits are located at vertices of the pentagons for each gear. Figuring out the right configuration for the cubes shouldn’t be impossible, provided that you’ve told them the legend and that they were listening at least enough to get the idea that some of the Trickster Gods are enemies of each other. The aboleth had two personalities. And so it goes, right down to the very end, where if you finally dodge all of the traps and fight the lich skull and make it out alive, it’s possible a demon shows up at the last minute as you’re exiting the tomb to kill you if you looted certain items. In my reviews of D&D adventures I attempt to strike a balance between getting information out quickly and giving a good idea of the tone and quality of the adventure without giving out too many spoilers. If you and your players are open to something different (adventurous in their tastes, one might say) and can handle a higher than average degree of pressure and lethality, pick it up. It is possible to escape from this room, so that you can wander the tomb all alone until you meet an unpleasant end. You might also consider giving them some warning before sending the juggernaut after them if they do the whole gem-crushing exercise, or at least leave off the knockout gas. You read that right. Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, Forgotten Realms, Wizards of the Coast, Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation and their respective logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast in the U.S.A. and other countries, and are used with permission. But, you can’t get into area 60 unless someone stays back in the control room to pull the levers to let the rest of the party move around. So much for solving puzzles and riddles resulting in an actual reward instead of betrayal. There aren’t many areas on this level, but some of the ones that are here are notable, and not in a good way. Replace them with a riddle, or a monster, or a door with a trap. Others will actively dislike it. If you want to know what I think you should actually do, the first thing is to just remove all four cells from the tomb entirely. -Also from the Foreword. Even so, it’s not hard to figure out how to use it in the battle. Another quibble: Tomb of Annihilation has no index (neither do the other 5E adventures). You can watch the video review or read the blog version below.

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