Sorry for xStep, i just ran out of hard levels. Yes, but Ice carbon has been verified by riot and guitar and souls too I believe. 80%-100%: Just focus and the rest is easy. So, you literally calling Clutterfunk an FLAMING INSANE (geometry dash slang for almost demon)? Verified by Sunix. The intense mini wave sections cause you to rage absolutely, and this is also the level that made me break my phone. Population 9001. Forum News. Clutterfunk (I physically hate the coins) 5. It was verified by Sunix. Extremely buggy, Extremely hard. ToE 2 (2k attempts, 1st coin is 9999x harder, than 2nd. It's all about timing and perfection which is what makes it so tough. Power Trip (SubZero) [Harder] {8 Stars}. 6. Did I mention it's hard? OH MY GOD YESSSS YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS. This is a level that I would say is harder than Tartarus, I find demons with massive variety in difficulty are normally harder than people believe. I'm gonna have to stick withe ice carbon Diablo X. The King of the official levels. Rated as the hardest by the community, can confirm it's hard, Don't think this is rate-worthy. Go try bloodlust. Full and original gameplay, hardest timing demon in the game. If (When) Riot verifies this it will be the hardest demon in the game! Being the level of the most recent update, Fingerdash features the newest gameplay of the game (That sounds weird :/). This part's kind of easy but you can get nervous. It took me around 7k-8k attempts to get to 28% on colorful overnight while it took me only 4k attempts to 28% on colorful overnight. Anyway what did I do? I don't think electrodynamix is a demon tbh it's really easy. ... Jul 30, 2020 Top 10 Craziest Real-Life Treasures Ever Discovered. Shaded. ), 67%-82%: Like being hypnotized by a person that's saying: "You will feel the intensity. I mean, who didnt die at 80%? Geometry Dash Top 100 Hardest Demons TOP 100 HARDEST DEMONS-UNOFFICIAL ... and also because I'm a slight overachiever, I didn't settle for Top 5, Top 10, Top 20, Top 30, or even Top 40., 10. It should be number one because yatagarasu got nerfed to be easier, this is a harder and extended version of bloodbath, and its obviously harder than sonic wave. The hardest wave parts in any rated level ing game. Clubstep (Took me 783 attempts, but really easy demon) Interviews. #wave parts are hell. Harder than this list combined, no bugs, just game glitches in the GAME, not LEVEL. i think X by: TriaXis is honorable mention, Please update the list.Add Conical Depression and any other new hard demons, "A Bizarre Phantasm" by TeamN2 should be in the #3 spot"Conical Depression" by Krazyman50 should be in the top 10"Betrayal of Fate" by Weoweoteo should be in the top 10Thank you for considering my input :), update this, sakupen hell and athanatos are harder than BB. 3. Electrodynamix (Really, Clubstep should be insane, THIS should be demon) Intermediate, as defined by the Webster's online dictionary, is " relating to or having the knowledge or skill of someone who is more advanced than a beginner but not yet an expert" check your definitions before posting lol, because there is not an Intermediate player in the world that could beat Bloodbath, This is the hardest level in the world. Sonic Wave easily crushes all the other levels in difficulty. This is my opinion only. You. A superbuff of an already hard level. Just over a minute of almost pixel perfect, tight timings with no rests in between. Geometry Dash News. Because who I know who only beat was TrusTa; the creator who lost faith in it- and brought it back. With Memorization, UFO and the hardest coin in the game, ToE is a really good challenge for newcomers. So, I'm just judging it based on how it LOOKS in its difficulty (YouTube walkthroughs). 3743. 1. I have 28% on windy landscape at 4563 attempts and 76% on colorful overnight at 15839 attempts. 16%-36%: Easier than it looks, but still requires some practice. ~ The comment section might contain spoilers, so be aware before you scroll down to the comments.I understand that my other top 10 video is inaccurate now, so I am making a revamped, accurate hardest demons list with the information about the levels. This demon is pure hell, having memorization, straight flying, upside down 3x speed wave etc. Was literally impossible because of a few parts. 86%-100%: I feel bad for you if you screw up here. #1 - Tartarus - Geometry Dash Demonlist: By Riot and more. I think not. 80%-82%: Kim-Jong Un made this part. 92%-100%: Died at 96% because of the portal :(, 4. However, nervousness might prevent you from success. Also on the Legacy List, probably would've been #1 today still if it had survived building. Like, the UFO parts are the only parts that are hard for noobs. Theory of Everything 2 [Demon] {14 Stars}, 1. 12 stars is still to much >~<. Everyone has their own opinions, and they should be respected. The first coin is really bad, while the other ones are fairly easy. It was originally intended to rival bloodbath, and it has completed that goal by a long shot. The end is extremely annoying! Like, what the heck? Is so hard, but yes it is possible to beat. Note:I wrote this prior to actually getting good. Very hard, took me forever to get past just 1%, and I couldn't even pass 5% on practice mode. The hardest extreme demon by a long shot. Deadlocked (Not hard, but the wave and memory ship. I have beaten Clutterfunk literally like ten times already, all the parts that people SAY that are hard aren't hard to me. 11%-16%: IDK why everyone says the second coin is hard. The section itself's ok, though. Well everybody knows that noobass uses the speed hack so it's no surprise he uploaded it. Like wow, I only got like 2 percent on it like who on earth would get that?I have to say this level is much harder than bloodlust and bloodbath and yatagarasu. This level was EASY 982 attempts for it. NERVOUS.". 0%-14%: Thank God these levels at least START OUT easy. I'm not that good at the game but the demon list says it's the hardest and I trust the large group of great players that create that list. Gaming Quiz / Geometry Dash Top 100 Hardest Levels Random Gaming Quiz Can you name the Geometry Dash Top 100 Hardest Levels? ToE (coins are tough) 8. GBoy were you trying to make the world go nuts or something?! Clubstep (This is the level that caused the most suffering for me.). Responding to the person before me, Clutterfunk, although hard, is not worth being a demon. Niflheim6. And if this is gonna be your first Nine Circles demon then I recommended you to play Ultra Paracosm or Problematic Before even thinking about trying this level. Records are accepted above a given threshold and award a large amount of points! Top 10 Geometry Dash Levels. News. Back on Track (Not just hard, but impossible.). And people who said we’re idiots not to pick Bloodbath, Bloodlust is just harder. 0%-28%: I always thought this part of the song was sad. More "masters of the game" please. No doubt about it. Geometry Dash Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It is currently #1 on the Geometry Dash official top demon list, while Bloodbath is battling to keep its spot in the top 20. It took me like 500 attempts to get just 1% no joke. [Official] Top 10 hardest Nine Circles in Geometry Dash! Geometry Dash Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. And the beginning is pure cancer. 60%-67%: I try to skip the transition (yes, it's possible) because it has a chance of messing with me. Member since Dec 2016 . Also xander556, who verified it, said it's easily harder than bloodlust, and bloodlust was officially number 1 before zodiac was released. Erebus4. Clubstep, the first official demon, has many annoying parts that will drive you crazy. I can tell you people out there who want to attempt this level, practice first. Most of the parts are really good balanced in difficulty, being not too hard or too easy. Geometrical Dominator [Harder] {10 Stars}, 15. Join Now Create Post . ToE 2 is the continuation of ToE, and the difficulty increased by a LOT. Hexagon Force (I died so many times, but now, I 3-coined it) Search for your favorite topics and vote on Top 10 lists! At least it has easy coins ^^, The first of the only official level series, ToE has something in store for you. Every single part of it requires immense skill and timing, but it's actually doable, unlike some like woodkid, just that the difficulty is one that surpasses much.I'm just saying. The largest English Geometry Dash Amino! The ending is very difficult. 2.1 News. Because Zodiac. 8. Hello guys, Shaded here. This level is a harder version of sonic wave and it is up here?!? This is the craziest level I've seen soon to beat bloodbath, This is one of the hardest level to me and I want to see Michigun try this level. A superbuff of Sakupen Hell. The wave is nearly impossible. 2. JUST KIDDING Cycles (I think we all know why this is on the list). But this goes way beyond anything I have ever seen. 4-spike jumps, infinitesimal ship gaps, and mini-waves that are certifiably the hardest section in the entire game of Geometry Dash. Ok, so this level technically isn't verified yet, but it is harder than Bloodbath, The Hell Factory, Sonic Wave, Sakupen Hell (which is hacked), and all the other contenders. Less-than-one-block-space flying, quadruple spikes, extreme mini-wave, lightning-fast gameplay, confusing decorations and extreme memorisation makes this the hardest (will be) level in the game. 26%-34%: This is way easier after an extensive period of time. I agree that Sonic Wave is harder, because the wave is the absolutely tightest wave EVER! 96%-100%: DO NOT TAP HERE UNLESS YOU ARE POSITIVE YOU CAN GO BACK THROUGH THE LEVEL AGAIN. like actually insane. 7. Easily harder than bloodlust. I can't see anything! And conical depression is below it!?! Good graphics, the dual parts get me every time! Please don't get overly heated, since I'm sensing an incline in frustration. A small simple part that could've been easier spread out is an absolute pain in the hand. 13%-26%: When I was playing through Neptune's v2, this part got me a lot. I just know it. 162. RULES1. Cataclysm8. Many say it's easier than Hexagon Force, but I dont think so. Top 10 hardest Geometry dash levels. Artificial Ascent2. It took me 27491 attempts to get to 50% and I just beat it in 87526 attempts windy landscapes is not even a insane demon and extreme demons are below this hunk of stuff. Fingerdash 7. I forgot to note this in my last comment, but I have played both levels ever since they first started. ), Fingerdash (First introduction to the dash orbs was not fun at all. It's been months and no one is working on a rate-worthy version of this level. Hell wave sections. 71%-100%: Kind of tricky, but not that bad. Blinding gameplay and intense timings. These demons are the hardest rated levels in the game. Okay so this level has a lot of hard dual parts and the mini double gravity orbs are really hard! The main section of the Demonlist. This level is 3 minutes long, longer than even Bloodlust, technically not released yet. 43-51%: I screw up at this part about as often as I find four-leaf clovers. Cornexium 86,697 views. (Bloodbath, Sonic Wave,The Hell Factory etc) I have no idea why this is number 2. Now there can be a harder level but that level would be impossible in order to be harder. With crazy wave timings, as well as the headache-inducing nine circles effect, this level can only be beaten by the best of the best. But it shouldn't be on this list and supersonic is not that hard, This is not that hard for intermediate players with decent skill, My favorite extreme demon very hard espessially Guitar's and Crack's parts. I finally decided to go with Top 100 Hardest Demons. … 36%-53%: Not much to say apart from the INSANE DUBSTEP.

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