You’re going to need plenty of mana starting from the very beginning, so you should almost always put at least 1 or 2 points into Focus each level until you reach 80 points. Two or three of those skulls makes a big difference.

Thnaks a bunch, I was building a really messy Outlander with some skills I hadn't used for a while, and then I was always swithching from Cannons to Pistols; it was bad. I bind Shadow Mantle to my number 1 key because I dont use that skill as often. This build doesn’t take full advantage of a minion build, but using your pet to summon all these minions lets you concentrate on the action. Marksmanship and Dual Wielding both significantly increase damage, and Marksmanship also makes it easier for you to get higher level pistols.

Not only is it an awesome escape skill, it works perfectly when paired with Rapid Fire.

These builds are on level 100, with 145 points distributed in the skills and 495 in the stats. 8 - HINTS.

Put massive points on this stat to deal huge amount of weapon and critical hit damage.

Does +poison damage increase my spells damage? Basically, this build is about blasting, stunning, and blinding enemies using shotgonne while summoning shadowlings.

Is a Resource Speaker, AI Thinker, Linux System Administrator, Computer Programmer, and Appreneur. 10 - ENCHANTING.
The biggest drawback of the Badlands set is its low armor value that cant support you up to the end game.

It heals, increases armor, and reflects damage for you and allies. Torchlight 2 Berserker Dual Claws Build Guide, Torchlight 2 Outlander Shotgonne Build Guide, League of Legends Free RP through Bing Rewards Guide, Magic: The Gathering Arena Promo Codes List, Valorant Map Defense Default Positions Guide. Poison Burst will already be strong enough in the end game thanks to the Master of the Elements skill, and you really don’t need more than that. The main reason why nothing has been left in the Stats slot is because this build is extremely flexible, and you’ll see why.

However, with 15 points it also has a good chance to blind ranged attackers, meaning that they will stop attacking you and not always kill themselves with damage reflection. You can survive well enough without it. Note that the Stats of the builds are not hard-and-fast, and are meant only to give you an idea of the point distribution.

Your two main summons are Bane Breath and Shadowling Brute. These builds are on level 100, with 145 points distributed in the skills and 495 in the stats. VITALITY This is not a glass cannon build.

This is a somewhat short range skill compared to other ranged builds, so be prepared to do some fancy footwork and kiting – or leaping ;D. RUNE VAULT This is more of a mid game skill, but since this is such a great escape skill you should put one point into it in the early game. You’re going to need some vitality if planning to play elite difficulty. The extra Vitality helps to boost armor value and elemental resistances. This build focuses on combining Poison damage with flat damage, critical damage, and also the utilization of the summing skills such as Shadowling Brute and Shadowling Ammo. It also builds charges, and allows you to use all weapon abilites (like armor strip) and life/mana steal.

If you pay attention you can often use the Archers as a barrier to prevent melee mobs from closing on you too easily.
However, when used in combo with Rune Vault the kiting becomes fun and exciting to watch. Stone Pact is your main defensive ability, and if you can think of somehow adding 5 extra points to maximize it, it could do much more wonders than it already will. Each piece and the set have great damage bonuses including bonuses to poison. Whats not to like? So perhaps until then you could substitute Willpower with Adventuring if you would like to level up a bit faster. For armor I prefer the Badlands set because of all the critical damage bonuses. It does not rely on glaives or Venomous Hail to do its dirty work. At 15 points this skill adds an extra 60% poison damage to your Poison Burst attacks and all other poison damage. SHADOW MANTLE This quirky skill is more of an end game skill. Though the point distribution of this build may be relatively even, it is primarily a warfare focused one. He is a competitive FPS player and also enjoys exotic RPG games like Diablo and Xenogears (his favorite game of all time) ... Watch Dogs: Legion Review – Taking DedSec in The Right Direction Innit, Torchlight 3 Review – Acceptable But Forgettable, Serious Sam 4 Review – If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It, The Invincible Targets 4K With “Smooth” Frame Rates, Uses DualSense Tech For “Complex Interactions”, Haven Dev Discusses Combat, Enemies, & Dragon Ball Z Inspirations, Dirt 5 Designer Talks “Exciting” Post-Launch Plans; New Playgrounds Items In The Works, PS5 Requires “Heavy Investment” From Casual Gamers, Says Xbox Boss, BloodRayne 1 & 2 Enhanced Versions Dated For PC, Resident Evil: Village Does “Dynamic 4K” On PS5 But With Ray Tracing, Starfield To Have Modding Support, Larger Cities, No Multiplayer, Stone Pact (15/15) (Optional if you can replace with any other). When you get to Act II if you are lucky you will find the pieces for the Outlaw set. It keeps enemies at distance with Rune Vault, Bramble Wall, and Repulsion Hex.

Well done sir.

This build is tons of fun, and it has several good defensive and offensive skills. While leveling I prefer the skulls that increase Vitality, because it also helps increase your armor and resistances. 9 - BEST SOCKETS. To make you less squishy you will need either skulls that increase your health, or skulls that increase your vitality. Torchlight 2 Outlander Builds To aid in that benevolent cause, we have devised 4 builds for the class. Level 100 = 495 points but you have a total of 535,oops! Also, the Bramble Wall is a viable defensive ability that comes in extremely handy against tougher enemies. This gives a huge 57% increase in damage, which can really add up with the large amount of critical hit chance that you obtain from the 374 invested points in Dexterity. 7 - PET SPELLS. STONE PACT This is a mid game skill. You can rapidly send out a 360 degree spread of shots if you are getting swarmed and have nowhere to run.

At the mid and end game you won’t even need the extra distance bonus, but it’s an ok perk for the early game. There’s not a huge % difference between 12 and 15 points in this skill.

That way I can line up my left hand on the SHIFT, Z, X, and C keys.

This is a very fun build to play but it can be tricky because Rapid Fire requires mid ranged kiting rather than long ranged kiting. more. This Outlander kills at range while keeping enemies at bay.

Additionally, there is a decent amount of poison damage associated with this build as well, which is once again further enhanced by the Master of Elementals passive and the Poison Burst passive. Additionally, the other Glaive abilities – Glaive Throw and Flaming Glaive, should provide you with some decent area-based damage.

Arc Sosangyo (author) on February 21, 2018: @Avsha - I designed this build to rely on basic attacks. Arc Sosangyo. With 2 or 3 mana regen gems, it’s unlikely you will need to use mana potions very often unless you suffer from a mana drain attack. You can also sometimes buy these from the Vendor Boon Scroll, but they are incredibly expensive. That means that you get a chance to distribute 100 skill points, but 495 stat points. Yes, but is inferior to focus in more ways than one.

If you want to take the best from your poison damage, consider investing majorly in Focus and Dexterity. For my pistols I prefer getting 3 poison enchantments. Bows and Crossbows in Torchlight 2 usually have longer range than other ranged weapons. Until you buy your end game armor set you will get more and more squishy as you level up. If you manage to get 7 pieces for the magic-find and exp bonus then thats nice, but don’t go crazy trying to find that final piece. If you are looking for a stable crit-based player with a bit of tankiness, consider Dexterity and Vitality. There are so many awesome Pistols to choose from that work well with this build. However the best bonus is when you have 6 pieces for the 8% movement speed bonus.

I'm new to action RPGs and I'm gonna try this build soon, just wanted to ask why didn't you take rapid fire? I use the SHIFT key as my movement stopper keybinding. 55 so I still have a ways to go. Torchlight 2 Outlander Pistoleer Guide by TheMasterBlaster. Certain pistol affixes won’t work with Rapid Fire, but some do. At some levels you may even want to put all 5 points into Vitality until you reach 75.

Torchlight 2 Outlander Shotgonne Build Guide by Krummer. You might be thinking about why focus is so important, it is because they are inferior to focus in many ways. Outlanders are agile ranged weapon users who are experts in magical and martial arts.1 1 Lore 2 Skills 3 Build Considerations 4 Gallery 5 References Outlanders are nomadic explorers who search the world for treasure and hidden magic.

I like to alternate points between these skills and level them up at a similar pace. This is my first full play through on Torchlight 2 believe it or not, I was always a Diablo/POE/Grim Dawn guy. 12 points provides a 26% Dodge bonus, which is plenty enough to help you from getting hit very often. This build is tons of fun, and it has several good defensive and offensive skills. It also increases the odds of surviving more than just one hit by hero mobs and bosses in the endgame. Strength is what determines the amount of extra crit damage, and most of the stat points should go into Strength and Focus in the early game.

what weapons an armor should i have at the end. You want to have most of your Dex points by the end of the third act (early/mid 50’s level) so you can use the highest level pistols possible for the final boss. Most of the information in this guide is still viable with the core game, but certain details are likely to be different.

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