After resolving their misunderstanding, the party (now accompanied by the rhinoceroses) sets out to cure Serval's sudden illness and get to the bottom of its cause. Towa reluctantly helped the Future Warrior defeat Mira.

Shortly thereafter they learn that the Hokkai Region contains special hot springs with "various effects", and with that in mind the party embarks on a brief detour from their usual Cerval-chasing routine to find a hot spring capable of restoring Silver Fox's memory. She and Mira are first encountered by the Future Warrior on Namek after the Warrior successfully helped defeat Captain Ginyu and the Ginyu Force and recovered the Namekian Dragon Balls. It's not always so easy to tell a bird's gender, as not all species lend themselves to easy gender determination.

She appears young despite her real age, 98 years old.[1][2]. However, Towa is not above fighting against Mira, as when she discovers that he has overcome the limiters she set on him, she attempts to help the second Future Warrior stop him, though she does so in order to remove his core so she can fix him. An egg laid by the Divine bird Tokitoki which Towa decided to steal after her attempts to replicate it failed. [12] Towa and Emiko serve a snack while Dark retrieves the painting from the Harada household, but the artwork’s behaviour suddenly turns strange as she mysteriously says she can feel that Dark, Riku and Risa entered the Second Hand of Time’s world.[13]. She wears a long-sleeved violet dress which reaches down to her knees with ear piercings, a choker and boots in the same color. It is at this point that the connection between Towa's story of taking care of a fox and Serval's earlier emotional reaction to it becomes clear.

After Mira and the Masked Saiyan interfered in Super Saiyan God Goku's battle against Beerus, and Towa interfere in Age 779 during Frieza's revenge, by reviving Cooler with the Dragon Ball's second wish (which had originally been taken by the Pilaf Gang) in order to have Metal Cooler aid Golden Frieza in his revenge. After Serval helps Northern Goshawk to regain the self-confidence that was stolen from her and Silver Fox enables her to reunite with her proper racing team, the various teams work together to defeat Birdien, although Cerval escapes to the next region in the process. She insists on being called "Towa-chan" and refuses honorifics. Towa has Mira fight them while she goes and takes away Gohan's energy in order to have Cell defeat him, she then retreats with Mira. The idea is to her liking, and she brings fresh Japari Buns with her before finding the protagonist by themselves in a familiar setting. While Fin intervenes and battles Xeno Trunks himself, Towa shows her concern at witnessing Mechikabura's new Time Power Unleashed form. Their name means "eternity", and was chosen partially due to its nature as a unisex name, as their gender was intentionally ambiguous to allow them to reflect the player. Eclectus parrot males will have their beak turn from orange to a light yellow as they begin to get old. Flustered, she changes into her bird form again. From Japari Library, the Kemono Friends Wiki, the relevant section on the game's main article,, About Japari Library, the Kemono Friends Wiki. Additionally, Silver Fox had been following the party for much of the chapter, but laments by the time it's over that she wasn't actually able to do anything to protect Towa, resolving to try harder "next time".

She also states that the Warrior is nothing to them at this point and she can't extract enough energy from them at this point anyway, indicating that she senses some latent potential in the Warrior.
With that in mind, she prepares a homemade cure for the Gaogao Disease to help Serval and Toki, appearing before the party in a (totally ineffective) disguise to maintain her shadowy presence as Towa's protector. Although it is a phenomenon that even the professor and her assistant, in all their wisdom, cannot understand, Toki is delighted by this concept and asks Towa if she can accompany them on their journey. Lightning's tweet on the Big Bang Mission guidebook interview,

Age. The heroes commit themselves to helping her nevertheless. She wears gold earrings that resemble Potara's. It costs 50 Red & 50 Purple Energy to perform EX-Fusion, though subsequent EX-Fusions can be performed for free of the first time. Towa is the first and only female villain to kill a version of Goku in any media. She chose Mira as her partner due to considering him as the true savior. That night, Mirai and Towa stay up after the Friends have gone to sleep and have a one-on-one conversation, where Mirai tells the protagonist all about her friendship with Park Staff researcher Kako, whose influence on her she attributes to her decision to become a Park Guide in the first place. share. Towane is the EX-Fusion of Towa and Gine introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions. While maintaining the barrier to Mechikabura's Palace, Chamel travels through the white Hell Gate in order to confront her and Fin.

Towa's appearance, including their age and gender, is largely unknown. After her warriors have been defeated, Towa's brother Dabura (as Xeno Dabura) appears in order to aid her, going on to fight Super Saiyan 3 Future Trunks.

With still Broly still under her control, and she forces them into performing EX-Fusion resulting in the creation of Karoly against Tekka's Team. Humorously and understandably, Towa is outraged by recieving a seemingly perverted gift (a bikini swimsuit) from an enemy and attacks Goku who flees from the angry Towa rather than fighting her telling the Future Warrior the enraged Towa was really scary and he barely escaped her fury when recounting what happened. She is the main antagonist in Dragon Ball Online and secondary antagonist in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series. Taking the scent and her nature as Towa's mysterious protector into account, the party concludes that she must have something to do with them, but when she comes to her senses it appears she's lost all memory of who she is.

Subscribe now. Towa does not have much to say on the subject, as it's largely Serval who needs to process the stressful decision-making for this, however the party ends up deciding to support whatever choice she makes either way despite initial doubts that Cerval could possibly be saved from her fate.

Shortly after entering the castle, Towa's party happens upon both Cerval and Oinari-sama, the latter of which greets them warmly "at last", albeit lamenting the circumstances under which they are meeting. In a key flashback sequence, they are even shown caring for an injured fox purely out of the kindness of their own heart, despite this being discouraged by other (nameless) humans around them and needing to do so in secret. She quotes Towa's reply (presumably in their own words), saying, "I feel like I'm about to remember someone important, but it makes me a bit sad". When the Time Patrol and the Dragon Ball Heroes team fight against Towa and Super Mira in the Demon Realm, Dabura comes to assist the two demons when it appears they are having trouble - declaring himself the King of the Dark Demon Realm - with Towa surprised at the appearance of her brother. There, they meet up with the Shisas once again, who were lying in wait to act as decoys to the benefit of the heroes during their operation. She was also able to find and reactivate Future Android 16, whom she managed to turn into her obedient servant, indicating that her scientific genius is even greater than Dr. Gero's (though it should be noted that Dr. Gero's feelings towards his late son whom 16 was modelled after may have prevented him from utilizing 16 in the same manner). To add further insult, Adult Goku reveals to Towa he allowed her to control him so he could try EX-Fusion with Broly which would normally be impossible given Broly's pathological hatred of Goku. However she is shown to be scared of Xeno Frieza (merged with Dark Dragon Ball). Culture

Dark Broly. With Cerval awaiting her supposed destiny, the villain at last chooses to shatter the barrier to the goddess Friend's dismay, enabling Cerval's free passage. Future Trunks, Elder Kai, Tokitoki and the Future Warrior are horrified to see Towa inside the Time Vault holding Tokitoki's Egg and it is revealed that Towa's main reason for infiltrating the Time Nest was to get her hands on the egg. Towa and their party venture into the deserts of Sankai for this chapter, which is suffering from a worrying scarcity of water for unknown reasons. Details: This bird continues.

Although she doesn't know what such a specific feeling could mean, she takes note of the amulet's scent, claiming that it's familiar to her for whatever reason and theorizing that maybe, someone she met before in Japari Park gave it to Towa and that someday they might be able to meet them.

After joining the Niwa family, she dresses as a maid. However, despite lacking the power of Tokitoki's Eggs, these Distorted Time Eggs are powerful enough to create large yet stable rifts in time and after the Unknown History Saga, Chronoa reveals that all 5 Eggs were capable of producing a natural time distortion that causes Future Trunks go through with his desire to save Future Gohan from dying in Age 780, resulting in Future 17 and 18 being destroyed in Age 780 by Future Trunks and Future Gohan, however, this possibly resulted in Chronoa fixing the altered timeline, or another Future Trunks (the normal and stable one without having the effects of the Time Eggs) being created as a result of those time distortions, resulting in that Future Trunks remaining in the Time Nest and continuing his work for the Time Patrol while the other one lives in peace in the greatly altered future timeline with his mentor, Future Gohan. Following these revelations, the Art Festival-themed chapter continues, and Towa's party engages powerful, advanced "black Celliens" in battle all the while, even reclaiming Ikkaku's spear after it was temporarily stolen by them.

She is also the sister of the demon king Dabura. After defeating Great Ape Ultra Pinich, Tekka's Team can take on Sub-Event: "A Deadly Saiyan", in Area 4 of the Timespace Rift, were they meets Adult Goku again, who asks the team about their training. Soon they are confronted by Towa's present self, who Future Trunks attacks, only for the Masked Saiyan to appear and block his punch.

It’s a hard time to be a musician. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The egg contains time for an entirely new universe and as a result contains a massive amount of Kili, enough that Towa believes it can break the seal on Demon Realm.

As the race begins, Northern Goshawk expresses her surprise and interest that Towa has entered the competition after all, saying she's heard rumors about them.
As part of that process, they meet the "forest sages" Professor Konoha and Assistant Mimi, who agree to guide the party to a special tree (the Copaiba, the sap of which can apparently fix Toki's problem) on the condition that they may observe Towa's amulet, an item which they've taken great interest in, to the point of getting uncomfortably close to the protagonist in their "observations" (to Serval's protest). Playing covers of Tame Impala, the Arctic Monkeys and more, Towa Bird has become the new star of TikTok.

Towa reveals her infiltration by attacking Chronoa from behind. Her knowledge of time and history is also impressive to the point it is even recognized by her enemies.

She questions if maybe it reminded of her of something in the back of her mind, but digresses there, believing she'll "remember soon enough". Her power is even further increased after obtaining the power of a Demon God from Mechikabura. Although the finer aspects of their character are difficult to define in the absence of proper spoken lines, other characters describe Towa as being a kind and warm person whose presence elicits a sense of comfort.

She is capable of wielding it gracefully and effortlessly.

Further details about Towa's background are not disclosed, including their age and gender, but they are a human who appears to be suffering from some degree of memory loss, not even understanding what Japari Park is to begin with.

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