If vehicle does not have a true 2 inch lift already fitted the airbags will be too short and not salvagable.
The Stage 1 Braked Towing Compliance Upgrade for the Toyota Prado 150 series is a more cost effective solution, however it does come with limitations.

Fair enough most people upgrade their towing capacity on the 150 series for insurance purposes to ensure all if above board. Although we are using a Queensland modification plate when we submit the paperwork to main roads we are stating that the upgrade has been carried out as per Second Stage Manufacturer (SSM) Federal approval number ####. 2 x Lovells Heavy Duty Front Coil Springs, 4 x Lovells Gas Legend 40mm Twin tube, Long Travel Gas Shock Absorbers, 1 x Federal Compliance plate with revised GVM (Pre-Registration Vehicles), 1 x State Compliance GVM Upgrade Modification Plate (Registered Vehicles), 1 x Tyre Loading Placard (Decal) with revised axle capacities. If you have Fleet, Mine Spec & Commercial Vehicle Fitout. Android Auto was designed with safety in mind. Essentially a QLD Transport modification plate stating the de-rate from 3100kg to 2500kg is all that is required. Stage 1 kit maximum towing capacity is 3100kg with a ball weight of 250kg - manufactuers be sure to certify this as your build weights, Stage 2 kit maximum towing capacity is 3100kg with a ball weight of 350kg - manufactuers be sure to certify this as your build weights, $1,000.00 deposit, if financed through vehicle package then a purchase order number from applicable Toyota dealership. Certification costs do change from state-to-state, in Queensland pre-registration upgrades save you a total of $770.00.
Change of particulars form to be lodged with state transport authority (provided by BAM Garage). If you want to purchase Body Kits in Pakistan, then you should not waste your precious time looking for fake car accessory vendors, instead you should only opt for Shaharyar Traders that is considered as a well establish and well-reputed Car Accessories Store in Pakistan. There is a specific GVM Upgrade Kit Order Form (Federal Compliance Order Form and State Compliance Order Form) for each vehicle variant that must be filled out by the specified Lovells Authorised Fitter or End User per vehicle to be modified. The solution for owners/managers of Toyota Prado 150 Series Wagon vehicles, who have a need to carry loads to a GVM of 3500kg (up from 3000kg standard GVM), while at the same time meeting the practical and documentary compliance requirements of Work Safety, Police Licensing, Insurance, Lessor’s and Fleet Managers. Ofcourse the theory around doing this would be if you were concerned if it would affect the sales market - personal choice. We work closely with fleet managers to customise and tailor solutions which can improve safety and efficiency of staff and appropriate vehicle users. Because the Kit is approved on the basis of Lovells Springs being a Second Stage Manufacturer, and the responsibility ultimately lying with Lovells, only Lovells Springs Authorised Fitters (Production Facilities) are approved to fit this Kit. Lovells Toyota Hilux 4×4 GVM Upgrade kits have also been tested and approved for Full Volume Second Stage Manufacture to comply with ADR35/05 ESC (Electronic Stability Control) Sine with Dwell verification. From here you can still drive anywhere in Australia providing the now NSW registration plate remains on the vehicle. This generally speaking is possible.

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