This is not what I signed up for buying a Tacoma. I going to check out the lemon law, I have a 2011 tacoma there is a problem with my clock spring its not covered under recall. Tl-the contact owns a 2004 Toyota Tundra. | NOTE: Small holes will need to be cut in the bedliner for vehicles equipped with over-the-bedrail bedliner to secure the clamps for proper cover installation; cover will work with under-the-bedrail bedliner without modification. 2009 2011, TOYOTA TUNDRA Should you require additional assistance, please refer to the Contact Us section at the bottom of this page. Cover is dual-coated and made out of heavy duty 24oz. Drove for two weeks and it still leaks or seeps on one spot. Most likely related to frame warp or instability. Secondary Air Injection System Failure: Many Tundra owners experience secondary air injection system failure after a few years of vehicle age. Opening mechanism to tailgate is rusted and is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to open/close. SUV tents are one of the best inventions when it comes to camping and many people are loving them. He asked me which side the truck kicked. We cannot validate those claims, but many owners are reporting similar stories. Instead, the Tundra uses something known as “Automatic Limited Slip Differential”. I have to sink $2300 into the dealership to repair. TOYOTA TUNDRA That means that if one wheel has a bad grip on the terrain, your other wheels should be able to compensate. Toyota, along with airbag manufacturer Takata, issued a recall to fix this issue. See our, Recall: 2011 Toyota Tundra trucks—rear drive shaft problem, Deciding When It's Time to Upgrade Your Child's Car Seat, Toyota Announces Voluntary Recall on Certain Tundra Trucks to Inspect the Rear Drive Shaft. I have 50K miles on this truck and the noise now competes with my radio. I have a 2016 Tacoma, soon to be, I had a 2016 Tacoma. Dealer took possession of the vehicle in April. As a result, excessive moisture builds up and leads to early propellant degradation. Rear differential has several pin holes causing fluid to leak. This was done and I was refereed to Toyota regional office in FL. Yes, the Tundra uses an Auto LSD system to provide traction regardless of the environment the truck is in. Rusted rear differential. *truck has had issues with getting in and out of 4wd. Tacoma owners are reporting that dealers are keeping their trucks for extended times while trying to cover a recall. One owner tweeted recently, "When is the Tacoma differential recall part coming in? Toyota claims current problem not covered but admits defective material and offers to provide replacement parts only, requiring estimated $770 to complete the repair. I have a 2018 tacoma with 13000km and was told that diffeerential will have to be replaced. Tell us more. I cannot understand how this vehicle is not on any recall list, I guess no one has been killed yet. The contact stated that he noticed a stain in his driveway and took the vehicle to a personal mechanic for a diagnosis. They provided a rental car, but no other update or contact until a week ago when the frame arrived. The truck will literally jump sideways. Driver’s Side Power Window Master Switch Failure (2007-2011 Models Only): It’s common for the driver’s side power window master switch in 2007-2011 Tundras to short circuit, overheat, and melt. It is available on all Toyota Tundra models outside of the SR. Same Day Shipping. Front of rear differential is flaking apart. Note: The list of problems below is organized by vehicle generation. The … The reason that a locking differential is great for off-roading is because it is much more common for a wheel to lose grip on the ground or to even be airborne. 【NO-SLIP】No slip,removable,rubber tray liners prevent items from sliding and rattling in tray. Frame is corroding from rust. That works well to keep the Toyota Tundra moving smoothly. We accept returns; however customer will assume the return shipping cost if ordered wrong. If you have completed a Campaign, but are experiencing concerns with your vehicle, please contact your local Toyota, Lexus, or Scion dealer for an inspection. It is not exactly a locking differential system in the traditional sense, however the brake pressure that is applied to the wheel without grip is very similar to the effect that the system aims to provide. Adjustment bolts are seized. What seems like a simple question is actually a lot harder to answer in theory. I’m a guy with a lifelong passion for four wheel drive vehicles. Failure of this system is commonly attributed to water getting into the induction pumps and sometimes the valves. I have called warranty and will be taking it back to dealership for repair second time. Made in the USA. Now nearly complete, they want to charge me $8000 for additional parts not covered by the recall which they claim is necessary to make the vehicle pass inspection and roadworthy yet many of these parts were unaffected prior to the recall. Removable coin case holds coins tightly,which is easy to put in and take out. Toyota issued a recall in 2015, offering to replace the switch circuit board free of charge if the repair is needed. Click on the recall icon to view the details. I still have payments on this vehicle I can't drive. Regardless of how it gets the job done, the Auto LSD system helps you keep your wheels moving regardless of where your truck is at. Both issued repaired as warranty matters. Toyota describes the problem as a … Some dealers have requested checks of the leaking differentials every two weeks. Replaced rusted brake lines and calipers. I have full service records showing responsible ownership of the truck for the last 10 years. The fault lies with a component, the slip yoke, that was improperly cast during the foundry process and may break. Research and other recalls tell me that the metal used was of an inferior quality and will not hold up in the northeast. I have 2015 Tacoma with 225,000 miles. Some indications are that the BBB is not as good as it once was but may be worth a try. The truck was taken to the dealer and the dealer said the lsd (limited slip differential) was functioning. Some rear differentials had improperly tightened (torqued) nuts, which can cause leaks. No Hassle Returns. Most report a Corolla being the first offer, but some owners have asked for an SUV instead and report being given one to drive while they wait. Please help. At no time did Toyota ever inform us of additional costs not covered by the recall. We’re taking a look at the Tundra’s traction so that you can be sure your tires will keep you moving no matter where you are at. This also may refer to the “TRD Pro” trim package that can be seen available in Toyota Tundra models. Cost was over 3,500.

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