LOW AIR WARNING DEVICE: – pump down the brake paddle, your low air warning device must activate before or on 55psi.

Anonymous. CDL pre trip inspection of the Tractor part of the 18 wheeler. DRIVER SIDE VIEW MIRROR:-  is securely attached to the body, no cracks, no damages, providing a clear unobstructed view.

BATTERY:- box is secure, battery connections are secure, no corrosion on them. I physically took the pictures and edited them to my liking. This Site Might Help You. If I owned and operated a tractor, I would want to make sure that it’s safe to transport the tractor on its trailer. Brake looks adjusted as slack adjuster knob is within brake adjustment indicator poles. Exhaust - I am checking the exhaust for leaks, and missing, damaged, or broken parts. Best to follow a systematic sheet, so you do not miss anything. That completes the Cab to Trailer Section, continue to the, (Make the same checks on other mirrors as you pass them.

Best video of trailer inspection is available here…. Clearance - I am checking the space between the rear of the tractor frame and the landing gear to verify that it is large enough so the landing gear will not hit the frame during tight turns.. I am checking that the connections are tight and do not show excessive corrosion.

Secure the vehicle and turn it off leaving the ignition on. Moving anticlockwise, check clearance lights, wall damages and then reflectors.

This Pre-Trip is done on my truck and trailer. Following are the steps to be followed in a pre-trip inspection. total time is taken (4 mins).

Rim has damage, no rust, the air pressure valve is secure and capped. This is my Pre-Trip Inspection, done my way! Check Safety Equipment, Fire Extinguisher, Triangles, First Aid Kit. My friend sent me a picture of the floor debris. No excessive play in the steering wheel rod. After a quick look for the cleanness of the cab, start checking documents. It would be interesting to learn more about the inspection process and what kinds of things are being looked for. Adequate Fluid Levels, No Fluid Leakages, Missing Fuel Tank Caps. Instructions. Frame - I am checking the longitudinal frame and cross members for cracks, broken welds, holes, or other damage. Get your answers by asking now. That is component focused video, we need to look at actual components, not follow a tune. I am checking the Supply line for air leaks, cuts, chafing, splices or worn areas. ). Circle anti-clockwise, start looking from top to bottom. A customized tractor-trailer pre-trip inspection cheat sheet or pdf is available here.

What’s more dangerous? I am checking to see that the straps are not loose and the fuel line does not leak. I am checking the windshield wipers for missing, damaged, or broken parts; that the rubber is good and it is flat against the windshield. Professional drivers who face problem in finding a good job, better know the difference between the good driving record and scrambled CVOR. Electrical line (Pigtail)- I am checking that the electrical line is securely connected to tractor and trailer, free of damage, and is properly supported as are the supply and service lines. Check license plate, should be there with a valid sticker. This Pre-Trip is done on my truck and trailer. FUEL TANK:- cap is tight and secure, fuel tank straps are secure, no dents on the fuel tank, and fuel is not dripping to the floor. TRACTOR BODY:-  on driver side has no damages, loose parts. Approach the vehicle from the front, look from top to bottom. WHEELS:- Have adequate air pressure, tire thread is acceptable, wheel wall has not cuts, no damages, no open cords. For more on air brake inspection, read my air brake inspection article at, https://www.truckservicez.com/blog/7-step-air-brake-test/. No need to spend extra time, just focus on the defect you found in the first look. (Some tractors have air tanks under footsteps, check air tanks securely mounted, safety and drain valves are in place).

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