Happy Mother’s Day to the most caring, brilliant, funny, and grounded woman I know—a perfect role model not just for our daughters, but so many others. [44] In 2002, she completed the second of the two consecutive three-year terms allowed by the city charter. Prior to her appearance, she had been parodied several times by Tina Fey, who was noted for her physical resemblance to the candidate. "[71][80] A poll taken in late September 2008, after Palin was named to the national Republican ticket, showed her popularity in Alaska at 68%. Palin's lack of experience in foreign and domestic politics was criticized by conservatives as well as liberals following her nomination. The Ketchikan Borough Assembly turned the proposal down when the administration of Governor Tony Knowles also expressed its disfavor to the idea. [58] The judge dismissed Stambaugh's lawsuit, holding that the police chief served at the discretion of the mayor and could be terminated for nearly any reason, even a political one,[59][60] and ordered Stambaugh to pay Palin's legal fees. By . Your team's Premium Access agreement is expiring soon. By mid-1998 this action was reversed by the city council. [65] Following her defeat, she campaigned throughout the state for the nominated Republican governor-lieutenant governor ticket of Frank Murkowski and Leman. The photos showed both Sarah and Todd sitting together, holding their newest of their seven grandchildren. [133] She placed an aide on paid leave due to a tape-recorded phone conversation that she deemed improper, in which the aide, appearing to act on her behalf, complained to a trooper that Wooten had not been fired.

[132] He told the Palins that there was nothing he could do because the matter was closed.

To connect the island with Ketchikan, it was originally planned that the federal government spend $175 million on building a bridge to the island, and another $75 million to connect it to the power grid with an electrical intertie. Ryan Rudominer, a spokesman for the House Democratic campaign operation called her involvement in various U.S. House campaigns a "great thing across the board". [235] A legal defense fund was set up to help Palin challenge ethics complaints, and it had collected approximately $250,000 by mid-July 2009. [66][68][69] By November 2003, she was filing nonpublic ethics complaints with the state attorney general and the governor against a fellow commission member, Randy Ruedrich, a former petroleum engineer and at the time the chair of the state Republican Party. Monegan said that he did not receive a severance package from the state. [238], In the wake of the January 8, 2011 shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Palin faced criticism for her SarahPAC website's inclusion of a political graphic that included a crosshair[239] over Giffords's district.

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