accounts, the history behind an article. The fish in the bushes where people have been flipping will move out if the forecast is just adapt, improvise and overcome. Winds light and variable. Please check back regularly for updates to our events calendar. My experience here is that such a quick drawdown not only moves the fish deeper but scatters them for a day or two...but who knows with the TVA forecast....the forecast has changed so often lately that the present forecast could change again. At the same time, some bass anglers turn their back to the banks once hot weather arrives and pretty much target the main lake ledges or humps. In the unlikely Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Sitemap Outland Expeditions does not ship goods or services. No exceptions. At midweek, the elevation in the Kentucky Dam sector was 359.6 feet and falling slowly. Be Proactive. 1983 Watauga Lake Drawdown x (Editors Note: The majority of the photos for this article were submitted by Carter County Rescue Squad lifetime member Jerry Arnold) In 1983 a decision was made by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to lower the water level of the Watauga Lake down to little more than a river. Plan on fishing a little deeper. The other days have been humid and hot! Current helps put the fish in places where anglers can pattern their whereabouts. person will not be tolerated. During large racist or sexually-oriented language. Observed water levels also are updated periodically throughout the day. Want your lake info to go? Several mayfly hatches have been occurring this week, and more are likely on the way. In addition, TVA has engaged other owners of large dams, such as the United States Army Corps of Engineers and other large private utilities that have had similar seepage issues. When this scenario presents itself, bass fishermen do well, tossing big deep-diving crankbaits, spoons, Texas- and Carolina-rigged worms and various swim baits. Kentucky Lake anglers have been up against tough odds this last week, as hot weather has dominated the fishing scene. For Douglas Lake, the expected initial draw down date was around August 6th. Surface temperatures this week held on to the 87- to 88-degree range. Maybe you missed the fact that the lake is in flood stage. With Halloween falling on a…. TVA will begin pulling a lot of water through the system these next few weeks, so anglers can expect plenty of current in the main Tennessee River channel. Most of the winning stringers for summer bass tournaments come from deeper ledges and humps out away from the shorelines. Despite the FCA guidelines we are still routinely being asked to provide TVAS reports for those considering a Final Salary Pension Transfer.

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