One Exact Tzolkin Calendar Cycle after 21st December 2012, The 33 Vertebrae of the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar, The Mayan Day-sign Cauac Thunder and Lightning. The calendar has an outer ring of Mayan glyphs (pictures) which represent each of the 19 months. © Time and Date AS 1995–2020. They maintain a distinctive set of traditions and beliefs, which was inspired by a combination of pre-Columbian and post-conquest ideas and cultures. Each day is also given a name (glyph) from a sequence of 20 day names. The Tzolkin calendar (also spelled "Tzolk'in" in modern Yucatec Maya) is a sacred cyclical count consisting of 260 days within the ancient Mayan calendar system. A leap year has 366 days, as opposed to a common year, which has 365. Since 20 is not divisible by 13, the two sequences are out of date with each other and are represented by gears. The Long Count date comes first, then the Tzolkin date, and last the Haab date. The Haab is a 365-day solar calendar which is divided into 18 months of 20 days each and one month which is only 5 days long (Uayeb). An actual tropical or solar year, the time it takes Earth to orbit the Sun, takes about 365.24219 days on average. Each of them is cyclical, meaning that a certain number of days must occur before a new cycle can begin. world would end at 11:11 UTC on December 21, 2012. The “creation date” for the current cycle is 4 Ahau, 8 Kumku. The Haab is somewhat inaccurate as it is exactly 365 days long. This creates a total of 18,980 unique date combinations, which are used to identify each day within a cycle lasting about 52 years. The Maya still form sizable populations that include regions encompassing present-day Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and parts of Mexico. There are 52 or 53 weeks in a year, but countries vary on how they count the weeks. Nearly every four years is a Leap Year, and we add a leap day, an extra day on February 29. Each day is represented by a number in the month followed by the name of the month. The Tzolkin. The Tzolkin, meaning “the distribution of the days,” is also called the Divine Calendar and the Sacred Round. The day you were born on the 13 Moon calendar is coded by your Galactic Signature. It is a 260-day calendar with 20 periods of 13 days, and it is used to determine the time of religious and ceremonial events. IE 6.0 may present some issues. The Tzolkin and the Haab calendars combined form a 52-year cycle called the Calendar Round, which means that every 73 Tzolkin cycles both calendars meet and during 18,980 days the daily energies are different. The Long Count has a cycle of 13 baktuns, which will be completed 1.872.000 days (13 baktuns) after The same system was used by most cultures in pre-Columbian Central America—including those predating the Maya. A typical Long Count date has the following format: Baktun.Katun.Tun.Uinal.Kin. The days in each period are numbered from 1 to 13. The Full Moon names we use today often reflect nature like Harvest Moon. However, even though the Mayans contributed to the further development of the calendar, they did not actually invent it. Wishing you a fantastic New Maya Tzolkin! - Use this mayan tzolkin calendar calculator now to discover your mayan birthday including mayan day sign, mayan tone or mayan sun sign and mayan number. Not only your birthday but each day of the Mayan Calendar reflects various qualities. The Tzolkin, meaning “the distribution of the days,” is also called the Divine Calendar and the Sacred Round. The Mayans believed that the universe is destroyed and then recreated at the start of each universal cycle., Weaving the Thread of Time in the Mayan Calendar. This belief caused the 2012 phenomenon described above, and it still inspires a myriad of prophecies about the end of the world. The smallest wheel consists of 260 teeth with each one having the name of the days of the Tzolkin. Each day of the Tzolkin’s 260-day cycle is known … However you can use our companion mobile app "MCP Mayan Tzolkin" available in iTunes and Android. October’s Full Moon is the Hunter’s Moon. mlns:og="" xmlns:fb="">, Click here to learn more about our mobile app, Click here for the MCP Mayan Tzolkin mobile app page in iTunes, Click here for the mobile app version on the Android Market, Página de la app móvil con preguntas y respuestas. As the day-signs closely relate together, it is fruitful to observe the Mayan Calendar. It is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1280x800 or higher, and on Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 7.0. Use this beautifully designed Tzolkin calendar calculator to convert any Gregorian date to the Mayan Calendar and discover the meaning of the 20 mayan day signs or sun signs and the 13 mayan numbers related to the Tzolkin. A date in the Mayan calendar is specified by its position in both the Tzolkin and the Haab calendars. This period is called the Calendar Round. The 7-day week is the international standard that is used by the majority of the world. If you have any problems viewing it please email us. The Mayan Calendar, or Tzolk'in, is comprised of 20 Day Signs and 13 Galactic Numbers, making a 260-day calendar year. The Maya called it the “universal cycle.” Each such cycle is calculated to be 2,880,000 days long (about 7885 solar years). Full Moons had given names in many ancient cultures. The three calendars are used simultaneously. The Mayan calendar dates back to at least the 5th century BCE and it is still in use in some Mayan communities today. It is generally considered by most Mayanists and Mesoamerican researchers to be the regions oldest calendar count. Each glyph represents a personality associated with the month. If you are using a mobile device that does not support Flash you will not be able to see the calculator. This site has been designed with a wide aspect ratio. It is a 260-day calendar with 20 periods of 13 days, and it is used to determine the time of religious and ceremonial events. The Long Count is an astronomical calendar which is used to track longer periods of time. The larger wheel consists of 365 teeth and has the name of each of the positions of the Haab year. Tzolkin Explorer version 1.0 Tested with the following Web Browsers, your mileage will vary with other versions. Your Galactic Signature is one of the 260 possibilities encoded in the Tzolkin/Harmonic Module.. By playing the role of your galactic signature, your allow yourself – your mind, body and spirit – to vibrate to that particular frequency and you broadcast it out to everyone around you. The days in each period are numbered from 1 to 13.

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