is a sword/shotgun build viable? Rapid spearhead takes 24 AP to fire. I would suggest taking a sniper rifle and non-automatic shotgun with a front grip as backup weapons. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Armor (Body): PSI Carparace Tactical vest Armor (Head): Motion Tracking Night Vision Googles / PSI headbands Belt: Utility belt/Doctor's Belt Boots: Tabi Boots (of Infused Cave Hopper Leather for the reduced Sprint Cooldown) Shield: An Efficient Shield. There is also the option of not taking the pill at all, leaving your character healthier but without any psionic capabilities. An AR/Shotgun tin can build A stealth trap/crossbow character An unarmed character Or a melee user with swords or spears Which one should I try next? Never knew I could use stasis on myself like that! Core concepts Psi and psi reserves. Innervating psi abilities from multiple disciplines increases base psi cost: +10% for each discipline. You can also learn Bilocation from the Mysterious Pillars in Silent Isle. Rapid spearhead takes 24 AP to fire. Only thing I dislike about PSI is it is so mad overpowered it tends to make a lot of the game either too easy. Well hopefully this helps alot of new players or even old players that never looked into psi out. Just think about how much damage the slow + more ap for killing + shorter cooldowns prevent as dead enemies won't hurt you. Instead, will score and level determined max psi points. personal rating 6/10 insanely cheap, however very situational skill. Rathound Regalia Mutated Dog Leather With really high psi skills, you'll rarely use melee, and once you're in melee range, you'll most likely die in 1 hit due to 3 Con + 0 dodge, hell you might die in turn 1 if anyone attacked you since you also have 0 evasion. Here you have everything you need for a good psi build, I'd recommend you the tranquility one if you are going to play on normal. Take full-auto, with sixth shell you can obliterate groups of enemies at close range. Electrokinesis+premed combo makes all the early fights easier. Sledgehammer Damaging mind control abilities directly affect the mind and cannot be resisted with armor.

They can use the pill and move to intelligence-based psi slots and lose the penalty. All feats for shotguns + full auto, supress fire, nimble, sprint, blitz.

Eel Sandwich None Bacon and Cheese Sandwich Maybe I should invest in … The build with temporal was better. Mushroom Salad

But I can try to give some advice. personal rating 5/10- very situational, super cheap however slightly unreliable, last line of defense against enemy ranged. Basically all you need is 3 will, 6 int (for most builds 6 int is a given due to crafting), 115 spare skill points split between Psychokinesis and Temporal Manipulation, and 2 perks is all you need for effective psi support that will give you tools to tackle any situation and this should literally work with any build. Psi reserves can be increased from their usual 5x with Expanded Psi Capacitance feat. Even if you are a player who knows that you have hard time thinking critically/not good at using utility skills, you should still get psi empathy just to go 55 temporal for Psycho-temporal Contraction and its perk since its straightforward AP stat boost for basically free (zero AP), the extra ap is just so good, trust me. Gray Officer Armor Could potentially grab the acceleration perk at 10 and learn the contraction ability around 10-11, basically depends on what level you are done with junkyard. There are two primary ways of learning new psionic abilities: either have a skilled psionic teach you, or use cebebral imprinting technology in the form of a Psionic Mentor device. Would a stealth shotgun + grenades char be viable? forcefield (25 skill points, 15 ap, 30 psi, learned from Bisson in sgs) - basically mobile cover. The player character also has this psionic potential, but it must be unlocked early on in the game by taking a pill that disables your brain's psionic inhibitor, thus granting you Psi Empathy. The regeneration scales with Will and Intelligence: psi regen = 5 + (will+int)/2, rounded down. Or worse, just a chore of repeating the same trick at 0 risk (forcefield/stasis cycling, etc). There are three (four, counting this new one of yours) threads asking about shotgun builds just on the first page of the Builds subforum. personal rating 7/10 - cheap ap wise but can be hard to plan around, insanely good if you can work it in, lets you cast stronger abilities like premeditation and temporal contraction more frequently. Last edited by Esteban Failsmore ; Sep 10, 2019 @ 4:52pm Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Psi fully regenerates and doesn't require consumables to refill, except when needing a quick boost. Thought control discipline consists of manipulating the minds of living targets, such as overloading their brains, making them flee in fear or attack everything in blind rage. Personal rating 8/10- Great utility skill, fairly cheap AP wise, use it in tough fights almost all the time. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Legacy psi characters also get a generous amount of Desaturated Psionic Inhalants.
It has zero CD so you can use anytime. This penalty can be altered with either Psycho-neural Flexibility or Psycho-neural Optimization feat. All rights reserved. The Psychokinesis discipline is similar to telekinesis with additional electric powers. Jul 28, 2019 @ 9:41pm I restart my play through after 20 lvl in shotgun/sniper so what I think. Use it for cover in open, forces enemies to come to you. Another misconception, the 100 base psi pool is big enough for even 3 will builds to make good use if you use for support. Hi, I'm currently going through the game as a psi-only character and would like to try something different, with no psi whatsoever this time. You can make a build that will allow you to pretty much do everything in the game. A dps oriented psi user who doesnt craft will guess what, be stuck with the base 100 psi pool. Yeah, but pretty much every build in underrail needs crafting, there's a feat that gives you addtional 15 psi points, but if you're going the tranquility route it really isn't worth it because … With respect to build mechanics, probably the most significant thing you'll be missing is Temporal Manipulation and all the associated abilities and feats.

Disruptive Field (40 skill points, 10 ap, 10 psi, learned from random psionic mentor from doctor stores/loot ) - basically cheap ranged haha sand in your eyes. It can also be used to enhance unarmed attacks. Enemies will still attack you, waste bullets, waste psi abilities on you while you are in stasis, all the while your cooldowns are coming back. Leather Gloves Leper Serpent Leather Mutated Dog Leather Balaclava Another great thing your buffs dont go down either, so if you have temporal contraction on you, it will still be on you when you exit stasis. Pig Leather Thats a lot use for 55 points and 25%hp. Overall thoughts on Psychokinesis - very good utility school.

Also only 6 turn cd so can be used multiple times in tough fights especially if you use Limited Temporal Increment to decrease cd personal rating 11/10 - most powerful ability psi or non psi in the game nuff said. Thanks for all the inputs! Tchortist Robe Cave Hopper Steak Changing innervated abilities removes all current psi points and reserves, and cannot be done in combat. © Valve Corporation. Psi empathy for just temp man. I'm not good at build advises, especially for the new shotguns, but here are some things i would do differently: Not only does the shotgun not have the penalty, but for other guns you would get almost as much of an accuracy increase on all shots from 2 more points in Perception (and do more damage and save a feat).

I always grab this at level 6. Author Topic: Shotgun and grenades build (Read 1483 times) chichikov.
I've been thinking about restarting with a build that incorporates two of the newest additions: shotguns and temporal manipulation. Outwork Heartbreaker Serpent Leather That's way better than having some thought control that'll be resisted all the time since your skill is too …

To meet the requirements for crystals you need 7 will.

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