Take Delta Airlines (here). And they have master’s degrees! Can you bring a dog on an airplane with a service certificate from here? For example, the United States Dog Registry will certify any dog as a “service dog” or a "therapy dog" for $58, and an outfit called ESA of America will happily certify your pet rat, hamster, or iguana as an “emotional support animal.” (Sample ESA customer testimonial–“I have now taken three flights with my dog, and the peace of mind of being able to just pack up and go anywhere I want with him is the greatest thing ever.").

Unfortunately, Torok didn’t mention she was travelling with an emotional support rodent and her flight from Orlando to Cleveland was delayed two hours as she and her squirrel were escorted off the plane by police.

Ellis was allegedly carrying the monkey inside of his shirt and didn’t have proper documentation for Gizmo, nor had he made any of the staff aware of his furry friend. The Cesspool of Human-Animal Relationships? I will recommend your service to friends. Thank goodness I happened upon www.usaservicedogs.org. Would definitely recommend! I can assure you the site is not a scam.
Very impressed and will be reccomending other to the company. Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. i have e-mailed the several times about receiving my patch and 2 ID cards and never got a responce back.Never recieved anything i paid for. I carried my pet on flight with Delta with no problems. There was no postage paid return. Best value for my dog and me. They are exactly as shown on the website and I am happy with them. Form us,) to let the world know what a wonderful service that has been given to us. Visit our Community Guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings. They e-mailed me back and said they refunded $55.00 (Unique Transaction ID # 7KN82050W19203433 . According to reports, Smalley had a custom-made diaper sewn for the animal. If you claim to need four-legged emotional support to stave off a panic attack on your next flight, you will need to provide the airline with a signed letter from a “licensed mental health professional” (your family doctor will not do the trick). Sadly, the peacock died just six months later and never had a chance to experience the sensation of flying more than a few feet. A high profile animal activist confessed to me that several of his friends had purchased phony service vests so they could take their pets into restaurants (he refuses to go out to eat with those friends anymore). It turned out to be too big, for under the seat.

Second, pets are not considered service animals. Plenty of people with medical and psychological disabilities have legitimate needs for service dogs, therapy dogs, or emotional support animals. The first is, “Does the dog provide a service?” The second is “What has the dog been trained to do?” This means that a person with a service dog cannot be asked what their disability is (I inadvertently violated the law when I asked the family in Savanah about their “service” dog).
Nor can they be asked to provide any documentation attesting that their dog has been trained and certified as a service animal.

More and more passengers have been pushing the limits when it comes to emotional support animals.

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