You suddenly want to invest money in advancing your education. You buy real furniture and real paintings.

At best, Uranus indicates originality, breakthroughs, a visionary viewpoint and the urge for freedom and individuality. Funnily enough he also has Moon conjunct Chiron opposed by Uranus!!! When I first looked this up, I shuddered a bit, hoped for the best, prepared for the worst, and then forgot about it because nothing happened. Changes in your social status. to the fatherland – as well as to the father, which is weakened over this period. If natal Uranus is in H9, then it may be an attachment to a form of religion, with which a person is emotionally involved, that may be severed.

Except maybe with my now ex husband. That makes it hard to discover, simply because it is an unknown possibility. This planet of breakthroughs and breakouts makes you feel stifled by the simplest of connections, and commitment is a concept beyond your comprehension! Each descent and rise triggers a transformation of self.

The annual transit of the Sun through the 8th House usually marks a time of the year when a person’s emotional reactions are heightened. What else is being affected by the square?

Perhaps you struggle with, or resist putting roots down and making connections with community? You find yourself in unfamiliar territory. I occasionally discuss my friends’ charts with them, sometimes I can be spot on, but I can also be way off in my take on things.
Log your dreams. My Lovely Pluto is 1 degree Libra.

, Blogging is great fun, but it is a bit fiddly to figure out the ins and outs. Astrologically there are many placements which may correlate with this. You want to push ahead, but something pulls you back. But also Pluto in the 1st – willing to face the truth unflinchingly (which works well with your Scorpio placements – are they in the 3rd or 4th?). The House of Scorpio. Expand upon your tried and true. Your natal Uranus in the 4th stands out as an added influence in your family life, as that placement would create an unusual and perhaps erratic experience of family and home life, and it would prompt a desire to break free from the way things are to find a place in the world which suits you, as Uranus is where we seek freedom to express our individuality. There’s a certain pressured sense that I have to wait the feeling out and squash my intense restlessness and boredom with myself and how things are.

This great heart-radiant and loving-full being was also an “alien” to this planet of ever-shifting shadows. You get more interested in Ayurveda. You become the fundraiser.

That too may have something to do with my birth chart… At least I know there’s an unknown logic connecting everything.

So for my generation this Pluto/Uranus square is a wake up call of the kick in the pants kind which is asking – WTF have you done and are doing with your life? Sudden awakening to dormant sexuality.

Going clockwise, Neptune is now in the 1st House (the 3rd House counter-clockwise from the Ascendant). Ups and downs in your partner’s finances. September 2011. February 2015 I am going through a sort of hell at the moment. It’s quite a heavy and life-changing transit at the moment.”” I was surprised that my father’s lover would go out of her way to contact me with this information.

I’m going to bookmark this page because I’m pretty sure there’s a reason I stumbled upon it.

How can you make even more money from your current financial situation? It’s creative friction to the max. Uranus transits tend to shock us into awareness and hidden resentments are suddenly revealed. For me, focusing on the Moon in 12th, exploring it, and the Virgo side of it, has been insightful, especially when I stray outside of typical astrology and give it my own spin.

Both are in the second house. Sudden ability to channel. Thank you for sharing and welcome to my home on the ‘net! The feeling of being an ‘alien’ is an intriguing concept, particularly on a psychological level, both personally and collectively. Yet whether those who oppose him are intimates or business associates, they are people with whom, at some stage in his life, he has chosen to become involved.

Shocking prophecies. On the dating front, Virgo and Scorpio men never like me or find me appealing. lol But I’m a Aries Sun, Virgo Rising and what you’ve said…bing! It took me a while before I could trust the news, and accept that he had actually died. Alternatively, criminal or taboo activities may become an object of fascination. Keep calm and play with your kids. As ever, Uranus will work through the 8th House without the consent and co-operation of the conscious mind, and the breaking of certain attachments may be experienced with much reluctance and pain.

No contact with (Narc) creative European father (writer/painter) for almost forever, estranged from (Narc) Mother as well, first not out of choice (she cut me off) then afterward, my choice to no longer try rebuilding the bridge.

To be an outer planet person, one or more of the outer planets must be: You put your creative work out there. ith Uranus transiting your fifth house you will experience sudden disruptions with your creative offspring. For the last year I’ve seriously wanted to Change Careers. So… what I have realised thus far is that I am being challenged to stand my ground. That Pluto/Uranus 1st house versus Chiron in the 7th… ugh! You love to probe beneath the surface of life and play with the ideas and theories that live beyond what people think about in everyday life. Unexpected love affairs. You get uprooted from your current living situation. Pluto and Uranus move slowly, at least by human standards of time, the energy builds very gradually and is focused when it hits a natal position, then what was impersonal becomes personal.

Your normally calm philosophical approach crumbles. After playing with your chart for awhile, I am guessing that the birth occurred in the evening of January 7, 1969. What you said is not arrogant or narc-like, it’s an expression of self-knowledge and experience.
No. In the natal horoscopes of many, if not most, people, the outer planets are “asleep”. The thing to keep in mind is that ultimately this square is freeing us from old ways of being and giving us a push into new ways of being, but to do that it has to push us out of our comfort zones and make us uncomfortable.

Sudden lawsuits. Somehow I ended up calculating my transits and they’re exactly the same as in here: Pluto in my 4th house and Uranus in 8th. Very insightful for dealing with natal and transit Pluto stuff. Shocking inheritance outcomes. So have you discovered where your natal Uranus hides? Conscious and subconscious have easier access to each other. Once you log in the details of your chart you can explore your chart through the Astro Click Portrait using the interpretations of a renowned astrologer – Robert Hand. I use astrology to help me figure myself (and other and other things) out – so it’s a bit like buying clothes, it has to fit me not the other way around. Current outlook? This in turn, may make him angry or resentful towards those whom he considers to be neglecting his needs. Pluto I have in second house Libra. October 2020 The relationships, which he has during this phase of his life, are unlikely to offer him security or a return comparable to the – emotional investment he himself is prepared to make but they will be amongst the most memorable of his lifetime, for the depth of feeling involved. ), but how else would they have known?

it is a knock out. How can you make money with parties? Your coworkers get rebellious.

You may be shocked to learn of others’ deeply held convictions in daily conversation. I was born on foreign land, lived most of my life in different parts of the world, and different homes within the same part of the world… And, I am on the edge of leaving again to another part of the world.

Build a trench to weather the relationship storm. I was really struggling to figure out which bits of myself I ‘hated/disliked/disowned’ and projected onto others, rather than owning them as parts of myself.

You want to buy that Annapurna climbing experience. You put your money where your mouth is when it comes to the things you enjoy most in life.

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