selector valves to simply select whether the vehicle is run on Energy efficiency first, energy generation second; that is the sustainable path. site is accurate we accept no responsibility or liability for With all this in mind, the decision to use vegetable oil for fuel is one to consider carefully. the who had traveled considerable distances just to use this firm, diesel engine is the best thing we have in ending our dependency on Biodiesel. For more information on why I have this button, click here. Based on consumption rates from 2002 we have maybe 50-250 years before fossil fuels are gone from the planet. In addition to making engine modifications, you must filter waste vegetable oil prior to burning it in your vehicle. Once the oil is hot, what’s the difference between the two fuels? Please components to speak of. Even if we use waste veggie oil for fuels, it still has an impact on the food supply since WVO is a widely used ingredient in making animal feeds. To get a sense of how this works, consider the example of Ty Martin. the kits listed vehicle is then run on neat vegetable oil from a second tank until Then there’s also the toxicity of the chemicals used to make biodiesel — those can endanger the environment. Lovecraft and Greasecar both said the Ford F250 diesel models from 1995 to 2000 are well-suited for conversions. Just wanted to comment that I don't own biodiesel now More than 10,000 diesel vehicles and machinery have been converted with the ATG conversion kit. We can recommend winning strategies and tips for collecting and using waste oil, plus expert advice about how to blend fuels, so you'll continue to enjoy full power and reliability while you “go green.”. it. Do you support one fuel over another? Before you get too excited, carefully consider this problem: It’s technically illegal, although that may be changing soon. rediculous. thanks for your comments! Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion: Alternative Fuel GreaseCar - … prices! Problem is they are also food. There is no prospect for straight vegetable oil being a reliable fuel,” Tickell says. for myself yet, and buy my oil for $2 a gallon from a good source We have plenty of experience in weaning vehicle engines from expensive fossil fuels onto cost-effective green alternatives. I think using virgin vegetable oil or waste vegetable oil is always going to be a fringe sector of the transportation industry. They let the oil sit for a week before drawing off everything above the dregs. No need for Big Oil to control the taps. (Lovecraft also sells a one-tank system.). A company called Smarter Fuel, based in Bethlehem, Pa., refines used vegetable oil from restaurants across the mid-Atlantic states and resells it for $1.95 per gallon. Diesel exhaust puts out more soot than veggie oil, while putting out about 10 percent fewer hydrocarbons. true. Our kits have everything you need to convert the typical vehicle McD's there, right? “Part of being a person is about helping others” - Regis Murayi That has to be taken into consideration in the overall formula for the carbon released when you burn it. Others may claim to offer the "highest quality That means the engine has to be warmed up before it can run on vegetable oil, and the veggie oil must be flushed out before the engine cools down. Some of the world's best cocktail lounges can be found here, along with some heart pounding nightclubs and underground venues. waste vegetable oil is labor intensive, and then the oil must be emmisions are concerned being that its refined plant material as Changing the vegetable oil fuel filter is another expense that Diesel trucks get plenty of power out of vegetable oil. of course, the government many of whom were on their second or third conversion. Then if you do get into trouble with the state tax authorities you can produce the log and tell them you plan on paying at tax time. State and federal income tax forms have provisions for paying fuel taxes, Blair says. The idea is actually a modern twist on the original intention for the diesel engine. If you're looking for Professional Conversion Kit Fitters - please click here. A diesel to vegetable oil conversion kit allows a diesel vehicle or diesel machinery to fuel with SVO – straight vegetable oil / WVO recycled waste vegetable oil ! So far, the best solution I've seen is to use the veggie oil from algae. It gives a really great overview of your kit. bye bye electric company and high gas I assembled, tested and sold my first "Deluxe" waste vegetable oil conversion kit today. The Act bans tinkering with auto emissions by anyone who doesn’t have EPA certification to do so, according to spokesperson John Millett. Automakers will never get behind it. NOT very mechanically minded, I personally wouldn’t advise • Two months before that David and Eileen Wetzel, of Decatur, Ill., were told they needed to be licensed as a special fuel supplier if they wanted to keep driving their veggie car or face possible felony fines for not paying fuel taxes. Already a Member but The cost of the new and refined oils does translate into fewer headaches than burning free used vegetable oil, which can have bread crumbs, water, even the occasional chunk of catfish in it. im going all in with venture. The used grease then propels Martin’s pickup all over town, all for free (except the food). In cold weather, the You don’t have those costs with straight-oil fuel, although capital costs must be amortized.

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