Pictured is Viburnum tinus ‘Spring Bouquet’. Get that row cover ready! Livestock, No reported toxicity to Spring Bouquet Viburnum will grow to be about 6 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 3 feet. Fragrant flowers. Also, non-native poppies, larkspurs, hollyhocks, Cilantro transplants, parsley, dill, fennel , chervil, summer savory, borage, chives, rue, Be prepared to cover in case of deep freeze, Keep planting winter crops for successive harvest, Spray cabbage loopers on broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage with, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Vegetable Planting Guides (Central Texas), Avoid pruning shrubs right now unless you see damage, Okay to prune live oak and red oaks through January, Shrubs, roses, trees, evergreen spring-blooming perennials, Mulch cold tender plants like gingers, Esperanza and semi-tropicals, Select spots where you want fruit trees, grapes, or berries to plant in January; for now, prep with compost. ‘Spring Bouquet’  (‘Compactum’, ‘Compact Spring Bouquet’)  -  a popular cultivar, grows to 3-5 ft tall (0.9-1.5 m) with an equal spread. and Life Sciences. From the team at Gardeners' World Magazine. Advertisement Dogs, No reported toxicity to Viburnum, Laurustinus 'Spirit' Viburnum tinus. Birds, No reported toxicity to Viburnum 'Spirit' has no toxic effects reported. Small Trees, Large Shrubs: All 10 to 20’ and larger. There are many varieties, so look for … CPN (Certified Plant Nerd)Patrick.Breen@oregonstate.edu, College of Agricultural Sciences - Department of Horticulture, USDA Hardiness Zone Maps of the United States, Oregon Master Gardener Training: Identifying Woody Plants. North facing, east facing, south facing, west facing. Deeply water new plants; keep new seedlings moist but not drenched. Native specimens look best in a natural shape with just gentle pruning. No reported toxicity to Son Steve Bartholomew from the Square Foot Gardening Foundation explains why his dad developed the concept, easy steps to make one, and how its global impact conquers hunger. A beautiful, low-growing evergreen shrub with dark green foliage and lightly fragrant, pinkish white spring flowers. Some get as tall as 20′, while others are shorter. ‘Robustum’  -  (Roundleaf Laurustinus)  grows as large as the species, has larger leaves (10 cm) and pink flowers. Withstand considerable shade and salt spray. Spring Bouquet Laurustinus Viburnum tinus ‘Compactum’ Lovely choice for warmer zones, compact size is useful for containers or borders. Viburnum tinus ‘Spirit’ bears clusters of pink buds which open to lightly scented white flowers from November to May, followed by blue-black fruits. Horticulturist Karen Beaty from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center plucks a few for big and small gardens to feed us, the birds, and beneficial pollinators. The birds go for the blue berries that follow. Viburnums are grown for ornamental flowers, autumn colour and clusters of bright berries, varying in colour from blue, red or black. campus: southeast and southwest of Ag. If must mow, keep high to shade out germinating weeds. Collect leaves from neighbors to add to compost pile! Evergreen shrub, 6-12 ft (1.8-3.7 m), upright, rounded. ‘Spring Bouquet’ (‘Compactum’, ‘Compact Spring Bouquet’) - a popular cultivar, grows to 3-5 ft tall (0.9-1.5 m) with an equal spread. It’s really not a good idea to overseed with rye unless you have new, muddy construction and a dog! This tough, little viburnum is pest and disease resistant and, yes, even deer tolerant. Its dense, compact, upright growth habit makes this a favorite choice for small hedges, screens or foundation plantings. Spring Bouquet does get larger but I am told Spirit is more compact. Family: Adoxaceae (a-dox-AY-see-ee) Genus: Viburnum (vy-BUR-num) Species: tinus (TIN-us) Cultivar: Spirit ... Of course, I expect a bit more but not 10 X 10 approx as your article states. Some get as tall as 20′, while others are shorter. Sun to part shade. Do not protect plants with plastic! Spring Bouquet Laurustinus Viburnum tinus 'Compactum' Sku #7600. ‘Bewley's Variegated’  -  has green leaves with cream-yellow edging, grows to 5 ft (1.5 m). Viburnum tinus ‘Spirit’ bears clusters of pink buds which open to lightly scented white flowers from November to May, followed by blue-black fruits. Yellow-fruited European Cranberrybush Viburnum. Viburnum lentago—native, cold hardy, pretty pink to bluish black fruit, purplish red fall color, mildew susceptible. Corvallis: hedge between the Corvallis Library parking lot and Jackson Ave. Oregon State Univ. Many are evergreen and some are deciduous. It’s a popular choice for hedging. leaves and developing flower clusters, early spring, Patrick Breen,

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