Once again, we have a lvl 1 town that was just created squatting on 256:517 in kd 798. @Admin - Your idea does not work on the central tile. We understand your situation however we can't perform any actions in regards to an account without the player's consent. It's happened in every kingdom for every event since the achievement was announced. By upgrading an achievement’s level, you earn more economic and military bonuses. The game already has enough nasty players that only cause trouble.Â. ie Ivar said " We understand your situation however we can't perform any actions in regards to an account without the player's consent." In Vikings: War of Clans, you now can receive them after performing certain activities. CVC, kvk/r, fury. Plarium should absolutely pin a timer on these spots....why are they allowing this sort of ugly player interference? Greetings! One Kingdom had a level 5 town squatting there. I can see some strategic reason for blocking these tiles,in fact I am aware of kingdoms where it is a policy to stop other kingdoms doing as has been suggested. We understand your situation however we can't perform any actions in regards to an account without the player's consent. First, as with real time blackmail as opposed to real time virtual blackmail. Though this may be possible if you are at least level 21,which will only give access to pioneer 2 . You are right , they wouldn't need permission to move the coordinates, however  this would mean a lot of expensive searching for them, which has already been done, and would there be any incentive for the players that found them before ,the ones that already have got the awards to do this? In my kingdom (614), someone just built a SH on the spot (51:755). If you want to move your Town to this specific location you can try to do the following: 1. Новости, обновления и конкурсы, Техническая поддержка, Гайды по Битве Королевств: Ярость. 3 Lvl. Not a good Secret Achievement ... all location is getting blocked by a town and a new level 1 stronghold areaÂ, i agree the area around those tiles should be blocked from any sh being allowed there and that the tiles in question are time sensitive where once achievement is gained the player is automatically relocated on the kingdom map if they dont move, this is just pure greed by some players demanding gold and they should be banned from the game on ALL accounts that they play with. We wish you success in your quest for achievements! We understand your situation however we can't perform any actions in regards to an account without the player's consent. 3. Any method on this situation ? Second, they sanctioned the tile blocking plan, and for the same reason, its probably those that got them already doing the blocking. if you are patient you can wait for Jot to start and do the achievement there, it work 100% and i didn't see anyone block the locations for too long. 2. Share your experiences, log in now! 7 Lvl. Build the Clan's Stronghold and exile the Town of the player using the Supreme Thing. I have gone to over 15 servers to gain the achievement at 256-517 and they are all blocked. Upgrade your achievements and become the mightiest Jarl in Vikings: War of Clans! I loog on and off the account. Ivar: all the above suggestions don't work when the player blocking the tile also has the stronghold, has a shield until 2025 and simply doesn't log back in for several weeks. If you want Plarium to respond to this problem. LOL! Pioneer Acheivement seems to have stopped working in the last 24-30 hours.  I move on, wait a minute, kill a ghost or invader and move off. Move your Town to these coordinates during the global Competitions while being in other Kingdoms. Reply. Plarium help with this ? Second, there is the practical matter of getting the resources to the so called blackmailer, even if there was some integrity to the perpetrator.Â, The fact the request  is for silver first, suggests there isn't.Â. Plarium won't do anything about it, that's why none of the admins have truly addressed the issue. What is happening with this achievements is they are just making it more difficult for certain players, and giving easily acquired bonuses to others. Â. we have a lvl 1 city on our tiles and they do not move, whats the point in having these achievements if plarium dont control how players do them, they should have realized that this would happen and have put something in place to counter it.Â. You may have done as you suggest, but I would say its not as straight forward as 'doing it in Jotunheim',there is one Jotunheim and many who might want to use the opportunity to get the pioneer spots, and nothing to stop players/or clans with the mindset,hogging the spots there,if they are so determined to do that. 6 Lvl. Stop being so impatient and crying to Admin to fix everything you cant do.. oh oh I cant do this, the game must be broke, someone fix it so I can do it.. grow up !!!!Â.

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