Whether you are looking for close-range shots or long-range ones, PST Gen II will not only fulfill your needs but also exceed your expectations. Just my experience. Changing the battery is accomplished by using a nickel or similar “tool” to simply unscrew the center capped portion of the adjustment knob. I was impressed, and would be totally comfortable recommending the PST II 1-6×24 for use on a precision-oriented carbine. The PST Gen 2 series features improved optical quality over the Gen 1 models. I’d answer that question in the following in/then way: Here are a couple of frequently asked questions that I also see in regard to the Gen 1 and Gen 2 PST scope models: Vortex does not currently offer a Gen 3 version of the Viper PST scope. If you graduated high school or work with your hands, and can read directions, you can set the rzr zero stop in the gen 2 viper. The newer PST Gen 2 scope models feature a wider range of reticle options, especially in the FFP configurations. Vortex really outdid themselves with this optic. How can I tell the difference between a PST Gen 1 and Gen II scope? This article presents you with a comparison between the Vortex Viper HST 4-16x44 and the Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50. These scopes come at an economical price point. Optical Quality. In many ways, the second generation of the iconic PST series grew to be more like Vortex’s premier, This brings us to the subject of today’s review: The 1-6×24 PST Gen II riflescope, equipped with the VMR-2 MOA reticle.

While they can certainly be used to manually input your drop at longer distances, this optic really works better in a role where the generous eyebox at 1x and good reticle subtensions at 6x are fully taken advantage of. My research seems to indicate that the Razor HD Gen 2 E 1-6x24 may not offer twice the optic for over twice the cost. You now have an overall idea about both Gen I and Gen II versions of Vortex Viper PST Riflescopes.


Vortex Optics has incorporated tactical-style turrets and CRS (Customizable Rotational Stop) shims for an easy and quick return to zero-point. The PST Gen 2 scopes offer a wide range of internal adjustment compared to the 1st generation PST models. Not impossible to turn, but stiffer than when in a more mild climate. For the rest of us, there is no reason not to strongly consider the PST Gen II 1-6×24 instead. With forward-thinking engineering and an intimate understanding of riflescope design (developed over Vortex Viper Scopes), Vortex Viper PST Gen 1 Riflescopes deliver you with both the performance and features that the tactical and precision shooters look for at an economical price. Vortex Viper PST Gen II Rifle Scopes have been built over the PST Gen I models.

Overview and Reviews of Different Rifle Scope Models. I am interested to know if anyone has or had both the Vortex PST Gen 1 and Gen 2 rifle scopes. The Razor HD II is probably “built” better, but for the average guy, I don’t know that it matters that much. Just be realistic with what your needs are. While Vortex Viper PST 6-24×50 EBR-1 MOA Reticle Riflescope PST-624F1-A comes with 17.8 – 5.1 ft/100 yds field-of-view, Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25×50 EBR-4 MOA SFP Riflescope PST-5251 comes with 24.1-4.8 ft/100 yds field-of-view. Just know that you won’t be disappointed in the quality for the dollars paid. The powers in between minimum and maximum just don’t get used on my guns. When an O-ring seal cracks, the crack is not microscopic, as such, Argon, Nitrogen and your dirty washing will all seep through the crack. In addition to the new turret system, Vortex has also incorporated an RZR ZeroStop system in the PST Gen II in place of the CRS Shim system in PST Gen I. JavaScript is disabled. I’m also in the market for a new scope and I was looking at the PST models, Hey man, I’m actually looking at the same thing right now, and wondering where you found a Gen 1 for $670?

For my application I wish I would have bought both as FFP. Only downside with Burris is you may need to purchase new rings as the Burris has a 34mm main tube vs the 30mm tube on the PST. Discussion in 'Scopes, Optics, LRFs, Spotters, BoreScopes' started by 1holeaddict, Mar 6, 2019. First off the models compared here are very similar in design and features, where the PST comes with a 50 mm objective lens which means much more light control and it does deliver more light control for accurately gauging those long-distance shots. GEN2 for me and my sons. The HST is for fast and furious action, which makes it a great tactical scope. I’ve actually been really impressed with the BLACK optic mounts, they are a definite step above Nikon’s other single piece mounts in terms of features and quality. Glass seems to be the same. Vortex Crossfire 2.0 MOA Red Dot Sight CF-RD2 – In Stock Now – No Sales Tax, We Pay Your Taxes – $9.95 Discounted Shipping – $149.99! All of these distances are valid with the magnification set on 6x, and the optic zeroed at 100 yards. Thanks for the response. Bildebene (SFP) Absehen … There is one stand out the difference, and it is significant for most scope users, and that is the price. If you are focusing on long range shooting and want the highest magnification you can get between the two series, then the 2nd generation PST scopes are going to be a better option.

No experience with the PST2. The 1st generation of the PST scopes were really only available in two reticle options, with the 1-4 and 6-24 FFP models being the exception to that rule. I still need to set my zero stop but with no shims to do or washers to modify it shouldn't be bad.

The gen 1s feel a bit cheap compared to the gen 2s. It’s so subjective, and for us bloggers that don’t own an optics lab, I’m finding that it really is fairly pointless to wax eloquent about how it appears to our eyes, under our lighting conditions, at our distances, in our humidity, etc. Vergrößerung 1-6fach 2-10fach 3-15fach 5-25fach . But I want to talk you into the gen II, because it's just so much nicer. In short, the second generation of the PST optics showcase an incremental set of improvements that approach Razor HD Gen II feature levels, while keeping the price tag semi-reasonable. Illumination on this optic is definitely day-bright, but not as bright as an Aimpoint or the Razor HD II 1-6×24. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Glass on the Razor HD is obviously better. Zero stop on the Gen 2 is a solid stop but a real pain to set. The low profile design is extremely resistant to accidental turning, just like the Razor HD Gen II version.

I plan on using mine much much more the coming months with my winter long range league, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.


Depending upon the range and focal plane version you are choosing, the price of the PST Gen II riflescope varies from $599.99 to $999.99. Copyright © 2016 blog.scopelist.com. Daylight bright, … At that price,I'm guessing it is a military discounted purchase. Is it worth the extra money? Much like the Razor HD Gen II, this scope really needs a cattail for some leverage.

I’ve had good fortune with the optics I’ve been looking at lately, and this one is no exception. The adjustments include the CRS Customizable Rotational Stop (CRS) Zero Stop that returns to zero after dialing temporary elevation correction. The XD lenses are fully Multi-coated using XR™ technology that increases light transmission with multiple anti-reflective characteristics, and this comes with a Second Focal Plane Reticle used for estimating range, holdover and wind drift correction. If you’ve ever seen or handled a Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24, the PST Gen II 1-6×24 will immediately be very familiar. It is also a great scope for the money. It’s been a while since I’ve looked through a Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24, but I can tell you that the optical performance on that scope blew me away. Is Vortex still honoring the warranty on the PST Gen 1 scopes?

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