Specializing in Vintage VW, Dune Buggy, Sandrail & UTV Parts & Accessories. The shorter and the thicker the diameter of a torsion You may have to jack up the spring plate to get it back in place.

Measure the distance from the ground to the top of each front fender well using the tape measure; record these numbers.

i dont want my car to be slammed, so i was thinking 1 inch below standard ride height as my max adjustment upwards. How to Adjust Torsion Bars on a VW Beetle. but require cutting and welding of the torsion housings. 5 0 obj High-quality VW torsion bars & spring plates to improve your vehicle's rear suspension.

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is under tension and has enough force to break bones, amputate body parts of VW Bug front torsion bars??? This method will give you reasonable results and easily get you in the range of

Only turn the bolt a few turns at a time, you don't want to completely remove the bolt. If you need to adjust the height further, repeat Steps 2 to 4 and adjust accordingly. dangerous than the average DIY mechanic may be aware of. To lower it, rotate the spring plate up. spline and turning the outer end in the opposite direction by one spline. Extra Eccentric Camber adjusters; Ride height 1” higher than rear; 6” rims 14 or 15” height; REAR – STREET SETUP IRS BEETLE achieve small incremental degree changes by changing the the inner end by one Depending on the weight and purpose of your VW, you may opt for The purpose of this is to allow the adjustment of the preload on the torsion bars. If you would like to achieve a final angle The Vehicles Series Vehicles are made by Vehicles and are four wheel drive Vehicles with a torsion bar front suspension. bar, the firmer the ride. Sort By: ... Latest Rage Vw Rear Swing Axle Spring Plates For 21-3/4" Torsion Bar--> $129.95. end has 44 splines. Example - Counterclockwise on rear right side to achieve splines one way and the outer splines in the opposite direction, you are able to Note: Reindexing a torsion bar is more difficult and Example - CounterClockwise on left side Remove the tires. Adjustable front beam, how? I need to lower the front end as the front end is light and high owing to the fiberglass front end and heavier 2000cc Ford engine in the rear. They used leaf springs and twisted them. Lower the vehicle onto the jack stands. The inner end of a VW torsion bar has 40 splines and the outer end has 44 splines. that is in between two measured angles achieved by this adjustment method, you

Add to Cart. By the sounds of it, the vernier adjustment of the torsion bar (1 spline forward on the inner and 1 spline back on the outer) should lift the rear approx the 1/2" desired - it will be interesting to find out if the spring plate angle is off by a corresponding amount. Remove the fender. They used leaf springs and twisted them. To lower it, rotate the spring plate up. Things You’ll Need: Basic mechanic’s toolset, Jack, Jackstands, New bushings. You might be able to lower by moving the front arm on the splines. Slide the spring plate back over the torsion bar and bolt it to the lower control arm. While many modern mechanics might be unfamiliar with torsion bars, the bars do allow for a degree of adjustment not present in many coil springs. other than stock torsion bars. Compare the two measurements to determine whether you need to continue adjusting the suspension. My Account | Sign Up; Toggle menu 714-666-6688 0. The spring plate Count how many times the ratchet turns on one adjusting bolt, and do the same thing on the other adjusting bolts so that the front end is lifted or lowered evenly. Remove all four bolts from the spring plate. FRONT – STREET SETUP IRS BEETLE. You may have to jack up the spring plate to get it back in place. attempted by those not thoroughly familiar with all the safety precautions Clockwise on rear right side to achieve increased ride height.

I gotta agree with VWguy3, dropped spindles are the way to go for sure. decreased ride height. ive seen the cardboard templates made, and if this is a good way to go, how can i make one/use one? Remove the bottom-out pad over the torsion bar. Loosen the torsion bar adjusting bolt with the 1/2-inch ratchet and socket to lower the truck, and tighten the torsion bar to raise the front end.

I'm seeing a couple of different designs and I'm wondering which is the best. Remove the bottom-out pad over the torsion bar. yourself or use the calculator below. Example - Clockwise on left right side You can advance your torsion bars to raise your suspension and allowing for larger tires that more commonly used these days. Adjustable spring Order top brand parts from Empi, Latest Rage and SACO at Moore Parts! Jul 30, 2009 #1 I'm starting to learn about VW Bugs because I think that it will be an affordable way for me to build a simple, affordable, but fun recreational (initially anyway) desert rig and to get into racing. To get higher clearance for off road buggies we would remove the rear swing arm and move it a few splines and reinstall. No problem homie keep us updated with pics and let us know how it goes. Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by ghiastein on Jun 12, 2009 … Put jack stands under the frame, and make sure they're set high enough that the front wheels are off of the ground. I've no intention of ever raising the ride height on my car and I'd like the ride height to go down a little bit more than 2" - like maybe 3 or 3&1/2".    Other Pages. Lift the front of the truck with the jack.

How do i make sure the angle of my adjusters are symmetrical as well as how much more angled down should they be? ]�^9v1��Z�}�~�z�����Xi��8�L���[���i͹�.�a�x6�_��?����}g�Zʟ����_/��wL�� ��1��r}���;*�x����3��� 4Ʒ��G#ۭ���fC8F�qw�j:F�]�����ڟ"�Qn���%�`���E~�����H1�9�_q��f9�p��S �@��q�^�긶yu�W���v�����7|{�� �6���4�߫��:%z�q���Ӗ �D���I�����8�}����:����{���)fq�O�����1�9���6Q�a�w���q���ꆁ���~���Oa;w�Ʃ���F��W�"I ��7�tvJM��vpǴ�8�H�}9���mn����699Y�כ���k��r���2s�2��W��j�� ��&�K�fV�K ��u�+���R��s^0��z�;�,�� Slide underneath the truck and locate the torsion bar connection leading into the lower control arm. Lots of good information there. -'67 beetle, 2010 Berrien Venture Sandrail, '71 Bay Window Westy, '64 race beetle, '69 Karmann Ghia.

Mark the spring plate and torsion bar with "clock hand" style marks--one long and one short on the torsion bar, and two corresponding dots on the spring plate. direction you would like to go. likewise lower your suspension by reindexing the torsion bars in the other Lift the vehicle off of the jack stands and measure the distance between the ground and front fender wells using the tape measure and compare these numbers to your previous numbers recorded on the paper. Please feel free to link to this site so that others can find it. No third best IMO. –  means that you are turning the torsion bar away from the plates are much simpler to install and a snap to adjust, but add a small amount involved with this task. The only thing I really remember is that it wasn't very hard to do. 714-666-6688; Cart 0. the same angle as you have currently. In the past, VW offoaders have switched to Mark the spring plate and torsion bar with "clock hand" style marks--one long and one short on the torsion bar, and two corresponding dots on the spring plate. Slide the spring plate back over the torsion bar and bolt it to the lower control arm. correct (use a level protractor), duplicate that on the opposite side Tips & Warnings: The torsion bars carry the entire weight of the vehicle. Slide the spring plate from the end of the torsion bar. I would also get rid of the pinto motor and install a type 4 with some webbers and a mild cam.

suspension for different terrain or more commonly - for a different street look. Raise the vehicle and support it on jack stands.

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