The odd thing to my Bug is how the engine goes in. Modern developments of chassis materials, bodyshells materials and design, and also changes in drivetrain have given the platform chassis a resurgence. However with the platform chassis, this formed the floor of the passenger area, rather than the body tub, and had the seats mounted to it.

I had seen very complex sand rails and dune buggies that had VW roots but really didn’t look or act anything like a VW. It weighed only 1,510 lb, the same design weight as the road car, and was 200-300 lb lighter than its rival vehicles from Opel, DKW and Adler. As a semi-monocoque they are still a form of body-on-frame construction, rather than a monocoque or unibody where the bodyshell and chassis are integrated into one component. VW PURISTS – This is your chance to look away. Show items: 30; 60; 90; Sort by. $75.00. It was fun, it was easy and there was nobody there to stop me. The first 1945 civilian Beetle used a platform chassis which stopped short of the rear wheels and which had a central stiffening tube. The original engine was a piece of crap and the car was sturdy. The most iconic of these was the dune buggy: a stripped-down Beetle chassis, with the simplest fibreglass 'bathtub' body on top of this. It is also difficult to arrange spring attachments for springs such as half-elliptic springs requiring distance fore and aft of the axle line, or for coil spring or strut suspensions needing an attachment point raised vertically above the platform. The 'Volkswagen', 'Peoples' Car' or 'KdF-Wagen' project began in 1933 and by 1934 Porsche had sketched out a design for a rear-engined, platform chassis car with four seats and torsion bar suspension. First: a confession, or rather a string of confessions. This site is protected by GeoTrust. Punt chassis have often been used with armoured vehicles. Longitudinal rigidity is more critical than transverse rigidity and so this stiffening is mostly as front to back girders, rather than crosswise. For my tastes, despite my past at having done things like this, I would prefer to restore a classic over going this far into modding something that will end up nothing like its intended design. It looks like a really cool project. Dansk® Subframe. We happily ship worldwide with same day or next day shipping on many parts. This was popular at the time and all you had to do was change motor mounts, the transmission hump and if you were smart, you would upgrade the brakes so you could stop the suddenly heavier vehicle. We have been a dune buggy and air cooled VW shop for 30 years. [4], Porsche continued to develop the Type 62 with such features as a rear portal axle to give increased ground clearance and the ability to move with infantry at a walking pace. The Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle used a platform chassis, with independent torsion bar suspension at each end. VW BUG. This product is made of high-quality materials to sere you for years to come. It takes a lot of planning ahead to make it work. This became the Type 87 Kommandeurswagen (Porsche Type 287) and was intended for use by senior field commanders. Attaching the suspension to a platform chassis requires independent suspension and encourages the use of suspension features such as torsion bars or trailing arms. Description: GROMMET, 6 MM FUEL LINE THRU CHASSIS, SET OF 2, BUG / GHIA / TYPE 3 / THING 1946-79 *MADE IN USA BY WCM* Item #: 111-189A. Achieving sufficient rigidity is difficult with a pure platform and so they are usually extended vertically with some form of box or tube section. Volkswagen Beetle Chassis Frame & Rails. As the chassis is in a single plane, it would be difficult to use a solid axle, without raising the entire platform above the axle line. In is a front-mounted V8 powerhouse that is stroked out for more power. An advantage for the production of the vehicle was that controls such as the driver's pedals and brake piping, the gear stick and the handbrake which required connections to the engine or drive train could be installed onto the platform before the body was added. Plus the parts to do it were readily available by mail (pre-internet days). The rear suspension was by swing axles. This makes the platform chassis a good way to carry it, with the batteries themselves either above or below the chassis platform, making them easier to access for exchange.[ii]. 1 bid. I once put a Chevy 350 in an early 70s Jaguar XJ6. The entire drivetrain can be mounted in a subframe at one, or increasingly both, ends.

Ending Oct 22 at 5:07PM PDT 6d 19h. After WWII Rometsch wanted to build an affordable alternative to the expensive sports cars then available and the Volkswagen Beetle chassis was chosen as the starting point. The passengers could thus stay with their seats on the chassis, while the bodyshell tried to pass through them. This Porsche Type 62 was an open-topped, open-sided four seater, still with rounded bodywork. See more ideas about Vw beetles, Vw bug, Beetle. Whether these are transverse or longitudinal, they lie in the horizontal plane of the platform and so can be worked in to such a chassis. A Volkswagen V8 Beetle Bug. We provide the classic VW hobby with tech tips, project advice, and quality parts for VW Restoration, VW Performance and Custom Aircooled VW projects. Platforms are usually the full width of the car, but shorter and only span the length between the wheels. It goes in through the driver’s door. However they keep the engine at the driven end, with a transaxle, rather than using the propeller shaft of the Hotchkiss layout of front-engine, rear-drive that was universal with chassis designs beforehand. **, Mon: 8:30am to 5pm ESTTues-Thurs: 8:30am to 5pm ESTFri: 8:30am to 3pm ESTSaturday: ClosedSunday: Closed. From 1970, the new 1302 'Super Beetle' adopted MacPherson strut front suspension. Although it performed well in military trials at Münsingen, its appearance was considered to be 'too civilian'. This also allows greater useful space inside for crew or equipment.

The first production dune buggy, the Meyers Manx, used a shortened VW platform as a basis. Where a propeller shaft has been used, these have been for rare examples with four-wheel drive. It also took a lot of guessing! Have questions about a particular product or application? VW PURISTS – This is your chance to look away. Here is the heresy and brilliant lunacy of this project in a nutshell. [12] This increased front luggage capacity by nearly 50%, also due to a slightly lengthened front bonnet, but the upper mounts of the struts now coupled suspension forces into the inner wing panels of bodyshell rather than the platform: the chassis was now no longer a pure platform. Over the years, I have been a willing wrenchman in this pursuit of upgrading horsepower. We are located in Ohio and offer standard two to three day shipping of our VW Bug and dune buggy parts to Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, the Carolinas and many other Midwest and East Coast states via UPS and USPS. This made the front end vertically stiffer and the suspension was replaced by one based on Chevrolet parts, although still with double trailing arms.

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