Sends out a wave of energy, revealing all enemies within 200m and slowing them by 35%. Enemies cannot be taunted more than once every 30 seconds. Move 10% faster while blocking or aiming down sights. Channeling a charged melee attack will add your Power Strength to multiply your channeling multiplier. Cast on your inert Warframe to bless yourself. Enemies cannot be feared or paralyzed more than once every 20 seconds after ending. This will stack up to 3 times for a total of 30%. Cooldown of 210 seconds. Heals you and your allies (including objectives, specters, etc.) Move 20% faster while blocking. Any ability-heavy frame will benefit here. Immediately kills all enemies within 8m of target area. Shares 25% of everyone’s shield regeneration between each other. Shield regeneration rate is doubled and won’t stop regenerating when taking shield damage. Revive allies 50% faster. Siren Song, Mending Tides, and Blessing of the Void. Feared enemies are also 20% slower. You must have reached your maximum sprint speed and maintain it for at least 1.5 seconds for this to work. Acquiring both passives under Maelstrom’s teachings will let you choose a Final teaching; Groundshaker, Summit’s Blizzard, and Rolling Thunder. For every 1m travelled you gain 10 Void damage, up to 1000 bonus damage accumulated. Empowers Barrier, further reducing damage taken while blocking up to 20%. This effect cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds per target. Shields gain 50% of your armour value. Warframe - Focus and Synthesis Guide. Be the typhoon or the springs and wash over the battlefield. This effect stacks with no limit, but will disappear if you don’t hit an enemy with a charge attack for more than 12 seconds. Focus state lasts for 25 seconds. Sprint 15% faster. Umbra Storm follows your Warframe around. (any kill that triggers the stealth affinity bonus). Enemies must have vision of your Warframe’s “face” for more than 2.5 seconds for this to take effect. Empowers Pack Leader, improving the range up to 15m, and increased damage up to 15% for you and 20% for allies. Additionally, whenever you kill an enemy you gain 25% bonus damage on your next attack of any kind, be it with weapons or powers. Your Operator unleashes a series of mesmerizing waves, putting enemies in a trance. If you are not within 15m of them before they get up then they will not be alerted or cautious. Charge attacks stun enemies for 1.25 seconds. After a target is healed by you, they radiate an 8m aura that deals damage to enemies by the amount they were healed every second for 5 seconds. Judicator now affects all enemies within 12m of the target you collide with and will remove 100% of the armour of the main target, and 50% of the armour of the enemies affected by Stampede. To know Unairu is to know resolve. Bound to ability key 1. INTRODUCTION: The Focus system will be your tool to shape your playstyle, and as you grow more skilled more options will be available to you.

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