Fixed markers and names appearing in front of the Void Relic selection screen instead of behind during an Endless Void Fissure mission. Fixed Relic selection ‘Play Without’ and ‘Exit’ buttons hiding behind the screen if a previous mission was played. A "radshare" is a run where all players use ("share") the same exact RADiant level relic.

The first Vault pulls from the "common" reward list, the second from "uncommon", and third from "rare". When looking for the drop chance of an individual item look at the number in parenthesis. Fixed a script error that could occur if you selected a Relic before the Relic list finished loading during a endless Fissure mission. Changed the Relic Manager menu "sort by Rank" to "sort by Refinement". When items are vaulted, all relics containing parts of these items are removed from drop tables while remaining in inventories.There are currently 188 vaulted relics.Baro Ki'Teer will occasionally sell relics containing exclusive (e.g. Clicking on a Relic will tell you where it drops, or tell you that it's in the Prime Vault. Reduced the amount of spawned Residue per Wyrm puddle from 5 to 3, and also lowered the amount of Residue needed for the first stage of the Isolation Vault Bounty: Fixed cases of the Esophage losing its waypoint in the Isolation Vault Bounty.

The Void Relic Refinement screen.

Update 25.1 Increased the Bait Defense time from 60s to 90s and increased enemy reinforcements. Fixed inability to Operator Void Dash after getting nullified by a Necramech during the Isolation Vault Bounty. Fixed Relics not being consumed for Clients who disconnect on the Fissure reward selection screen. 40-50. Shooting three Reactive Crystals on each side of the center room will activate circular rings in the center of the vault, aligning them to create a Void portal that players to go in, similar to Halls of Ascension tests on Lua or Void Sabotage missions.

Playing in a team is free, but gathering traces to refine relics may be a less efficient use of time than simply opening more Intact relics if all you want is ducats. Fixed some Client players seeing the same identical Fass symbol on the Isolation Vault doors. These items ended up in the Prime Vault, which means they have been retired from the game's reward tables. WARFRAME - RNG Analysis Void Relics (Part 2). Ordis' description of how a relic works implies that Void Relics operate on some form of quantum superposition; e.g., each of the different items in a relic can be considered a different "state" of the object inside the relic. Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe. Replaced the Volatile Runner with a Deimos Runner in the Toxin Level phase. When intrepid explorers returned from the Void they would isolate themselves in the vaults until they re-aligned with causality and sanity. After all Necramechs are defeated, an Esophage will appear which will take players back to the surface. Hovering over the Rarity bars in the Relic Reward choice screen will now show a tooltip indicating the Rarity (Common/Uncommon/Rare). With Void Traces, players can use the Orbiter's refinement function to upgrade a single relic from "Intact" to "Exceptional" (25 traces), "Flawless" (50 traces), or "Radiant" (100 traces). A group of four players with Radiant relics has a 5.23% chance to receive two or more rare items; however, each player can keep only one.

Fixed the Relic selection screen appearing when you select a non-fissure mission type on a node that has a fissure available. Optimized performance of several user interfaces including the Void Relic Refinement screens. Each item's chance of being chosen is represented as a blue bar in the Void Relic Refinement screen — the bar is not proportional to the item's probability of being chosen, but it does correctly rank items by probability and show decreases (for common items) and increases (for uncommon and rare items) as the player previews higher tiers of relic refinement. This will spawn Loid, who will roam around to activate the door's keys.

Lowered drop rate of the Infested anti-toxin during the Toxin Level phase to increase difficulty - it’s too easy! Fixed ability to choose any Relic type on any Void Fissure mission by queueing with squad. Deimos Cambion Drift annotated map: Mother, necramech, active crystals, conservation, caves, and K-drives. Fixed pressing X on controller while in the Relic station displaying the message "Refine |Name| to Intact?". Fixed the Relic Selection screen repeating If you have an AFK player in your squad and you click the "Start Timer" button in a Fissure mission. The team has put together another chunk of UI changes to address your common suggestions. Aklex Prime) or otherwise vaulted items. Fixed a Vaulted Relic being rewarded as Daily Tribute. Players must find the Vault door and hit the Reactive Crystal on the plinth in front of it with the Operator's Void damage. Moved selected Relic display as far up as it can comfortably be, as to not overlap the items with the tooltip. Tier 1 - Represented by 3-Stars and Lvl. An "intshare" or "intact share" is a run where all players use ("share") the same exact INTact level relic. These Relics can be earned from Kuva Flood Siphon missions as a guaranteed reward, Kuva Siphon missions at a 50% drop rate and rarely from Kuva Thralls at a 5% drop rate. This relic selection menu will offer exclusively relics of the era that matches the selected mission (example being, Lith relics for Lith era missions). If by any way the Tenno gets inside of the vault without opening the door, they will be forcefully teleported outside of the door. Increased the scale of the Relic rarity bar icons in the Relic Reward choice screen to 125%. I haven't played often and the other night someone pointed out I was using vaulted relics (both luckily enough dropped their rarest reward). Once Loid has activated the keys and returned to the door, players must solve the Vault's Requiem Cipher. Fixed the Relic tab reverting back to ‘All’ after Refining a Relic in a different tab (Meso, Axi, etc). Added Alias’ (both yours and squadmates) to the Reward selection screen so that it’s clear who is picking which Reward (yourself included) and where the bonus Void Traces are going. Fixed every Chat Linked Relic displaying a Lith S8 Relic. The in-mission Void Fissure Reward screen has also been reworked to reflect these aesthetic changes with the added Refinement functionality in the Relic selection screen for endless Void Fissure missions. And at that point, all the possibilities collapse, each one falling away until the Relic cracks open and exposes one, singular thing. Meso. Buffed mission rewards for Mot (Level 40-45 Void Survival); it will now yield a richer mix of Axi Era (Tier 4) Relics... similar to high-level Dark Sector missions.

This is typically used to farm bronze rewards. This allows the group to get multiple rewards from the same relic type. Vaults also contain Storage Containers that, when broken, may drop the following resources: Scintillants may also appear floating around in the Entrati ruins that contain these vaults. The Void Fissure sealing process will be aborted should no players in the squad have a Relic equipped, i.e leaving while only having one equipped Relic will close it out. If the cycle changes partway during or after completing a vault, the succeeding Isolation Vault will reset to Tier 1.

Previously refined relics can also be refined to a higher level, in which case the amount of traces spend refining the relic to its current level is subtracted from the cost. "90%" refers to confidence; a 4-player group looking for one rare item has a 90% chance to find it without using more than this many relics (but they might use fewer). "✔" indicates a potential reward upon successful completion.

Fixed a script error related to the Isolation Vault. In order to open the relic a player has to collect ten reactants, which drop from enemies affected by the Void Fissures. The values in the table below account for the chance for a type of rarity and the chance of an individual item within that rarity in parenthesis.

Additionally there's a 25.33% chance for each of the common drops. This is typically used to farm gold or silver rewards. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They are the principal means of acquiring Prime and Forma Blueprints. Fixed Clients unable to re-activate the Bait Station if the Bait is lost during an Isolation Vault Bounty.

These secrets may also house an inactive Necramech wreckage which players can commandeer to fight inside the vault. Fixed Relic reward screen in Endless Fissure missions not updating after each round with the most recent Relic picked by each Squad member. Once the Concoction is made, the players can take it down into the caves and "feed" it to an Infested door by throwing it with the Alternate Fire button.

Hovering your mouse over a checkmark or letter will show a tooltip with the odds that a given reward will drop.

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