Should I drink it or let Morrigan? Interact with it, but you will be told that it cannot open without performing a ritual. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Anyway. Either way, keep going downriver in the direction of your quest marker to continue. The first time I played through it I had Morrigan drink from it. Regardless of which path you take, Iron Bull will greatly approve, so at least that makes me feel better! And maybe that wouldn't be so hard, if players got a better idea of the candidates before allying themselves to one. More precisely, he claimed there were no virgins to be found in all of Thedas (damn!)

Really? All you know going in is that drinking from the Well of Sorrows will bestow power to you. You can carry around a Veilfire Torch with you as you go, as you may find runes written by ancient elves to increase your lore. These runes do not relate to any quests or side quests, however. Jumping to Dragon Age: Inquisition, the main quest "Here Lies the Abyss" takes the Inquisitor, Hawke, and a Grey Warden deep into the Fade. You denied me my vengeance in Khenarthi's Roost.

You need to step on each tile without repeating your steps. Until Dragon Age 4 comes out, players may still not know the full extent of the consequence of this choice. When you’re at the masquerade ball, you’ll have to decide who you want to rule Orlais. However, my second time around I went with Templars, and I have to say, that mission was a lot more fun/interesting for me.

Your first area for this quest is Arbor Wilds. Furthermore, it is revealed through talk between emissaries in Inquisition that Bhelen is actually more open to working with the Inquisition, while Harrowmont in dealing with riots in the city. Samson and his red templars are melee-oriented as usual. Its ridiculous, as is the fact that despite being Elven and interested in history, he apparently can only translate certain bits and pieces of the writings, and never mentions any of the stuff that Morrigan claims to have read and left out. Maybe it’s because of the unpredictability of the NPC approval system, I dunno. Let me know in comments!

But really, I just want spoilers for the consequences for who drinks from the well. Turn left, then right and walk until you reach the north row. This is probably the most hotly debated, polarizing choice on a philosophical/ethical level.

The most frustrating aspect of this choice is the fact that, while there's an immediate consequence of the choice (namely, whether or not players fight the Architect), it's really been unclear what the ultimate consequences of this choice are.

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