Small business owners who wish to appeal to women should think about linking their product or service, or a percentage of revenues, to a cause that women who might buy from them care about.

Like many firms, we've expanded our online presence to include a Facebook fan page, Twitter pages, a blog, etc. Everything you say and do should be done to advance the needs and best interests of your audience—those you are trying to persuade. What appeals to women is a message that speaks to their heart, and a look and feel that's easy to read and navigate. But the art of persuasion is about using a sophisticated mix of communication skills and leadership abilities to bring others around to your ideas, recommendations or proposals after—and only after—you’ve successfully convinced them that it’s in their best interest to apply them. This is where you’ll match those needs or challenges with solutions that will advance their goals or solve their problems. With women, it's essential to build trust.

In addition to the exposure, it's also helping us tighten up our message and refine our marketing materials. That the audience will question certain points and want evidence to back them up B. Instead, make direct, friendly eye contact, keep an open torso (demonstrates that you are open and honest) and repeat back what you heard, showing her that you really listened. Once you’ve determined how you’re going to gather, track, and manage your data, you can start improving your audience targeting.

Now that your audience is motivated to take action, you have to help them understand the action steps and process for which they will commit. The quality of the education, conversation and community brings women back and makes them raving fans. This is where the rubber meets the road for your grand ideas, recommendations or proposals. That's not an effective approach. ", "Don't fall into the trap of stereotyping women. The art of persuasion isn’t about simply selling an idea; it’s actually about bringing about a change in behavior or moving people to action. This app quickly gained the hearts of women and soon held the No. Can you inspire others to action if you are unable to draw them into your vision or positively help them embrace a new process, a new system or a new method? What WILL Work: Stories and anecdotes that relate to a woman's own situation, making women comfortable enough to take their time to make decisions, educating women along the way, allowing for a longer relationship development process, and being very upfront about how you (the bank) are compensated. Think of successful campaigns like 'I'm worth it. If you are talking to mums, employ mums to write your articles and blogs, answer the phones, etc. Emotional appeals are designed to make an audience associate positive feelings with your brand. The best way to make sure that your marketing is likely to resonate is to hire a content writer who meets as many of your perfect customer attributes as possible. Use HootSuite and to streamline your social media marketing.". Ethos is meant to appeal through credibility, logos is meant to appeal through logic. This is because women compare shopping experiences and will try out what other women suggest, and they want to be a part of the action.". ", "Small business owners wishing to reach women who enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, hunting, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, rock climbing, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, wildlife watching, target shooting and more, will get impressive and consistent results by running product and event press releases (including photos, logos and keyword links) in the "Wednesdays for Women" edition of The Outdoor Wire.

Everyone from the creator to the R&D scientists to the head of manufacturing is available to answer the customer's questions. In order to persuade people, you have to understand their challenges, struggles, pain points, etc. And don’t forget the options of licensing some great tunes from the past. Use this time to provide a rationale for your ideas, substantiate your proposals and fully justify your recommendations. 631-265-5160 This point is worth repeating. ", "We have found that one of the best ways to market our products to women has been through establishing relationships with bloggers, especially blogs that focus on active moms. If you can make their lives easier in some way, help them with time-consuming tasks, or allow them to spend more time on their many other duties, they appreciate it. Women buy the experience. Is it any wonder that I'm looking to businesses to offer real-life solutions to help me get through my day? Of course, there should be mutual interest and clear commonalities in where they believe they want to go and where you want to take them or an explanation for the disparities. While some products can effectively persuade consumers with tugs to the heart strings, other products demand a more rational approach, especially if the ad is used in a print medium.

From the beginning we invested in a professionally-designed website complete with professional photography and professionally-written text. Send them a Thank You gift after a purchase — as an unexpected bonus! With, the on-line community makes the groups findable, provides continuity between meetings, and supports the face-to-face meetings. Create Clubs, special events or other ways to give your clients a sense of being part of your business 'community. If you move forward with your presentation, sales pitch or proposal without considering the needs of your audience, you are likely to fail. (Nothing too flashy or burdened with corporate-speak, mind you. 811 West Jericho Turnpike Have contests that reward your clients for their best ideas and inspiring messages to share with others. Whether you are the job applicant trying to persuade the hiring manager to hire you, the manager of sales who wants to implement new communication techniques, the change lead responsible for persuading colleagues on the benefits of your next digital transformation initiative, the HR executive charged with a complete work-design overhaul or the marketing executive leading a new approach to performance, you need to become more persuasive.

It is your responsibility to be aware of the kinds of questions that start rolling around in your listeners’ heads the moment you start talking to them. ", "Thank and appreciate them with little things that count: send them a real card on their birthday or other holidays. Humor is often used in advertising. ", "Market your products/services/company with a 'tone of voice' that communicates honesty, common sense, and warmth — and back it up with your actions. If you have a product that can make her life easier, then don't just tell her, show her. Trying to be all things to all women will leave you being nothing to every woman. To create an emotional reaction from them is to open a conversation. However, make sure that scarcity actually applies to what you’re selling: If you’re advertising a limited time offer, customers will notice if it goes on longer than advertised—and they may lose trust in your company’s promotions. Your product or service must be positioned uniquely to women in your target market. It's equally helpful to us, as we continue to build our brand, to see what information about our company strikes a chord with the blogging community. They may still be in conversation with you, but fail to give them a reason to trust you, and you will lose the opportunity to connect and thoroughly present your ideas. And then you need to ask thoughtful, open-ended, questions that serve to expand the conversation toward an area close to where you want to go. Rational appeals. Whether it just be a local branding approach or a national approach, women will flock to where other women shop. Kraft did this recently with great success. And it has served us well. Audience targeting strategies from the experts Now, here’s a closer look at eight audience targeting strategies used again and again by digital marketing experts. We will tell you. But the foundation for our firm and our message has always been our website. We value our customers and take their concerns very seriously. These appeals generally focus on trust, joy, love, loyalty and happiness, which you can leverage through the use of powerful music and imagery. The best way to show that you care is to start listening to the people you want to persuade. Do this well enough, and people are likely to take action. At this point of your persuasion effort, your listeners are ready to accept your ideas, recommendations or proposals, but they are still unsure about the action steps and the process. '", "Talk their language. ", "The best way to market our products is to be honest and 'un'market them. I always buy products from those sites.". By communicating actions steps, you will help reduce fear and ambiguity. Companies targeting women need to brand themselves in their niche market. Ask us. Although history has shown that sex does indeed sell—or at least gets attention—sexual appeals have been used so often that in some cases, using them may not pack the punch that marketers may expect. You cannot just talk, push information out there and think they will engage. She will share good and bad experiences with her friends via tightly knit Social Media Communities via Facebook and blogs. And when you are real good (leading with influence), they will actually let you take them where you want to go. That is the thing I have the least of and can't manufacture. We supply the bloggers with products to test out and review, and, we also offer a discount code and sometimes a giveaway for the followers of each specific blog. And when you outline a clear process, you help to minimize the perceived risks.

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