He now threw up the falcon which, towering upwards, swooped down upon the head of the foremost bird, and so confused and alarmed him, that he could not defend himself nor continue his flight. As we rode after the boys, who were some way ahead, Fritz remarked, ‘Did you not tell me that the juice of that tree was poisonous, father; why have you collected such a quantity?’, ‘I did indeed say so,’ I replied, ‘it is a most deadly poison. See, here is a fine bit, only rather dull, and not transparent: what a pity! Room was left in the cart for my wife, Jack and Franz mounted Storm and Grumble, I rode Lightfoot, and Fritz brought up the rear on Swift. Even he himself made a face at the peculiar flavour of the meat. There we were surprised to see Ernest surrounded by a number of large rats, which lay dead on the ground. All was ready for a start at an early hour; my brave wife consented to remain in camp with Franz as her companion, while the three elder boys, and all the dogs, except Juno, went with me. I paused in wonder as to whence the noise proceeded, while Franz exclaimed, “Oh, father! The treatment of the green berries was simple; they were merely exposed to the sun's heat for a day or two, and then stored: in this way we obtained enough, both of black and white pepper, to last us a very long time. The cock will return to excitedly flapping his wings and poking the ground with his bill, before symbolically clearing out a nest in the dirt by violently beating his wings. As Carpenter and Prichard write in The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature (Oxford, 1995), "with all the expansions and contractions over the past two centuries (this includes a long history of abridgments, condensations, Christianizing, and Disney products), Wyss's original narrative has long since been obscured. She prepared balls of maize flour, mixed with butter. And just to see how Storm and Grumble go along over a grassy plain! We went back to the house, and met Fritz and Jack just returned from their excursion, reporting that no trace of serpents, great or small, had been met with. These include Charlotte Turner Smith's Rural Walks: in Dialogues intended for the use of Young Persons (1795), Rambles Farther: A continuation of Rural Walks (1796), A Natural History of Birds, intended chiefly for young persons (1807). Examining further, I detached a large block, and found to my joy that I could split it into clear transparent sheets, which would serve admirably for window panes. Fritz’s game-bag looked remarkably queer—round lumps, sharp points, and an occasional movement seemed to indicate a living creature or creatures within. “A fine large eel you mean, my boy. These preparations were at length made, and the moulds received a thin layer of the porcelain material. It was the smell of roast pork, certainly, but with a flavour of spices which surprised me, until I thought of the leaves in which the food had been wrapped up. Ostriches' eggs! “We have escaped the greatest peril we have yet encountered!”. We resolved to make the defences doubly strong, being convinced that the position was capable of being barricaded and fortified so as to resist the invaders we dreaded. I soon saw that my plan would succeed, though skill and considerable practice was necessary in the use of my patent bridle. It was long since we had enjoyed the fresh juice of these canes, and we were refreshing ourselves therewith, when a loud barking of dogs and loud rustling and rattling through the thicket of canes disturbed our pleasant occupation, and, as we could see nothing a yard off where we stood, I hurried to the open ground, and with guns in readiness we awaited what was coming.

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