This movie also used an expert, the psychiatrist. He is accused of stabbing a Catholic priest and is soon represented by Martin Vail. I figured he would have tried to plead insanity, or incompetency to stand trial. He was asked a question as to how he can represent a client if he knows they are guilty. One interesting question that I thought of while I was watching the movie was why didn’t they test Aaron for psychological problems before his plea? Martian had Aaron analyzed by a psychiatrist in which he is put through cognitive testing. Marty then brings in a psychologist to assess the mental state of Aaron/Roy. As it was showing the Bishop’s murder, this immediately reminded me of the weapon-focus effect. It is also noteworthy that those with antisocial disorder are typically charming and manipulative. But it seems legitimate. Vail talks about how he does not care about if someone is innocent or not, he cares if he can convince the jury that they are. Marty looks into bringing a psychological expert into the case to find out more about Aaron’s memory problems and state of mind during the time of the alleged crime. Next Vail met with his defense team which would help him to build up his defense case for Aaron. The reason that the film was interesting was the fact that it had to do with the use of expert testimony during a trial. By watching and listening we could rule out that Roy the alleged other personality that Aaron had murdered the Arch Bishop and we could put into place that he was in fact insane at the scene of the crime, so that is why they tried to rule that he was insane and have the Neuropsychologist come up and talk to the court room about how insane he actually was and what was wrong with him to make he not capable for being found guilty under those circumstances. Andrea Yates was sent through dozens of psychological doctors, and therapist in order to determine if she was competent to stand trial, and if she had been sane, or insane during the criminal act, whereas for Aaron, he was told to have MSD by only one psychiatrist. KEY TERMS: Neuropsychology, Multiple personalities, split personality disorder, insane, competent, cross-examination, court room, Primal Fear was a very intense movie with a lot of twists and turns. He appears in over his head when he cannot coax any sort of relevant information from his client because of an apparent stutter and nervous tension experienced when talking about the killing. Is he a psychopath? terms: psychology, case, crime, innocent until proven guilty, multiple personality, amnesia, psychological exam, competent to stand trial, insane. The court proceeding also followed the correct guidelines. Aaron was full of blood, fingerprints, and all sorts of other DNA evidence (Ch. It seems to me that this is demonstrated very well in this movie, even if the actors say they are doing it for other reasons. Incompent, insanity, reactance theory, dissociative identity disorder, memory, retrieval inhibition. This meant that he wasn't competent at all, far from it, that he was legally insane. terms: multiple personality disorder, pedophilia, biopsychology, memory lapse, reverse psychology, cognition & emotion, insanity, social psychology, manipulation, clinical psychology & mental disorders. At this point he attacks Janet and claims to have no recognition of it. Retrieval inhibition occurs when one selectively retrieves only some aspects of a scene which inhibits the recall of other aspects of that same crime. This film was an excellent example of what really does go on in a courtroom. With Martin as the defense, the state administers Martian’s former lover Janet Venable as the prosecution attorney. One piece of evidence is uncovered throughout the movie and that is the video. In this case Aaron/Roy understands what he did was wrong but who did the killing and was he sane at the time of the murder or was he insane? Hearing his reasoning for why he defends these people, though, makes a whole lot of sense to me. Vale understood that he had very little going for him in the case, and it was also too late to change to an insanity plea, so he had the psychiatrist take the stand and be cross-examined by the prosecution in hopes of seeing Roy’s personality state emerge. Vail does this since he does not know Aaron very well yet and he does not want to inadvertently exclude any possibilities, such as Aaron’s mental stability. They thought this because apparently he had "blacked out" at the scene of the crime. After watching Primal Fear, I thought it was a very interesting movie and it also did a very good job of showing certain aspects of psychology and how they relate to the courtroom. However going back to the issue I raised earlier it is now too late to plea an insanity defense. The film overall did an exceptional job of underlying a criminal case and provided many psychological principles. In this scene it was clear to me he could have been found competent enough to indeed stand trial, however it indeed would be debated. Block, MD, Verywell Mind uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. During this evaluation the doctor talks to Aaron until he becomes a bit flustered and angry. He had been faking his symptoms the whole time in order to win the case. But before this jury is selected for trial, the defense and prosecutor interview the potential jurors and can challenge in order to get the jurors that they want. An expert witness (psychiatrist) was called to testify to help explain why Aaron blacks out and loses his sense of where he has been or what he was doing. Total surprise to me! Vail is a debonair, self-satisfied, egotistical legal hotshot; he flaunts his accomplishments, arrogance and enjoys seeing his name in the headlines. The psychology of Martin did not effect the outcome of the trail and story line as much as his personality and attitude. However, because they are both the same person it makes it very interesting. Expert witnesses appear in court and their testimony is based on specialized knowledge, training, or expertise. The clinical psychology that goes into this production is very intriguing. Get help, you deserve to be happy! The jury of course is shocked and finds him not guilty by reason of insanity. The pressure put on Janet during this case causes her to become intense in her pursuit of “justice”. I definitely think that his lie detection skills were on high alert while working this case. This movie was very entertaining and kept me thinking about it for days after watching. It made me realize how bad of an idea it is to get involved with the person trying to make you lose. He replied that the blood on the shoes matched the blood type as well as shared DNA characteristics with the victim’s DNA. Usually the different personalities are very different from one another, even polar opposites. Falsifying his mental illness in order to escape prison makes Aaron a malingerer. One of the defining features is the inability to recall information experienced by one personality when a different personality is present. * Basic Research = is concern with the quest for knowledge regardless of whether it has immediate practical value. When Martin and his expert neuropsychologist first discover Arron’s anger and aggression when confronted with his past girlfriend, they must totally reconstruct their case. At the bottom of your comment, please put a list of the psychological and legal terms you used. When Aaron was first captured by the police and questioned by his lawyer, he tells a story of someone else being in the room. Behav Res Ther. Aaron’s first brief transformation of Roy, his alter ego who was swearing at the neuropsychologist examining him, was the first visual sign that something was not entirely right. Since this case was highly publicized and many people thought that Aaron was already guilty of this crime, they may have gone in with the opinion that he was already guilty. Marty catches on and returns to the cell where Aaron/Roy tells him that it was all a lie. Based on the information said, it would seem that Aaron is competent to stand trial, however, Roy is questionable. I was surprised that even the psychologist was unable to see that Andrew did not have multiple personality disorder. These are actual signs that someone may have a multiple personality disorder, however they aren’t conclusive signs. Respectively, she notes Aaron’s drastic mood change, shaking hands, and the abuse he suffered from his father and Archbishop Rushmore in her psychological analysis. Aaron insists that there was someone else in the room who killed the archbishop, but he doesn’t know who it was because of his blackout. You could tell that Martin more so wanted to keep their love connection going throughout the trial, but all Janet wanted to do was her job so that she wouldn't lose her job and she said professional as she could. As a lawyer he wants the jury to be fair, think clearly, and consider all sides of the case. That would be the abnormal aspect of this movie. He had suffered from abuse as a child and abuse from the bishop. Psychology on Homosexuality One of the deeply debated topics in psychology is homosexuality, some psychologists believe that it's genetic and some believe that it is a learned sexual orientation. Firstly until this scene I thought throughout the movie that the defendant was a little odd in terms of his stutter, however did not think it was related to his mental capacity. Vail then goes to confront Aaron who when pushed a little turns into “roy” a very angry foulmouthed version of aaron. Edward Norton’s performance in the film was remarkable because of his ability to fake the Multiple Personality disorder so well. After the murder was reported, Aaron was found covered in the archbishop’s blood after running from the crime scene. You see him having a drink with him, sharing music, and talking to him like they are good friends. In Vails first meeting with Aaron you learn that Vail is willing to take on this case free of charge. Aaron used his knowledge of dissociative identity disorder to trick Martin, Molly and eventually Janet. Emotions Revealed: Recognizing Faces and Feelings to Improve Communication and Emotional Life. Martin Vail uses reverse psychology, or manipulation, on Janet Venable in order for Aaron to be able to demonstrate his alleged dissociative identity disorder. This is a common problem as that the need to be the first to release the story often leads to misrepresentation of facts, and a negative depiction of the defendant. Juxtaposition is literally exploding from every scene of this movie; and psychology can help us understand the motivations behind the characters actions. He keeps his emotions repressed, which is why he created Roy, who is capable of such a crime.” If Aaron really did have dissociative disorder, he should have been found not guilty by reason of insanity. Though you recognize that the fear is unreasonable, you can't help the reaction. For one, people first believed that Aaron suffered from amnesia.

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