Various theories about what happened abounded. Some items like Mike’s hunting license were also recovered.
He is expected to be released in 2036. The plan was to make it look like an accidental drowning, but when Williams resurfaced and tried to get out of the water, Winchester shot him in the head and buried his body. Apparently, he was paranoid that she'd go to the police and confess what really happened to Mike Williams. Denise Williams will be transferred from the Leon County jail to a state corrections intake facility in central Florida and likely will be housed at the women's facility in Gadsden County. But Mike refused to kill his then-wife, Kathy Thomas. I'm not happy because I don't have Michael.". It was actually Mike Williams' mom, Cheryl, who appealed to the judge for a maximum sentence. Not knowing that just two years later, he'd be the one to crack. In 2016, Winchester attempted to kidnap Denise and was arrested.

Eventually, search efforts were scaled back before the case went cold. They continued to live in the same house that Denise shared with Mike.

It would later be revealed that Winchester feared Denise would spill what had happened with Mike, and tried to kidnap her to prevent a confession. A DNA match to Cheryl confirmed that they were indeed Mike’s remains. Williams-Winchester has been serving her time at the Florida Women’s Reception Center, located in Ocala, Marion County, Fla. Denise Williams Was Arrested On May 8, 2018, Denise was arrested on the day she was going to celebrate Anslee’s 19th birthday. By 2008, law enforcement began to suspect foul play. Furthermore, the hunting jacket, flashlight, and hunting license were undamaged and in working condition when they were found. He said that he lured Mike to Lake Seminole the day he disappeared. Denise’s attorney argued that there was no evidence connecting her to the crime and it was all Winchester’s doing. Mike Williams disappeared back in 2000. Five months after Denise was convicted, Anslee Williams, who was only 18 months when her father seemingly disappeared, was awarded all of Mike’s assets. But because of Cheryl Williams' efforts to reopen the investigation, over 17 years later, the remains of Williams' body were found and authorities actually confirmed that he was murdered.

Winchester, who was in prison at the time, was charged as well. "Further," the statement said, "it was the wishes of Jerry 'Mike' Williams's mother and brother that his heir be 'taken care of.'".
Denise Williams was convicted on all charges and sentenced to life in prison. She was indicted on charges of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, and accessory after the fact. “If she’s locked up forever, you can’t say you’re happy. Cheryl and her other son, Nick, had Mike’s remains buried in Roselawn Cemetery after a funeral service on September 8, 2018. After all of her assets were voluntarily given to Mike Williams' sole heir, the purpose of the charge was fulfilled. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) began a search and rescue mission, believing that Mike had fallen overboard.

Authorities said that it had been determined that Mike was murdered, though the specifics were not revealed. According to the indictment documents, Denise and Winchester began conspiring against Mike in March 2000. However, none of the items found showed any evidence supporting the alligator theory.

On May 8, 2018, Denise Williams was arrested at Florida State as she left work to celebrate her daughter's 19th birthday, minutes after a grand jury had indicted her on charges of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, and accessory after the fact. However, he never returned. He married Denise Merrell (born March 7, 1970), his high school sweetheart from North Florida Christian High School, in 1994.

She was convicted in December of first-degree murder and conspiracy in the 17-year-old cold case. Mike Williams' body was discovered in 2017 after Winchester told investigators in detail how he and Denise, who'd been having a years' long affair, planned to get rid of him, make it look like an accident and collect on his life insurance policies.

Winchester also raised Anslee as his stepdaughter.

Denise Williams collected $1.75 million from her husband's three life insurance policies after she had him declared dead six months after he supposedly vanished in December 2000 during a … Denise Williams collected $1.75 million from her husband's three life insurance policies after she had him declared dead six months after he supposedly vanished in December 2000 during a solo-duck hunting trip on Lake Seminole in Jackson County. He then made it seem like he wasn’t with Mike and had only learned of his disappearance later. Since her mother’s conviction, however, she has maintained a low profile and kept much of her social media private. As for Williams' mom, Cheryl, she's understandably heartbroken that she will never get her son back, but it's all because of her efforts that the truth finally came to light. Still, he decided to follow Williams-Winchester's new plan to get rid of Mike Williams by the lake. Denise was charged with insurance fraud as well. Five years after Mike’s disappearance, Denise married Brian Winchester. Assistant State Attorney Jon Fuchs had no comment on the total dollar figure, though Cheryl Williams said it was about $1.4 million. There were multiple searches in subsequent years, using more advanced equipment.

They did have a semblance of a relationship with Anslee for a few years. Years ago, because of her insistence that Mike's disappearance be investigated, Denise cut ties between Cheryl and Anslee.

But Mike’s mother, Cheryl Williams, suspected foul play. The stipulated agreement was signed by Anslee Williams in May, just over a year after her mother's arrest on the young woman's birthday. As part of the deal, Anslee was not allowed to use the money to pay Denise’s legal fees. In its non-prosecution statement, Fuchs said the primary purpose of the fraud case was to ensure Denise Williams did not and cannot profit from her husband's death. He said that Denise suggested a plan to kill both their spouses since Denise’s family frowned upon divorce. Her Killer Was Sentenced to Death, C-SPAN’s Steve Scully Used the “Twitter Hack” Lie at Least Twice Before, It's Less About What Steve Scully Tweeted, and More About the Fact That He Lied About It. Denise kept a low profile during the search for Mike. The assets given to Anslee Williams include four pieces of Tallahassee real estate valued at about $877,000, including her home on Centennial Oaks Circle, purchased by her parents when she was a baby. Her efforts led to her becoming estranged from Denise, but Cheryl continued with the search for Mike. "It's a burden lifted," she said. Since her conviction, Denise has been serving her life sentence at the Florida Women’s Reception Center. They remain estranged. Winchester and Denise reportedly took it slow for years, so they could let the insurance money accrue interest and lessen suspicion. Both agreed to get rid of their spouses so that they could be together and collect the insurance money.

She now attends Florida State University and she also competes in pageants. She even organized a private search team to find answers.

She competed for Miss Florida USA and she actually won Miss Tallahassee Teen USA in 2017. Winchester, who was in prison at the time, was charged as well. Investigators theorized that if Mike had drowned, his body would come to surface as it usually happens.

During the trial, Winchester confessed to pulling the trigger, but said that Denise was the one who came up with the plot.

After the trial, Williams-Winchester was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. They did say that they would seek to have her denied bail. Under the terms of the agreement, Anslee Williams, 20, is prohibited from using any of the money or assets she received to help pay her mothers' legal fees or other costs associated with the murder case or any ongoing appeals. Instead, Winchester followed Denise’s plans to get rid of Mike. In a shocking twist of events, in 2018 (and on his daughter's 19th birthday), Mike Williams' wife, Denise Williams-Winchester, was arrested on charges of first-degree murder, fraud, conspiracy, and accessory after the fact. Anslee is apparently a student at Florida State University, Mike’s alma mater. Cheryl Williams' emotional statement at Denise Williams' sentencing. However, Winchester didn't follow through with killing his ex-wife, Kathy.

Their daughter, Anslee Williams, was born in 1999.

That allowed her to claim Mike’s insurance policies worth $1.75 million.

The order of no restitution was approved and the fraud charges formally dropped at a Tuesday morning court hearing. She was indicted on charges of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, and accessory after the fact. Shortly after they became parents, Mike and Denise took out a $1.0-million life insurance policy on Mike through Brian Winchester (born October 27, 1970), a mutual childhood friend. This resulted in a pretty intense murder trial, where Winchester eventually spilled the beans about what really happened.

But many were suspicious about his disappearance. He also confessed that he and Williams-Winchester were having an affair since high school. "Mike would have wanted her to have this," said Cheryl Williams, Mike's mom and Anslee's grandmother. Seventeen years after his disappearance, his widow, Denise Williams, was arrested on suspicion of his murder. She worked to reopen his investigation, including writing letters to the governor.

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