Two New Mexico historic markers, named 'Continental Divide' are located one each side of U.S.40 at junction 47. There are also two elevation signs on the front of the Indian Market, showing diagrams of the water flow directions. Most people hike on the trail, but it is also open to horseback riding. It is basically the point at which rivers flow to opposite sides of the continent. Some continental divides span multiple continents. I receive a tiny percent of any purchases you make through these links. The Continental Divide Trail Coalition has excellent resources available for planning a thru-hike or thru-ride, including maps, a water report, permitting information, and a free planning guide. The trail is remote and stays at high elevation for most of its length - the highest point on any National Scenic Trail, Gray's Peak, is 14,270 feet above sea level and the trail climbs all the way to its peak. Some sections are open to mountain biking and motorized use. Who can use the Continental Divide Trail? Read more tips from the Forest Service about enjoying the outdoors safely. In the United States the divide passes through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. Be aware of where these are located and know that supply can vary seasonally. The Continental Divide Trail passes through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, weaves along the border between Idaho and Montana, then crosses fully into Montana to reach the Canadian border. When enjoying time outdoors, be mindful of the Leave No Trace Principles. The divide changes in elevation and can be the tops of tall mountain passes, but in other areas it can be lower in elevation. What are the beginning and end points of the trail? It separates the water that runs toward the Pacific Ocean from the water that runs toward the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico. I have shown both in … The Continental Divide Trail also provides a window into the rich history of the West, from the history of indigenous peoples to westward expansion to sheepherding and mining in the Rocky Mountains. A permit for recreation on State Trust Lands in New Mexico is also required, and is available from the Continental Divide Trail Coalition.Respect Landowners - Some sections of the Continental Divide Trail are located on state trust land or private property. Learn more about the regions the trail passes through. Some soaks into the soil or simply evaporates. But, other times I see those signs in areas that do not seem very high. The lowest point of the continental divide in the USA is about 4,000 feet in New Mexico. The trail is about 3,100 miles long. Every continent in the world has a continental divide. Continental Divide Trail Coalition’s website, Strategic Planning, Budget And Accountability, Recreation, Heritage And Volunteer Resources, Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air And Rare Plants. This not only helps to maintain healthy ecosystems for plants and animals to thrive, but also ensures that our natural spaces remain beautiful for future human visitors. Most of the water that falls as rain on the west of the continental divide flows towards the pacific ocean and rain that falls to the east goes towards the Atlantic Ocean. Some activities may be restricted to certain areas, seasons, or require permits or licenses; be sure to check with the local land manager for rules and regulations while planning your trip. I can remember many times sitting in the car driving on a freeway somewhere in the western United States and seeing a road sign saying – continental divide. In North America the great continental divide begins in Alaska and flows all the way down to Mexico. Some of those signs are at the tops of impossibly high roads, which make sense. 95 percent of the trail is on public land, managed by the USDA Forest Service, National Park Service, or … These help me out by allowing me to make a living and write this blog. The other is at the Chief Mountain border crossing, and is a good option for those who do not have a passport or are concerned about snow levels in the early or late season. Whether you enjoy the trail for just a few hours, days, or weeks at a time, you can have an incredible experience on the trail. What's up nature addict! Notable sections of New Mexico? Always carry a method of water filtration or purification if you are relying on natural water sources.Navigation - Carry a map of the area, and remember that mobile phone coverage is not reliable in the backcountry.Equipment - Pack accordingly for your trip. The Continental Divide passes through the US states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. The best example of this in the US is the great basin in Nevada and Utah. Jakes Nature Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. This means that the divide is not just one point or several, but is in fact a continuous line from north to south. I love hiking, my kids, and nature. Resources for employees impacted by fire or hurricanes. In the United States the divide passes through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. Is it just for thru-hikers? The trail itself is a corridor of pathways - i.e. The continental divide passes right through the Rocky Mountains. Respect private property by staying on the designated trail and closing any access gates behind you.Know Before You Go - Read more tips from the Forest Service about enjoying the outdoors safely. The trail's path along the Continental Divide, a unique geographic feature, defines many of the special qualities of the trail. Continental Divide, fairly continuous ridge of north-south–trending mountain summits in western North America which divides the continent’s principal drainage into that flowing eastward (either to Hudson Bay in Canada or, chiefly, to the Mississippi and Rio Grande rivers in the United States) and that flowing westward (into the Pacific Ocean). The great continental divide in North America separates rivers that flow east towards the Atlantic Ocean and those that flow west towards the Pacific Ocean., United The photos below are in chronological/geographical order from south to north, and if you're really into photos of New Mexico you can check out the following posts as well: Continental Divide Trail,  Photo Gallery CDT Desert,  New Mexico, Continental Divide Trail In Photos: The Bootheel, Continental Divide Trail In Photos: New Mexico Water Sources, Continental Divide Trail In Photos: The Gila. For any trip on the Continental Divide Trail, it is important to be prepared. For the most part the divide … In North America the great continental divide begins in Alaska and flows all the way down to Mexico. The Bootheel, the Gila National Forest (which is actually an alternate route), the San Pedro Parks Wilderness, the Ignacio Chavez Special Management Area, El Malpais National Monument, and the Chama River Canyon Wilderness. Soaking in the view at Pitamakan Pass, Glacier National Park. Here is the great divide in the United States. The southernmost 809 mi / 1,302 km of the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) covers the stats of New Mexico.New Mexico can (somewhat accurately) be described as the “desert section” of the trail and the entire New Mexico CDT is above 4,000 ft / 1,220 m and more than 75% is above 6,000 ft / 1,830 m (with the high point appropriately found near the New Mexico/Colorado border). Agriculture. The closest town to the southern endpoint is Hachita, New Mexico. Here are some important facts about the continental divide in the US. available from the Continental Divide Trail Coalition. My secret reason for doing this is that I want more people to become nature addicts like me. dedicated footpaths or back roads, either on or near the Continental Divide. Other rivers may go into a large basin that has no outlet and simply has a very large lake that collects water.

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