The Match Director will usually assign the competitors to squads of equal size. When you know a firearm’s effective killing range, you can determine: when a shot can give a clean kill. You will find that having your firearm placed in such a stable position allows for greater trigger control and sight alignment. It is however the quickest position to assume and is useful for quick shots and for shooting over objects. Once you have signed up, you will receive your score sheets. On the day of your first match you will need to have the following items with you: Once you have all that you need to get yourself to the range. (An alternative to this is to place your elbow just forward of the knee, letting the upper triceps rest on the knee itself). Dept. of the Army, page 8-27, 8-28, Terminal Ballistics Test and Analysis Guidelines for the Penetration Mechanics Branch, "GunTec Dictionary of Shooting, Reloading, Gunsmithing, Hunting & Outdoor Terms",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 10:38. Hold the rifle firmly but relaxed in your right hand with your elbow almost horizontal. Keep your left foot as close to flat on the ground as you can. Lie down with your body pointing 10 to 20 degrees to the right of the target. Magazines may be loaded anywhere except in designated safe areas. Your left hand will be close to, if not touching, the front sling swivel. Listed below are the major items that are needed to compete at the entry-level: Visor – This will help to shelter the rear sight from the glare of the surrounding light as well as to block out some visual distractions. These are usually people of have done a few matches and who are familiar with the rules. The steadiness comes from your left arm supported on your left knee that is being steadied by the grounding. Description – This describes what you will have to do in this stage, it will include the start position, certain targets that have to be engaged from specific positions. Focus on safety, moving smoothly and hitting the targets. ‘LOAD AND MAKE READY’ (You may now remove the gun firm the holster, load it and re-holster. The trick, at least for the first few matches, is to keep it simple. The walk-through is a vital part of the stage; this is the opportunity for you to walk through the course of fire as if you were shooting it. Try to keep your head as level with the ground as possible. To refresh your memory they are as follows: 1. Cross your right leg over your left leg at the ankles and tuck them underneath you. Some have completed extensive training to become Certified RO’s . Number of Points – The number of points that are available, typically this is FIVE times the number of rounds, a twenty round stage is typically worth 100 points. Typically there will be a squad for each stage and each squad will hold a similar number of shooters. Your left hand should support, not grip, the rifle just forward of the magazine well. Align the position with the target, 5. (if your are finished, you should remove the magazine, rack the slide to eject the round in the chamber and show the empty chamber to the RO), ‘IF CLEAR, HAMMER DOWN’ (release the slide and press the trigger to drop the hammer on the empty chamber), The RO will now proceed to score your targets. This position seems self-explanatory right? Keep your left leg straight while drawing your right leg up as if you were going to crawl. If you are not sure which is the correct score sheet ask for assistance. At the start it is important to focus on the basics of Practical Shooting, don’t try to set records. Once that is done, each stage will be described. If you do not have anyone to help guide you, make this known at sign up, prior to the commencement of shooting, and someone will be assigned to assist you through your first match. All competitors are required to help ‘patch’ or ‘tape’ targets and reset steel. Ok you should start off by pointing the left side of your body at the target (if you are right handed). Everyone is there to help. There may be some regional differences in how matches are run but this guide will give you a rough idea of what to expect and the meaning of some of the common terminology that you may encounter. What happens is the rifle is totally supported by your slung-up arm, which has direct support from the ground. You should be familiar with the basics of loading, unloading, magazine changes and drawing from a holster. The reason this is, is the fact that you have no support other than your own strength and balance. This gives you an opportunity to watch some other people shoot the stage, and perfect your plan, before it’s your turn in the spotlight. As I sat at the range packing up my gear, I watched a father telling his son about the four common shooting positions for his rifle: standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone. Fill in your name on each score sheet. Shoot groups at the target with live fire, 7. So time your shots according to your breathing pattern. Snug the butt of the rifle into the pocket of your shoulder created by your right arm. It is made from a rigid material that supports your body’s position whilst restricting its movement. This is the most common position when shooting during low light. All of them are useful and you should find the one that suits you best. He has also worked as a security consultant with national security firms and General Motors Police Vehicle Division and has written several books. Each stage briefing will have several key points and they are listed below: Comstock – Indicates that you can shoot as many rounds as you need to complete the course of fire or stage. All competitors are required to pick up spent shells (brass) at the end of the match. Establish a firm spot or cheek weld and align the sights. Handling the gun without the supervision of an RO (Range Officer) is not permitted. The job of the Score Keeper is to capture all this data on your score sheet and total up all the hits, misses and no-shoots etc.. Shooter travels the stage engaging targets. We all want your first match to be safe and fun. You may notice a bit of sway in this position, It’s normal and there’s not much you can do about it. There are numerous pieces of equipment that are needed to be able to effectively compete in ISSF Sports. Load them up prior to the beginning of shooting so that you are ready for the start. Kneeling Roll – The roll is the support base for shooters stationary in the kneeling position. Sling – Connected to the supporting arm of the shooting coat, this simple “Belt-like” apparel bears the weight of the rifle and transfers it to the jacket and shooter position. As you inhale your spine will compress making the standing position as stable as it can be. Many big game hunters prefer the cross leg position when hunting with a semi-automatic rifle like AR15. Usually at the end of the match, spent shells are picked up, stages are dismantled and all the props are put away. Place your left upper-arm against your body resting it against your ribs. Tuck your right leg underneath your butt, with the bone of the right cheek resting on the heel. "Beyond the Basics: Developing Your Own Loads", "USAF Intelligence Targeting Guide—AIR FORCE PAMPHLET 14- 210 Intelligence", Elementary optics and application to fire control instruments By United States. Typically each match will use some kind of squads – grouping shooters together – and you will stay with that squad for the entire match and move from one range or stage to another. You’ll have to bend forward slightly to achieve a good spot or cheek weld. Always try to arrive early as this will give you time to walk around and examine the stages before the shooting starts. Once all the walking through is done, then it’s time to start shooting. Your left arm should support the rifle from almost directly underneath, and your left hand cradling the rifle a little forward of the magazine well. Field (long) Course – These big stages can require up to of 32 rounds and require multiple shooting positions. Many shooters will sight in their firearms by using the bench shooting position.

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