Single cabs had a RRP of 88 grand in 2019 and the crew version was 10-percent more, so value for money was high, given that a posh 4WD wagon costs that much. -LG HI MACS BENCHTOP FSD -- Canberra About Fifth cog was a leggy 0.72:1, meaning there was not much gradeability in overdrive, so even mild freeway pulls caused an instant speed drop. -SOLAR SYSTEM 2 x 175 WATT Victron, 2 X 130 WATT BP PANELS AND MPPT CONTROLLER All Rights Reserved. for this axle.). This is a TRUE all rounder vehicle, ready for absolutely any condition thrown its way. -CIRCUIT BREAKER SWITCHBOARD -WHEEL BRACE EXTENSION BAR We also stock a range of high quality used motorhomes and campervans from a number of different manufacturers. The AMT was happy to upshift and downshift through the four synchronised gears, but it wouldn’t pick up first gear on the run. -ALTEC DSR4639 DUAL CHANNEL RECORDER AND VAST RECEIVER -JOHN GUEST HOSE FITTINGS The going does indeed get tough at Rob Emmins’ off road facility in Melbourne’s west. -SUPER SINGLE TYRE AND SUSPENSION PACKAGE isuzu j series. Shop, OUTBACK TRAVEL AUSTRALIA PO Box 667 Moss Vale NSW 2577, News, updates, reviews and more from Allan Whiting directly to your inbox. -SMOKE ALARM Hooray! With the hubs clicked in, the dashboard rocker switch engaged 4×4 mode instantly at any speed, provided the vehicle was running straight ahead. FRR -ROOF RAILS Powered by Virtual Yard | Terms & Conditions. The new AMT calibration included a downshift program that worked very well in conjunction with the exhaust brake to wash off speed and there was no gear-selection ‘lag’ when the accelerator foot went back on the loud pedal. We look forward to serving you. -- Sydney isuzu g series (prime mover) gvd gvr gxd. -SPARE TYRE AND WHEEL x 2 GIGA 415 -WINDOW IN BATHROOM -DOMETIC REVERSE CYCLE AIR CONDITIONER For some serious off-road evaluation I took it to the demanding Melbourne Proving Ground, near Werribee. However, suspension quality still needs improving and a single-wheel option would be useful for those who don’t need to run duals. -GENERATOR BOX / HATCH n series description applicable models part number notes air deflector nnr, npr, nqr, nps 92956136 … Twin wipers and washers kept the screen clean. Servicepack models with tool and equipment storage were released in late 2020. FSS -CITY WATER ENTRY The 5.2-litre 4HK1 turbo-charged and air-to-air intercooled, four-cylinder, 16-valve diesel lost its fancy ‘Sitec’ description and, much more importantly,  also lost its diesel particulate filter. -REAR BUMPER WITH DUAL SPARE TYRE MOUNT AND WINCHES nhr nkr nlr nls nnr npr nps nqr: isuzu … I drove it for a day around the greater Melbourne area, on roads varying from freeway to potholed, corrugated gravel. Driving/Towing -INNERSPRING MATTRESS Blog -DOMETIC RANGE HOOD FSR -- Brisbane – Eagle Farm Buyers Guide Pre-trip checking the crew cab model wasn’t as easy as it was in the single cab, because the cab didn’t tilt. This configuration reduces front diff wear and noise, and saves fuel when 4×4 mode isn’t needed. The engine retained its 114kW at 2600rpm output and 419Nm in the 1600–2600rpm rev band. We haven’t been fans of Isuzu’s self-shifter since its introduction in 4×2 N Series trucks back in 2005. However, in the 2018 NPS 300 4×4 models there’s no stator and, hence, no torque multiplication: low range gearing is there for that purpose! All these additions were ideal for the NPS 300 – particularly central locking in the case of crew cab models, because in previous models it was difficult to operate the rear-seat door locks unless someone was actually sitting in the back. The NPS 300 felt quite at home around town, with easy shifts and ample torque to mix it with traffic. ISUZU CX On the plus side, both cab types had an oil-level monitor. isuzu cx cx cxh cxz giga 385 giga 415 giga 455. isuzu ex giga 425 giga 455 giga 510. isuzu f series frd frr fsd fsr fss fyh fyj fyx. Our 2015 test vehicle was an NPS 300 crew-cab tray-back, loaded to a shade over five tonnes GVM. All Rights Reserved |. -GME 4500 TWO WAY RADIO The NPS 300 surprised me and also amazed a hard-to-please Rob Emmins (at the wheel in the photo at right) with its ability on the Proving Ground hills. -- Dandenong Isuzu upgraded the N Series cab in 2015 and in late-2018, when a two-pedal, automated manual transmission model was added. -DOUBLE ELECTRIC ENTRY STEP ELECTRICAL Take your car to the next level in performance with suspension, brakes, shock absorbers, springs, power steering and more from Pedders Suspension. -DRINKING PACKAGE - SEP PLUMBING / FILTER / PUMP / TAP -TUNIT PLUGIN CHIP all isuzu accessories are designed and manufactured to ... performance/operation technology storage. NSW -truck & body isuzu nps 300 4x4 approx. The second-generation version was released in 2007 and still had less than desirable shifting habits. Our range has continued to grow and today we stock a huge range of parts for all Isuzu trucks, including the CX, Giga, F series, G series, J series and N series. The controls were modernised, with two simple rocker switches to engage four wheel drive and low range replacing yesterday’s lever. Information screen apart, the Isuzu NPS 300 was pleasant to operate and longer springs than the originals made a difference to ride quality. -UNDER BENCH SINK In October 2018 we had the opportunity to drive Isuzu’s AMT automated manual transmission model on-highway and off-road. Destinations Dont miss out on this vehicle as it is a rarity and wont last long! -ADJUSTABLE SHOWER RAIL SYSTEM The 2015 NPS upgraded cab boasted an information screen with optional navigation system and reversing camera compatibility, power windows, central locking and cornering lights. KITCHEN / APPLIANCES -1 x 75L GREY WATER TANK -OUTBACK MARINE BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Isuzu Australia’s chief engineer of product strategy, Simon Humphries, must have thought the same: “The new transmission has been developed after benchmark testing in Australia, with shift timing and logic designed to suit Australian driving conditions.”. -VICTRON MULTIPLUS COMPACT 12 2000 80 INVERTER CHARGER -FANTASTIC HATCH - MANUAL X2 FRD -- Mackay When descending a notorious 1:1 slope it didn’t dig in its front bumper or drag its bodywork at the base of the hill. -SMEV OVEN / GRILL COMBO -GAS BOTTLES 9KG x 2 / HATCH Another issue with all touch screens – not just Isuzu’s – was the need for the driver to divert attention from the road. Beneath the cab were familiar mechanicals: Sitec 155 Euro V, 5.2-litre, four-cylinder, common-rail, turbo-intercooled diesel, with cooled EGR and a DPF. 70000km-super single tyre and suspension package-rear bumper with dual spare tyre mount and winches-spare tyre and wheel x 2-roof rack with spotlight mounts-roof … If the driver selected a gear that was too high for the traction and speed conditions the fluid coupling ‘slipped’ to compensate, but when there was too much slip the warning chime sounded, indicating it was time for a downshift. Ergonomics were the same as in the 4×2 Isuzu N Series, so everything was well placed. Another addition to the 2018 specification was a change from Michelin XZT 8.5R17.5s to Bridgestone L330 225/80R17.5 tyres, giving 200kg additional front axle capacity. -- Perth -AUTOSAT DIGITAL SATELLITE / RECEIVER BOX / CONTROLLER -ALUMINIUM SECURITY MESH DOOR However, the NPS 300 isn’t intended to be a linehaul performer. FYJ VIC Overall low range gearing reduction works out at 50:1, allowing the vehicle to climb steep grades without the need for a run-up or a bagful of revs and a flat torque curve ensures there’s no traction-breaking slug of torque as engine revs rise and fall. I’ve driven 4×4 utes and wagons around this site on many occasions, but this was the first attempt in a light truck. (Isuzu doesn’t sell it, but there’s an Eaton NoSpin automatically-locking centre available -WINDSCREEN BARS -- Kwinana The NPS can’t match the independently-sprung NLS for ride and handling over rough surfaces, but it’s not as bad as it used to be. -EXTERNAL GAS BAYONETTE FITTING BATHROOM The box chimed a warning, indicating the need to stop and restart in first. -- Adelaide -FIRE EXTINGUISHER However, some straight-line driving, while swinging the steering wheel left and right, soon had low range and 4×4 disengaged. -LED READING LAMPS Camping It was easily confused if the driver had a hesitant accelerator foot and at times didn’t seem to know what ratio to select. The 2015 models scored a restyled grille, 90-amp alternator and a freshened up interior. My only criticism of the central display panel was the difficulty of operating it with the truck bouncing around over bumps: 4×2 models have the same problem, so it’s not just a case of the NPS’s firmer suspension. -GAS / 240V HOT WATER SYSTEM The third-generation TC-AMT in 4×2 trucks has a stator in the fluid coupling and that produces torque multiplication of 1.55:1, resulting in improved response at lift-off. We reckoned that Isuzu either had to improve its AMT or become a Toyota Group customer by buying Aisin full automatics for the N Series. This natural river-gully area has been enhanced by creation of a virtual moonscape, with steep ramps and mounds that test gradeability, articulation, ground clearance and body clearance angles to the limit. In late 2020 Isuzu released Servicepack and Servicepack X ‘ready to work’ models with secure tool and equipment storage. -LONG RANGE FUEL TANK 220 L Features included but not limited to: On road, I noticed the the gear ratio gap between second and third gear had been reduced and a ‘kick-down’ detent had been added to the accelerator pedal action. Search branch by location -SMEV 3 BURNER GAS COOKTOP Tare weight ranged from 2840kg  to 3070kg and trailer capacity was 3500kg for all variants.

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