© 2020 Madavor Media, LLC. Titled Comedian, it calls to mind the old Lucile Bluth Arrested Development gag about rich people not knowing the price of a banana. In the Artist’s Choice section of our September issue, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Georgia Anne Muldrow made a comment that kicked my nostalgia circuits into high gear. And tapes don’t suffer from ticks and pops.”. “Audio Files: The New Generation of Extreme Speakers”, “Gearhead: A Brief History of the Grafton Saxophone”, “Audio Files: Getting Serious About Soundbars”, Innovative Audio, a Vancouver, B.C., shop, Steve Turre live! “On the pro side, reel-to-reel can’t be beat,” said Gordon Sauck, founder of Innovative Audio, a Vancouver, B.C., shop that specializes in sales and repairs of vintage audio gear.

“A record must be equalized and mastered differently because of the limitations of vinyl. Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan’s piece Comedian. read more, I'm often asked what the difference is between gaffers tape and duct tape. These machines have a maximum speed of 7.5 inches per second. “But quarter-track is finicky and you have to know what you’re doing.”, According to Sauck, most used consumer decks need a full overhaul in order to perform reliably. One in a series of three, a second version of the piece has also been sold for a similar price, Perrotin told the Guardian. The elite crowd focuses on professional half-track machines that store left-channel audio on one half of the tape and right-channel audio on the other. I'm shopping for ac1900 routers (which I get why they're so expensive), 50"+ TVs (smart or not, still expensive), and sound/surround sound systems. Besides replacing any worn parts, UHA also adds new recording and playback heads it has optimized for the TASCAM decks. Generally the backing and adhesive for duct tape is much more expensive than BOPP Clear tape.

What is the difference between duct tape and packing tape? What is a tape similar to duct tape but more breathable? Refurbished R2Rs started reappearing at hi-fi shows about a decade ago, and German company Ballfinger is now offering a brand-new R2R deck, the Tonbandmaschine M 063. Why analog-obsessed audiophiles are returning to reel-to-reel. For example, the Tape Project offers a catalog of 13 jazz titles, including such classics as Lee Morgan’s The Sidewinder and Sonny Rollins’ Saxophone Colossus, priced at $450 each. “If a deck hasn’t been used in a few years, it will probably need replacement of all the rubber parts, such as belts, idlers and pinch rollers. However, restored half-track decks typically cost $10,000 and up. Still, few audiophiles can afford to build collections of these tapes. After all, gaffers is more expensive, and duct tape seems to be adequate for many types of jobs. Over the leagues I've noticed that certain uniques tend to stand out as particularly desirable and therefore very expensive (and despite Flavor-of-the-Month metas, these items seem to often retain at least a respectable amount of value). I've been playing POE for a while now, but wouldn't consider myself an expert by any means. “There are reel-to-reel enthusiasts who buy blank tapes someone recorded on, at a garage sale or whatever, and listen to whatever’s on them. Pre-recorded half-track tapes are available, but range from about $150 to $500 each. read more.

Still, few audiophiles can afford to build collections of these tapes. Horch House currently offers 39 jazz titles on reel-to-reel, and a few titles are available from Opus 3 and Yarlung Records. This is a marketing method. The questionably genius work by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan was being shown by the international gallery Perrotin at Art Basel in Miami when it was sold.

“A reel-to-reel tape is a direct copy of the original recording,” explained Chris Mara, whose business, Mara Machines, specializes in restoring professional decks manufactured by the brand MCI. Best Answers. Cattelan is well known for his mirthful, often comically ironic work, including most infamously of late a fully functional 18-karat gold toilet titled America, which visitors to the Guggenheim were encouraged to use. Why Is Gaffers Tape More Expensive Than Duct Tape. You’ll even find companies offering prerecorded reel-to-reel tapes. First, they use hardware that minimizes power consumption and noise below even laptop levels. And sometimes, like the one duct-taped to a wall that sold for $120,000 this week, it’s an expensive piece of art. On the other end of the R2R spectrum are secondhand consumer machines that use the quarter-track format: 1/4-inch tape that can be flipped over and recorded in both directions. Gallery founder Emmanuel Perrotin told CNN that bananas are “a symbol of global trade, a double entendre, as well as a classic device for humor”.

There are two distinct camps in the resurgence of reel-to-reel.

Another German company, Horch House, is launching a new deck under the venerable Revox name. Incredibly, the audio world is seeing the resurgence of a product that declined decades ago and practically disappeared from the market around the early 2000s: the reel-to-reel tape deck. Blank tapes are available from companies such as RecordingTheMasters and ATR Magnetics. Audiophiles are notorious for embracing dated technologies, but their latest move might leave some wondering if they’ve lost their marbles. HS2: Six reasons why the rail route is so expensive. read more, I think duct tape is not expensive for its use, because you can have lots of uses out of just one roll. The Project’s duplication process utilizes the original analog master and extremely expensive fresh tape, so the price seems justified. Generally the backing and adhesive for duct tape is much more expensive than BOPP Clear tape. “[They’re] called ‘audio voyeurs,’” he said. Sometimes a banana is just a banana.

As Chris Mara put it, “Every classic jazz record was recorded on a machine like these.”. 0 0.

Source: quora.com. Can duct tape be used in place of electrical tape? – The Hartford Jazz Society’s 60th Anniversary Concert and Fundraiser, The Day Louis Armstrong Lost His Color: A Short Story, Audio Files: The New Generation of Extreme Speakers, Gearhead: A Brief History of the Grafton Saxophone, Audio Files: Getting Serious About Soundbars. You see sellers on eBay advertising decks as ‘rebuilt’ or ‘just serviced,’ but I’m skeptical. Why is it dangerous to replace electrical tape with duct tape?

Why can’t I use general purpose duct tape on HVAC ductwork? In a 1999 piece, Cattelan duct-taped famed Italian gallerist Massimo De Carlo to the walls of his own gallery. One quarter of the tape width is used for the left channel and another quarter is used for the right. Most are built cheaply, using belt drive to turn the tape reels instead of the direct drive found in most pro decks. If you want to see how your provider compares in terms of customer service, click here . By Tom Burridge Transport correspondent, BBC News That's why so many cable customers give their local cablecos low marks. Often controversial, always entertaining, JazzTimes is a favorite of musicians and fans alike. read more. HS2 is set to be the "biggest infrastructure decision since World War Two", according to one government official. All rights reserved. All of this is a dream/hope and a long term project that I don't expect to complete overnight, but I'm just stumped as to why NAS enclosures are so pricey. The downside is that the quality and reliability of these machines are questionable. What is the most expensive thing you fixed with duct tape? old Lucile Bluth Arrested Development gag. (The toilet was recently stolen from an exhibition in England.) So there is a certain reason why things on the high-speed rail are expensive. Why was duct tape used in the Apollo 13 ship? Once in a while they find a recording that’s really rare.”, Despite all the difficulties and costs of getting into reel-to-reel, it’s a technology that should have special appeal to jazz fans who are up for the risk and effort.

Half-track sounds better because the wider the tape is and the faster it runs, the better the performance. And there's a bit of brand effect in it. Forty years ago, a reel-to-reel deck was the mark of a true audiophile. It depends on where you buy it from. The upside of used quarter-track decks is that they can cost just a couple hundred dollars on eBay (even less at a garage sale), and countless used tapes are available for them. But the simplicity of cassette and, eventually, the quality and user-friendliness of digital recording killed off R2R.

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