But then he gains the awesome ability, and it really feels like it could have been more. Vex 3. I give it 10/10. Overall, I do wish to see some sequel or something with a story, and an expansive landscape. Attractive, but I am so lost. i <3 this game soooo much!

william and sly 2. Maybe someone will find a more methodical way to beat him. Click here for more information.

I have acquired the wings but when I hold UP pressed, nothing happens. And at first I did. even with wings I have found no way to reach that roof and the neighboring island. On the snake, don't get any of the fairyflies until there are 5 on the map. Moving on, I posted a comment to share the most accurate boss strategy. I'm wondering this since there's only 12 usable stones, but 15 darklings. It's definitely one of the most impressive flash games to come out in the last few years and will definitely go down as one of the best created of all time. Not a classic, but a very pleasant diversion. I found a good way to spot caves was to... look for an overhang in the rock, it wasn't always a cave, but it was most of the time, all though every now and then I'd just fall :P lol. You searched for william and sly 3 and we found the following from our collection of online games. I think you need wings to get to it.

When I first started playing, I thought "Ooooh, I'm gonna like THIS!" It's not hard at all. If you thought this was boring, you must have thought Knytt was boring, too. It was nice and pretty and all, but I played Knytt, and Knytt is way, way more entertaining than this.

Just little hints here and there, but enough that it makes me wonder if there's an entire world out there... My only regret about the game is that it's WAY too short. Especially nice was the music, much better than the normal "arcade" type stuff. Incredibly frustrating. Which temple is the one to meditate on top of?

I would also like the boss to be... more beatable. Enjoy William and Sly 2. The fox is cute, controls are smooth, and it's difficult to find everything. Sometimes if I banged away at the key it might catch it. The adventure begins when William tells Sly he needs him to reactivate some rune stones. It just wasn't fun. Go to 9th rune, drop to next plateau (about 1 screen width to the right) and you should see the switch under your feet. You are Sly the fox, William's best buddy and the only one out here capable of easily navigating this vast forest by bounding your way through, across branches and into secret passages.

Some have complained about the boss being too hard, but it was pretty easy once you watched the movements of the snake - creature. fun game till the boss fight, which appears to be impossible... Click the "M" in the lower right corner to bring up the menu, and choose "Toggle Rain". I would not say that it's the best of all the flash games since I still love orisinal games very deeply and considered them the best. A solid 4/5. OheĊˆ a voda. I can't get all 5 fairyflies and get to the runestone in time... Help me please! - grab any fairies that happen to be in the zone you moved to. A really lovely looking game.

It took about a minute and then all five fireflies were on the top level. once you have read the sign walk to the right and sit on the big-ish rectangle. Once you get the wings, go to the temple with the tree and go left to the runestone.

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