[17], In the early 1990s, Junsen Zhang pioneered the use of micro data in the examination of the determinants of Chinese fertility and compliance with China's "one-child" policy.

Age of Legends (Chinese: 橙红年代) is a Chinese television series starring William Chan and Ma Sichun. Junsen Zhang and William Chan (1999) reject Gary Becker's conjecture that dowry and bride price are two sides of the coin and serve to clear the marriage market and provide an alternative analysis. Besides those well-known studies, Junsen Zhang's research on the returns to education in China has attracted wide interests from scholars and policy makers.

Guo, R., & Zhang, J. Rosenzweig, M., & Zhang, J. A devote "follower" to Ziguang who refers to him as Sect Leader. [6] In 2013, he was elected as a Fellow of the Econometric Society. Her biological father is undercover in Malaysia, but goes out of contact soon after his death. Journal of Development Economics, 135, 222–234. Management Science, 64(8), 3896–3910. [21] However, the one-child policy has resulted in an aging population in the long run and slow down China's growth. Twins, Birth Weight and China’s “One-child”Policy. The Four (Chinese: 少年四大名捕) is a 2015 Chinese television series starring Hans Zhang, Yang Yang, William Chan and Mao Zijun.It is the latest adaption of Woon Swee Oan's novel Si Da Ming Bu (四大名捕; The Four Great Constables). Junsen Zhang and Pak-Wai Liu (2003) provide the first empirical evidence on Becker's prediction of the negative assortative mating on spouses' wages. A friend of Ziguang turned drug lord who controls the vice in Jiang Bei City. [36], Junsen Zhang is one of the most prominent economists in the study of the Chinese economy. Xuebo Wang and Junsen Zhang (2018) go beyond the quantity–quality tradeoff. Review of Economics and Statistics, 95(5), 1520–1534. He is used as a tool for revenge by An Shengqiu. [41] Mark Rosenzweig and Junsen Zhang (2013) explain the closing gender gap in education by the rising returns to skills and women's comparative advantage in brain-intensive tasks and use variations in the birth weights of Chinese twins to test their explanation. The series is helmed by the team behind the 2015 hit drama The Journey of Flower; producer Tang Lijun, director Lin Yufen and scriptwriter Rao Jun. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Age_of_Legends&oldid=986491678, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. (2019). In addition, Zhang has performed editorial duties for academic journals. Journal of Comparative Economics, 43(1), 170–185. Influence of Recreational Responsibilities Awards, This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 05:38. The Effects of Children’s Gender Composition on Filial Piety and Old-Age Support. Zhang, J. Li, T., & Zhang, J. Francis Chan (born August 31, 1967), is an American Protestant author, teacher, and preacher in evangelical churches and related settings. After turning over to a new leaf away from crime, he helps Ziguang with the restaurant as well as his social life. The main protagonist who returns to Jiang Bei City after eight years of being away. Zhang, J., Liu, P.-W., & Yung, L. (2007).

Junsen Zhang and William Chan (1999) reject Gary Becker's conjecture that dowry and bride price are two sides of the coin and serve to clear the marriage market and provide an alternative analysis. Best Director Best Screenwriter; Zheng Xiaolong – Red Sorghum. Dowry and Wife’s Welfare: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis. Hong Chew, S., Yi, J., Zhang, J., & Zhong, S. (2017). Journal of Political Economy, 102(1), 187–193. Journal of Development Economics, 104, 245–260.

Eight years ago, Liu Ziguang (William Chan) left Jiang Bei City after his father's death. Shu Chang: Xiaoya Huizi In a recent work with David Ong and Yu Yang, Junsen Zhang shows that the sex ratio imbalance in China mainly affects high-income women and lessens their chances of getting married. Zhang, J. [34] Soo Hong Chew, Junjian Yi, Junsen Zhang, and Songfa Zhong (2017) find that more-risk-averse parents have a stronger preference for sons and the births of sons reduce parents' revealed risk aversion by insuring the parents for their old age. (2012).

The plump childhood friend of Ziguang and Xiaoshuai who helps them run Authentic Flavor as well as their other ventures. Zhang is ranked second among the economists listed in the field of Chinese economy on IDEAS/RePEc.

[1][3] Other notable cast members include style director William Chang, who won a Golden Horse nomination for Best Costume Design with The Grandmaster; costume designer Fang Sizhe (Noble Aspirations), artistic director Chen Haozhi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Last Supper) and stunt coordinator Cao Hua, who often works with director Zhang Yimou. [15] The association between sex ratio and crime is driven by the adverse marriage market conditions faced by Chinese men.

In a joint work with Hongbin Li, Pak-Wai Liu, and Ning Ma, Junsen Zhang uses the Chinese twin data to show that members of the communist party have higher endowments compared with non-members. Mortality and fertility: How large is the direct child replacement effect in China? [43][44] In a recent work with Yi Fan and Junjian Yi, Junsen Zhang documents the rising intergenerational income persistence in China.

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