( Log Out /  Dissecting the best crime drama on television and radio from around the world. I agree, the whole Ole thing was pretty implausible and the finale was really OTT. Wisting: Scandinavisch speurwerk vanaf 23 november op NPO3, Zerozerozero: broertje van Gomorra op NPO 3, The Loudest Voice: drama met Russell Crowe op NPO Plus en NPO 2, Raised By Wolves: Ridley 'Alien" Scott zoals we hem kennen. Her parents noted that she was a messy teen and not one for folding things up. ( Log Out /  It’s all a bit creaky but better than some of the questionable stuff BBC4 has been putting in this slot recently. So poor Viggo was right all along – he wasn’t having delusions. 19 nov 2019. Because really…  I had no idea. and with not a lot of time – five episodes at 45 minutes each just is not enough time for such a complicated storyline. But I still wasn’t sure why. In the cabin (I want to own a cabin like that someday, I’ve decided), he had set up a mobile incident room, with the case notes from the evidently flawed and corrupt Cecilia Linde investigation he had lifted from the station on his way out. With her parents naturally frantic and angry with Benjamin, it was down to him to feel the burn of guilt and try to put things right by finding her. I was about to give up on the whole thing, but decided to stick with the ‘new’ story line. worden. Learn how your comment data is processed. On the one hand we have a perfectly solid Scandi Noir, propelled by procedural fun and games, often with two investigations in play simultaneously; one by William Wisting himself and the other by his daughter, journalist Line. Normale mensen gaan toch gewoon een midweekje legionella snuiven in Center Parcs? The pace of the first one was all wrong for me. Lose end with Young Woman reporting Stalker… It kind of went the way you’d expect it to go – there were no real big twists and turns, just a few red herrings, and some serious momentum ramped up thanks to the strong join-the-dots element. of mindere mate – in lichterlaaie stond. Haglund’s conviction, it seemed, hinged on the DNA found on three cigarette butts found at the scene of the crime, which was now being disputed by everyone. ( Log Out /  detective met de nodige uitdagingen in de privésfeer voorgeschoteld te De grootste streamingdienst van Scandinavië, Viaplay, heeft Delete Me, een Noorse serie over het leven van jongvolwassenen, besteld. But her reporting the Oslo murder felt like it was sidelined a bit in these two episodes in favour of her hooking up with an old flame. Change ). It is not, as I at first thought, the name for the thing that happens after an unsuccessful sexting experience. The opening two episodes of Norwegian series, Wisting, was a welcome to return to form for the BBC Four, Saturday-night slot, and a very welcome slice of new Nordic Noir on these winter nights. Deze website maakt gebruik van cookies om de ervaring te optimaliseren. Learn how your comment data is processed. Things didn’t look good though – Linnea had posted something on her Instagram account from a lake and said captioned the image that read like a suicide note. five episodes per story). READ MORE: OUR EPISODES ONE AND TWO REVIEW, READ MORE: OUR EPISODES THREE AND FOUR REVIEW. The first five episodes were given over to one story, and this next five episodes – of which we saw the first last week – presents another. In that first story, we were briefly introduced to Vidar Haglund, who had just got out of prison for, what he claimed,  a murder he didn’t commit (ex-copper and now full-time stalker Frank Robekk was on his trail, and still was). Mijn hemel. What an annoying character! The first five episodes were given over to one story, and this next five episodes – of which we saw the first last week – presents another. It was all a bit of a mess and the links between the two men seemed very tenuous, but thankfully the sheer pace and momentum carried you through. eens gehad over de emotionele puinhoop die Marcella (okay, een voornaam, maar toch…) heet. The episode finished on an interesting note, and a bit of a twist: Wisting, gathering evidence from the Cecilia Linde case before he was chucked out of the building, more or less admitted to his boss Andrea that he had tampered the evidence to make the case ‘go away’ after she had put out a dodgy statement. 20 feb 2020. About Audience Score. Wisting is a Scandinoir television series which airs in the UK on BBC4 from 28 December 2019 onwards. Vanaf zaterdag 23 november is het weer zover: een Scandinavische speurneus gaat op onderzoek uit. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And there’s also a Wife presumably still locked in the basement? eigenlijk al genoeg: je staat op het punt om een sociaal-gehandicapte Dinosaur crime series. It didn’t take long for Linnea’s parents to find Wisting – now decamped to his summer cabin on the shoreline – to plead for his help. So William Wisting, that impassive policeman who seems like a decent guy is suddenly thrust into a corruption case. I’m preferring this second story. But no – as Our Charlotte has pointed out this series of 10 episodes features two Jørn Lier Horst novels (The Caveman and The Hunting Dogs) in separate instalments (ie. Wisting – Episodes 1 to 4 – Recap (SPOILERS) Dave Beattie BBC Four, Norway Jan 8, 2020 Jan 9, 2020 7 Minutes.

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