A rag is what one uses as a carrying pad. [33]. He-who-frustrates-one, Segba's slave; he broke a gourd and went to ytown to hire a calabash stitcher; and a stitcher's fee is six pence. ), A k r bt nl k fnu sn in j. (If one is blessed with plenty, one should not keep chasing after trifles. -r-kanl la ayaba; -w-kanl ni ti yr. Nursing mother, make the herbal decoction in good time; the day is waning. Muslims are understandably squeamish about blood from the deflowering of a woman. ✬ Kí a tó dé ibi tí à ńlọ, a máa ńkọ́kọ́ dé ibi tí a kò fẹ́ / Before reaching your destination, you will have to pass some places where you’d rather not be. Arngbr ni y m oy dl; asrtete ry j. (Never court a greater disaster in an attempt to avert a minor one. See Aw k pa ow l. A ta bb, a fow-o bb ra baba. . (When one has found success, one does not persist in grubbing. [Back to text], 30. [14]. A-oore-jk-t-, b ale ni. ✬ Ẹgbẹ̀tàlá: bí a ò bá là á, kì í yéni / Different explanations for the same thing cause confusion. (One should take a jest in the spirit of jest. A sacrifice was prescribed for the vulture, but it refused to sacrifice; a sacrifice was prescribed for the ground-hornbill, but it declined to sacrifice; a sacrifice was prescribed for the pigeon, and it gathered the prescribed materials and made the sacrifice. We are discussing pumpkins, a woman asks what we are discussing, and we respond that it is men's talk; after we have gathered the pumpkins, who will cook them? [Back to text], 36. ko is the dry leaf-stem of a palm-like tree, which makes a resonant clatter when it hits the ground. (Everything at its proper time. pkmr, t gin lr pta. (One's character often affects the fortunes of one's children.) (Every obligation deserves attention. The proverb derives from the fact that in means both mind and stomach. (A person cannot transcend his/her destiny.) [45], yangb j dn; gbn k la j kj t yan? [Back to text], 19. (A person for whom everything must be spelled out, a person who cannot make deductions from the most obvious hints, is daft indeed. A leper must not wait for a bearer of abrasive leaves (epn ), Altakn, b y b j, a ta k lra. One does not find helpers willing to help with one's load and yet sprout a hump on one's back from carrying too heavy a load. ), gbn k e onj y. One does not throw a snail at a god. (Remedies should be commensurate with the problem. . [Back to text], 34. Burying-the-dead-without-sharing-in-the-inheritance leads one to poverty. A k s fn j k dgb lu egn. The person with the cross-bow thinks that the monkey is not clever; the monkey is clever, but it is following its own strategy. [Back to text], 14. (Wherever one might be, one should respect the manners and habits of the place.

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