Saowan Clan |

[7], Though she usually remained stationary while using her combustion to overwhelm her enemies, P'Li was very nimble and evasive, able to twist and flip out of the way of a barrage of boulders.[1].

Zaheer and P'Li are actually much better off working as a team. Zaheer joined the Red Lotus as a teenager and learned about Raava and Vaatu, and Avatar Wan's decision to separate them, which he believed disrupted the world's balance. Declaring the poison did its work, Zaheer surrounded Korra in air and began to suffocate her in a ball of air. Without Korra there to shape world events, major changes occur, sometimes for better, but often for the worse. Zhao | Zaheer | Po harmonijnym zrównaniu stał się magiem powietrza. P'Li died in the same manner as Combustion Man, blowing herself up with one of her own combustion beams. The airbender assured her the whole world would soon know as such, and the two expressed their love and shared a kiss.

During his youth, he met a young firebender named P'Li, whom he saved from the clutches of a warlord intending to make her his personal assassin. Steeljaw (Transformers: Robots in Disguise),, P'Li is one of the few antagonists in the series known to have a tragic history, the others are. He soon realized the poison was working as her resistance weakened, watching as the state fully activated. At least that is what everyone believes. After a while, P'Li spotted Lin and Suyin diving down from the top of the dome and took aim at them. The blast exploded upon making contact with the metal around her face, killing P'Li instantly. [2] After the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG, he also became an airbender and, after having let go of his final earthly tether, he unlocked the ability of flight, becoming the second person ever to have done so. Their conversation was cut short by the arrival of Kya, who told her niece to go back to bed, before questioning Zaheer about his knowledge of airbending history. Using his airbending skills, he swiftly made his way down the mountain, seeking to liberate his incarcerated comrades.[2]. He jumped around Korra's blasts, however, and knocked her out with a blade of air. In 158 AG, Unalaq, a fellow Red Lotus member, devised a plan to kidnap Korra which Zaheer supported, as they intended to use her to re-open the spirit portals and free Vaatu, while at the same time training her in … @gxrevolution96: I know, just worth mentioning. Xu Ping An | @chloros: Aang doesn't benefit from the comet or the full moon, does that change your mind?? With few allies and her powers not yet realized, this new Korra will have to bring balance to a world that might not be able to be saved. Upon ringing Vaatu, he joked that he was glad to have caught him at home, jabbing at the spirit's imprisonment in the Tree of Time. Yaling | Round 3 goes to ATLA Zaheer is outgunned again and Aang can beat P'li. [12] He is also capable of using a glider, both in combat and as a means of transportation despite having no training in using one. P'Li gathered up the airbenders and flew them toward an ancient cave-complex situated a few miles away from the Northern Air Temple, releasing them in the custody of four uniformed Red Lotus members. Aang > Raw Power, Skill, Application, and Agility. Xin Fu | Though he does not care for the idea of nations, borders, or politics, Zaheer has an affinity for the Air Nomads' philosophy and mindset, save for their pacifistic nature.

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