Could this be the ZPG Pro?

This generation of Chinese retro handhelds isn’t quite ready for it yet.

The screen looks good for the thick panel, it’s a scratch-proof, fingerprint-proof tempered glass. Want annoying emails from time to time? It’s called Z- pocket game console with an Android processor, launched in 2019. Necessary cookies enable core functionality such as page navigation and access to secure areas.

There are many more problems out there that we don’t want to discuss in this article or it will soon become 10,000 words long, but a smaller problem we do want to touch on is ‘drop-shippers’ and new content creators that are owned by the stores selling these handhelds.

Many times, we won’t even get a response, and by that time we have found a solution because a community member or fellow content creator has helped us out.

On the right-hand side you have your power button, and on the left side, your volume buttons. But there are a small number of games that cannot be run, I can neither enter nor quit, it just shows a blank screen, the only thing I can do is to shut down the device.

This adds a premium look to the display that other handhelds should follow.

Are these made to order now then? From $95.99 Sale.
You can see from the picture, the RG350M, slightly hurt my hand, is vastly different from ZPG Pro. It’s came at a good time, but we’re not sure how long it’s going to take to deliver, they need to be quick as the Retroid Pocket 2 is already shipping and the RG351P is coming out very soon. $109.99, Regular price RetroDodo is an online magazine dedicated to showcasing the world's best retro products. There seems to be a flurry of Chinese handhelds on the market. These companies who sell poorly made products and have a non-existent support team are the ones hurting the companies who are making decent consoles that could go on to greater heights.

In the video I rubbed a handheld case with my feet. ZPG Pro, which has given up the Android processor, performance is not as good as ZPG, is it really a Pro? What’s the point in playing a Sonic game where he can’t run! On the top, you have four very nice shoulder buttons that wrap around the side of the ZPG Pro. China had a bunch of units made just for the Chinese to get their hands on, and due to popular demand, the company behind it decided to sell about 1,000 units to us Western folk. 12 days ago. The Z-Pocket Game (aka ZPG) is an Upcoming Android Handheld. As mentioned previously, we picked up the metal ZPG Pro.

The same as the RG350M, Z-Pocket Game has an aluminum build quality.

$119.99 What sort of production costs are involved in sourcing components / designing / manufacturing etc these kind of devices? This is the biggest problem; these companies are relying on the community to solve their customer service issues.

If I had to guess, I would say that these devices are going to run on RockChip. The more we accept things as being “okay”, the more companies will pump out “okay” handhelds. (These were all Japanese games, by the way).

We finally have one of those units, and well… we’re incredibly disappointed. As i’ve already mentioned, the fact that companies are getting away with shipping out half working products and letting customers wait for features to work is just plain wrong.

Be the first to know about the newest gear, the latest news and upcoming giveaways. God of light and darkness posted the video and is a reliable source of information on these forums, so let’s assume he’s right. Alongside that fact, this quote states the ZPG Pro will be going in to mass production. With the PSP, however, it did start to struggle. 3.5″ Full Viewing Angle Display (320 x 480), 2830MAH Batter (up to 5 hours battery life). From $29.99, Regular price I’ll update this post with more news as it surfaces.

Bonjour avez vous un nouveau firmware pour la zpg pro svp merci. I know a lot of people think they’re unnecessary, but if a mass produced version of this is even close to as powerful as the Xperia based ones, there’s plenty of games that can take advantage of it. The majority of the N64 games we tested worked well too, with only a few frame rate drops on big 3D games and the odd crash.

Sale price

How the team behind this didn’t test the HDMI out is beyond us. Express Shipping all are provided a tracking code with full trade for the parcel. Playing the GameCube is impossible on this thing, so we wouldnt even recommend trying it.

These are actually some of the best volume buttons we’ve felt on a $100’ish handheld. $93.99

The direction pad, all-round analog stick, which can be press down, ABXY buttons are well-placed.

This cost us £114, which is equivalent to $146. Buy GKD ZPG PRO 64GB 3000 Games Handheld Game Console 3.5 inch HD IPS Screen Open Source System Retro Handheld Game Player Support PS1 PSP N64 SFC MD CPS from merchant Online Store at affordable price and best quality.

The ZPG Pro is what tipped us over the edge, and we’ve had enough of these companies getting away with it. In the last couple of days, some shots of a prototype ZPG Pro have appeared on baidu. The size gets smaller than the ZPG’s 4.3” screen, and I found it still keeps the bezels on the sides, making the 3.5” display smaller visually. Brandon is the founder of RetroDodo and created a YouTube channel with 180,000 subscribers dedicated to retro gaming products. | Terms of Service.

That is not a small price, but we took the risk as we didn’t like the look of the plastic version.

$49.99 They shipped us a half-working product for $140 and told us to wait for features and do some research in order to fix the analogue stick/battery problem. No, this shouldn’t be the norm; start complaining and stop buying the bad products! GKD Rose Gold ZPG pro Handeld Game Console. In such a situation, I know the importance of non-skid rubber pads eventually.

It feels nice in the hand, the screen is stunning, and it’s incredibly portable. Z-Pocket Game Pro Console comes with a lot of games on the card, you can play the game on the go.

Something worth bearing in mind is that there have been perpetual rumours of more OGA clones coming up. It has become the norm within the industry to lie about what games these handhelds can emulate.

from Handheld Game Console Category, Free Shipping It also came pre-loaded with thousands of ROMs, which they aren’t really allowed to do, but laws in China sometimes let them get away with it. My first impression to it- is the smooth and round edges, all the sharp corners are polished sleekly, friendly fit my palms, I just feel it’s alright. ... V90 Handheld Console Dual Open System Game Console.

About me: I’m Laozhang, the creator of ZPG, GKD350h, and ZPG Pro handhelds 自我介绍: 我是掌机ZPG,GKD350h,以及ZPG Pro的作者老张 About the drama: Earlier this year, I posted a short video to my QQ group chat server. For those of you that haven’t heard the name, it’s a retro handheld that we’ve been wanting for some time as it has received very high reviews in China over the last couple of months. We want this market to thrive and welcome newcomers with open arms. The Z Pocket Game Pro is a great handheld for those that want an exclusive rare handheld for their collection that can play their N64, PSP and even Dreamcast games smoothly. Finally tracked down one of these bad boys, initial impression is quite good. Because the overall outline of ZPG Pro is thinner than RG350M, and with a round corner angle, I need to move my finger to the center position, which closes to the LCD screen, to get more pleasant to hold.

I will find out for myslef some time in September. Regular price $37.99.

But even the newer handhelds with powerful chips struggle to emulate those consoles at perfect frame rates. New companies may even rise up to tackle Nintendo and Sony! While writing this, we’re not sure how this article is going to feel, because we need to talk about the ZPG Pro and the problems that this market is facing, so apologies if it feels a little scattered and off-topic at times.
You may be as confused as I am.

Z-Pocket Game Pro has a 3.5” 320×480 IPS screen, same as the RK2020. From $30.99, Regular price

Regular price $139.99.

This leads us on to a second big problem with the Chinse retro handheld market; misleading information.

It should be mapped correctly before shipping it out, and they should know how to fix the problem!

So many handhelds that we review that say they can emulate the best N64 games or PSP titles fail to do so at a decent quality, falling totally short of the mark.

Has the barrier to entry in entering the handheld market gone down? GKD Rose Gold ZPG pro Handeld Game Console. The blue and yellow plastic versions, as well as the metal shell version are all available to order now at and AliExpress. From $30.99, Regular price As you can see, it’s been designed so that it has enough buttons to match the Odroid-Go Advance, with F1-F6 represented. We’ve been invested in reviewing these handhelds properly, going through the motions of the customer experience so that we can pass on relevant and useful information to you, our readers, and other members of the retro gaming community.

Hopefully upcoming iterations include a second analog stick. Sale price Latest ZPG PRO RK3326 Handheld Console with Latest Official Beta Testing Ubuntu 20 + GXMenu Firmware | Always be Fun.

The analogue stick would only move 50% each way, meaning our characters would walk instead of run. $79.99, Regular price

Put this in the advertising and sit back while the cash rolls in.”. The volume is on the left and the power switch is on the right-sided hand. 10 Best Xbox 360 Accessories For The Ultimate Gaming Experience. This could just be our unit as we’ve seen this happen before, but for us, this was the cherry on top of the badly made, mouldy, half-working cake. ZPG Pro Specifications. It runs quite smoothly in most games, but in some games, I mean some huge PSP or Dreamcast games, there will be a bit of freezing or frame dropping.

Let’s stop accepting the partial working handhelds, and let’s stop accepting that some emulation is working “okay”. The headphone jack, Type-C interface, and HDMI output are there. Things are moving fast in 2020 though, so anything is possible. | Refund Policy Nevertheless, it will be better to move the d-pad and analog stick to an inner position, in my opinion. Why?

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